Barret Builds 1000th MRAD MK22 Sniper Rifle

Barret just completed its 1000th MRAD MK22 precision rifle. IMG Barret

U.S.A. -( Barrett Firearms Manufacturing Inc. is pleased to announce the production of the 1000th MRAD (Multi-Role Adaptive Design) Mark 22 MOD 0 (MK22) rifle, in support of the United States Special Operations Command Advanced Sniper Rifle and the United States Army Precision Sniper Rifle contracts.  The MK22 is the latest acquisition that greatly enhances the capabilities of our service personnel, replacing several currently fielded sniper rifles within the United States Military.

Designed with precision and modularity in mind, the MK22 provides even greater flexibility within the highly successful MRAD rifle platform. This multi-caliber bolt action sniper rifle is capable of converting between 7.62x51mm, .300 Norma Magnum, and .338 Norma Magnum calibers, based on the mission.

“We are proud of this significant achievement, especially during this time of increased supplier challenges and unprecedented demand for the entire product line.” said Joel Miller, Barrett’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

About Barrett Firearms Manufacturing, Inc.

Barrett is a family-owned and operated company and the world leader in large-caliber, long-distance, precision rifle design and manufacturing. Barrett products are used by civilians, sport shooters, law enforcement agencies, the United States military and more than 70 State Department approved countries around the world. The Barrett Quality Management System (QMS) has received the prestigious ISO 9001:2015 certification for the design and manufacture of firearms, ammunition and accessories, and to provide training for those systems.BARRETT

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Wild Bill

If that is what the Army wants, … fine. But they better get people trained up … and fast. At least it is made in America.

WI Patriot

Too rich for my blood…


To rich for mine too.

Would be nice to see in 6.5 cm, 308, 300wm, and 338 lpm conversion.


All those caliber conversion kits are already available for MRAD from barrett….steel or carbon barrels.

Dogma Factor

Only a 1000? I’m sure there’s over 100,000 M24’s still in service. The Barret seems oversized an heavy chambered in 7.62 so why bother? This is the government so I’m sure it’s not about cost of ammo. Spending our tax dollars never worried them in the past. Also didn’t the defence department just spend money helping Hornady develop the 300 PRC so why the 300 Norma chambering? I know it’s the government who does not give a $hit about being consistent or reason.

Last edited 1 year ago by Dogma Factor

You seem to speak much about which you know little. The 308/7.62 is included in the MK22 Deployment Kit for practice where range restrictions hamper the larger caliber use. 300NM is the intended anti-personnel round in the MK22. 338NM is the intended anti-material round, slated to replace the 50BMG M82/M107 semi-auto.. At longer range, the bolt can be run and shooter reacquire target to spot own impacts, making own corrections. No spotter utilized as second shooter is also on second gun putting more rounds down range….without huge brass being tossed into the air on each shot, with lighter gun and… Read more »