Non-fungible Tokens: Technology for New Digital Assets in the Gun Industry

Non-fungible Tokens: Technology for New Digital Assets in the Gun Industry, iStock-1313353553
Non-fungible Tokens: Technology for New Digital Assets in the Gun Industry, iStock-1313353553

U.S.A. -( NFT’s are coming to the gun world whether we are ready or not. Non-fungible tokens or NFTs are not something that is easy to get the first time you hear of it, but I think that is because most people don’t explain the concept well. So, before we get into how NFTs will affect the gun world, we need to explain what they are in layman’s terms.

An NFT is a digital asset built on a blockchain. This digital asset could be a picture, a video, a song file, or any other item that can be digitized. The blockchain holds a record of who owns that asset. A blockchain is a ledger that keeps records of ownership. The blockchain that is used most with NFT is Ethereum.

Anyone can copy a digital picture, but no one can change the blockchain. Ownership is what gives the NFT value. In fact, the provenance can make the NFT more valuable. Just like a physical item owned by a celebrity can pull in more money, an NFT owned by a star can inflate the value of a digital asset.

But what is it that gives something value? There are many different thoughts about that question, but I think what gives something value is the willingness of people to pay for that asset, and people are willing to shell out millions for the right to say that they own a digital asset. The NBA and other organizations are getting into the NFT game. Just like buying a physical set of basketball cards, the NBA is selling NFT based digital cards.

Now the gun world is getting into NFTs. Recoil Magazine is stepping into the NFT world. Its first drop (a term used for when NFTs are first released into the market) is ten NFTs of the controversial Chris Cheng cover from issue #56 of Recoil Magazine. The rainbow American flag rubbed some gun owners the wrong. The gun owners view the change to the flag as disrespectful.

The ten NFTs will be auctioned off by Recoil with a starting bid of $100. The auction proceeds will be donated to the Firearms Policy Coalition, Operation Blazing Sword, and the Asian Pacific American Gun Owners Association (APAGOA).

The Top Shot winner, Chris Cheng, sees this auction as just a first step for NFTs in the world. Cheng is a big believer in NFTs succeeding. He sees the adoption of NFTs around guns as unavoidable and over as a good thing.

“I’m incredibly excited for the potential of NFTs in the gun community where there are clear and compelling opportunities around digital collector’s cards, digital art collections, and digital guns in video games,” Chris Cheng told AmmoLand News. “We are at the very infancy of this movement, which I appreciate can be confusing, complicated, and perhaps even scary. But the fun and enjoyable experience of collectibles revolving around digital firearms products and experiences will eventually speak for itself. I predict firearms NFTs will soon be ubiquitous — not just in the gun community but the larger worldwide consumer market.”

Recoil isn’t the only company getting into the NFT space. The CryptoGunClub is another website selling NFT of firearms. The site will let users mint NFTs (a process of initially creating an NFT) of 1776 firearms. Some of the NFTs will be extremely rare and valuable. The site will be donating $50,000 from the NFT sale to veteran charities.

The group thinks that NFTs will have a place in the firearms marketplace in the future. The airsoft group is also using the NFT community for real-life events.

“We definitely think that NFTs have a massive potential for the collectible gun market in the future. People would be able to trade rare firearms with complete security and confidence via NFT-linked redeemable assets,” said Ian Asimov of the CryptoGunClub team. “This is sort of what we are doing; however, for us, NFTs also represent the membership to an exclusive airsoft club through which people will be able to network and participate in real-life events. NFTs certainly have many use cases for difficult-to-transfer items such as firearms.”

One cool thing that Rob McNealy of Krappy.Art and TUSC talk about when it comes to NFTs is that a royalty can be built into the NFT. Every time an NFT is sold to a new owner, the artist can get a percentage. This royalty can help support artist such as photographers that concentrate on guns.

Is the NFT market the real deal, or are we living in an NFT bubble? Only time will tell, but some big players are about to enter the market. Those players will be making announcements soon.

About John Crump

John is an NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, or at

John Crump

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Yeah let’s monetize vaporware. What could go wrong? Also I love how a rich / famous person can use his fame to get even richer tough the item is only more ‘special’ because they wiped their nose on it.

Sorry, not gonna play the kings clothes game with money.


One problem with your statement. What money?


Yeah, I’d say the “”rainbow”” American flag is disrespectful, not because of the flag but to my eyes. Homosexuality is a sick perversion, though it’s massive support by the liberal institutions which run and own practically all the wealth in this country ensures that cuckservative grifters who run these big, well funded magazines will cave in when it comes to their pay check.

Wild Bill

I was going to describe the foolishness of these electron based nonexistent fake wealth devices, but Haz and Cat have said it so well all ready.

Last edited 1 year ago by Wild Bill

You just aren’t with it Wild Bill! You should put a 2nd morgage on your home and “buy” with those worthless Fed notes whatever in the NO THING digital currency market as much as you can! Why you can get ONE BITCONE for $64,000 fed notes! I mean WHAT could go wrong with that? (sarcasm)

Wild Bill

I could never get that drunk!


dope smoking people want something for nothing will keep my ammo and gold


In my opinion, once the flag is changed, it’s no longer an American flag. Change the colors, draw lines through it, put a truck on it, write stuff on it, no longer an American flag.

I Haz A Question



“cuckservative”…hmmmmm. Where have you been lately?


Bubble indeed. I will stick to gold, silver, diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and other hard currencies such as firearms, booze and ammunition.

I Haz A Question

Indeed. A little bit in PMs, a little bit in crypto, a little bit in cash, a little bit in financial investment instruments…

…and the rest in food, clothing, sundries, guns, ammo, and other such real-world things that you can actually eat, wear, use, and barter.

Wild Bill

Hay and livestock.

Deplorable Bill


Arm up and carry on


I have a hard time placing any signficant monetary value on something as ethereal as these ‘nft”‘s. The only value I can see for them is that someone arbitarily places value on it. Just as I would perhaps place a different value on a particular chicken than Charlie would, the chicken still has SOME intrinsic value. Maybe its a hen that lays eggs, maybe it a nice fat one for a big feast, maybe its a pet for your little girl, maybe it can fly to the moon and back in a week all by herself. But at least (with… Read more »


More valuable than Hunter Biden’s “artwork”.


about the same ,garbage in garbage out what schools produce today

Wild Bill

His “art” is just a cover story for money laundering.


Total insanity has gripped the whole world. A number of years back anything of value was a “THING”. Our founding fathers actually set up a barter system for the economy. It was gold and silver COIN. A THING. Those things were traded for other things. One dollar of silver could buy you whatever anyone was willing to sell you for that dollar of silver. But what you got was a THING. A chicken, a coat, a box of ammo, whatever, it was a trade of a THING for a THING. With the Federal Reserve coming into existence back in 1913,… Read more »


and one week of sunspot activity wipes out everything. but those of us with durable goods and old technology live on as before


I smell snake oil. Who provides a backstop to this system ? Is it based on a physical standard such as gold or silver or steel ? No. It exists in a form no one can touch and hold. It exists as bits and bytes represented by electron charges moving thru silicon and copper and converted to photons or microwaves for long distance transmission. Since it depends on electrons and the internet one must have access to electric power and computers and an internet connection. In other words a 21st century infrastructure. When the lights go out from natural disaster… Read more »


Yes, and their diabolical plans are available for all to see. The communist that Biden chose to head all banking in America stated she wants to abolish private banks and force citizens to bank directly with the federal (cough) reserve. And do away with cash. Thus, all transactions are tracked, subject to approval by them, and your very account balance is controlled and can be manipulated by them. Funny money on a whole new level. “You are not toeing the leftwing line, zap, your account has been reduced by 50%”. “We don’t like guns, zap, your purchase has been denied.”… Read more »

Wild Bill

That would be a return to the Constitution!

Wild Bill

Electron value … a system that only the very rich can use to evade taxation. The rest of us every penny will be known and controlled by the fed. What a happy thought.


Surely the AFT will consider this to be an “any other weapon”. These need to be totally outlawed! It’s like these sniper guns are way too concealable!
And ti looks like someone actually put an ATLAS bipod on it!

Last edited 1 year ago by CourageousLion