CCRKBA: ‘Baldwin’s Negligence, Not Firearm, Responsible for Tragedy’

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“All guns are always loaded,” CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb stressed in a statement about actor/producer Alec Baldwin’s deadly shooting incident on a New Mexico movie set. IMG Jim Grant

U.S.A.-( UPDATE: Days after the fatal on-set shooting of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and wounding of film director Joel Souza in what has been called a “tragedy” involving actor/producer Alec Baldwin, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms is blaming the actor’s negligence rather than the firearm.

And in a new development, an attorney representing armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed is firing back at critics who contend her “lack of experience” contributed to the tragedy, Fox News is reporting. Attorney Jason Bowles released a statement in which he said, “Never in a million years did Hannah think that live rounds could have been in the ‘dummy’ round box…Who put those in there and why is the central question.”

Fox also noted another Bowles assertion: “Hannah was incredibly safety conscious and took her job very seriously from the moment she started on Oct. 4…She did firearms training for the actors as well as Mr. Baldwin, she fought for more training days and she regularly emphasized to never point a firearm at a person.”

According to a Nov. 5 Fox report, “No one could have anticipated or thought that someone would introduce live rounds into this set,” Bowles reportedly said.

Baldwin, said CCRKBA in a prepared statement, “bears responsibility as the film’s producer as well as its star, because he evidently did not personally check the gun he was handling to confirm there was not a live round in the cylinder. He did not follow the first rule of genuine gun safety, which is that all guns are always loaded.”

A published report surfaced asserting that members of the crew had used the gun earlier in the day to go target shooting off-set, with live ammunition.

CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb says Baldwin, who has previously supported gun control efforts, “should know live ammunition is not supposed to be on the set, and nobody but the armorer and the actors should have access to any of the prop guns.”

“As the film’s producer,” Gottlieb said, “(Baldwin) should have made that absolutely clear to the crew. It’s not clear who put the cartridge into Baldwin’s gun, but there is now a report that some crew members were target shooting with the gun off-set, which should never have been allowed. Hollywood anti-gunners often rail about keeping guns locked up, but that obviously didn’t happen here. Still, any responsible person knows enough to personally check any firearm they’ve just been handed, even if he or she is told the gun is not loaded.”

Several Hollywood personalities, including Rosie O’Donnell, who has been hostile to guns and the National Rifle Association in the past, are throwing support to the beleaguered Baldwin.

A combination that shouldn’t be on a movie set: A real gun and live ammunition.

In an affidavit, the transcript of which AmmoLand has seen, the series of events have been detailed. Armorer Hanna Gutierrez Reed handed the revolver to assistant director David Halls, who then passed it over to Baldwin during the rehearsal of a scene inside a small church building. Halls declared it to be a “cold gun,” but it obviously was not. Baldwin was performing a cross draw and aiming the gun toward the camera when it discharged. Hutchins was hit and the projectile passed through her hitting Souza, who was standing immediately to her rear.

Baldwin and crew were in New Mexico last month working on the western film “Rust” when the fatal mishap occurred. The film was being shot on location at the Bonanza Creek Ranch near Santa Fe, but production has shut down. As the investigation continues, it has been overshadowed by the results of the Nov. 2 elections, and what appears to be a widespread rejection of the far-left agenda being pushed by the radical wing of the Democratic party.

Yahoo News reported the fatal shooting “has left Hollywood reeling and calling for safer working conditions on sets.” At least one television series, “The Rookie,” has reportedly banned real guns from the set as a result of this incident.

But there is more, and CCRKBA’s Gottlieb spelled it out.

“This horrible tragedy underscores the importance of genuine firearm safety as advocated and practiced by gun rights organizations, firearms instructors and responsible American gun owners for generations,” Gottlieb said. “We’ve noticed there has not been a peep from the gun control lobby, which portrays itself as the pillar of ‘gun safety,’ and with which Baldwin has previously aligned himself.”

The silence has continued while the investigation progresses.

“Hollywood is full of hypocrites who have made billions of dollars producing movies depicting violence with firearms, and then support efforts to restrict the rights of honest citizens,” the veteran gun rights advocate stated. “What this tragedy underscores is that Hollywood hypocrisy kills.”

The affidavit, prepared by the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Department, quoted cameraman Reid Russell, who was standing next to Hutchins and Souza when Baldwin fired the shot. He told a detective Baldwin “had been very careful, and brought up an instance when a scene was being filmed earlier. Reid said Alec had made sure it was safe and that a child wasn’t near him when they were discharging a firearm during that scene,” the affidavit said.

Russell, according to the affidavit, had left the building for a few minutes and when he returned, Baldwin already had the gun. “He was not sure if the firearm had been checked due to his absence of the five minutes,” the affidavit says.

The Associated Press reported, “It’s not clear yet where the gun-handling protocol failed. Souza said the movie’s guns were usually checked by armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed and then again by Halls.”

This raises the question whether such a check was actually made prior to the deadly shooting. The Daily Mail is reporting that “criminal charges are on the table.”

Gottlieb did not hold back.

“All gun safety rules apply, period,” he said. “The investigation should determine who loaded Baldwin’s gun with a live round, and who should have checked it but didn’t. However, the ultimate responsibility is in his (Baldwin’s) hands, for it was his thumb that cocked the revolver and his finger that pressed the trigger.”

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Dave Workman is a senior editor at and Liberty Park Press, author of multiple books on the Right to Keep & Bear Arms, and formerly an NRA-certified firearms instructor.

Dave Workman

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Well i couldnt wait to comment on this one……I think its sad that there is not crowds of people out and about protesting that Baldwin and others arent being brought up on charges like any of us regular Americans would be facing??? Not only that but the Gun safety nutjobs would be out in “force” shooting up ,burning and even murdering Americans all in the name of peace and a gunless society! ALL of those involved should be facing any and “all” charges that can be brought down on them as if they were and get this …….CONSERVATIVES!!! For if… Read more »

Wild Bill

I could not wait to up vote you! Sorry to hear about the kids.


I upvoted you only because of your apparent loss of being able to parent and nurture two of your children. I too, along with society as a whole have suffered the very same over MY two sons as they fell as a commodity to the feminized “family court system”, their inheritance destroyed under the guise of “child Support”, wasted by a wanton whore of a mother that ended up dying of HIV, Hepatitus C and Sorosis of the Liver Stage 4, yet a working Father was only afforded the fraudulently worked, “Shared Parenting” and “Joint Custody”. Now her long dead… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by USMC0351Grunt

Some interesting definitions in what you wrote, but this was particularly interesting: First you wrote: “Just give us SOME idea that you guys actually give a fuck about YOUR COUNTRY… SHOW US that YOU can step-up and start MAINTAINING your government officials on the City, County, State and Federal levels… Like the Loudin County Virginia school parents did, First!” Then you wrote: “YOU GUYS (Civilians) DO YOUR PART and I guaran-damn-tee you, YOU WILL SEE PATRIOTS COMING OUT OF THE WOODWORK IN YOUR DEFENSE!” What happened: A parent spoke-up after government employees covered-up the rape of his young daughter. Armed… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by JSNMGC

Baldwin is obviously guilty of murder. He took possession of a weapon, chose not to verify its status, cocked it and fired it. He owns every round that goes down range once the firearm is in his hands.

Hollywood is obviously not responsible, and perhaps they should cease using weapons of any kind in their films, since they are not able to safely handle them. Perhaps they should question how moral it is to enrich themselves off deadly tools they despise yet do not understand.


new law no guns for progressive left. guns are bad then you cant have them, wonder how their body guards would react to being disarmed




Our problem is that if they surrender their tools, they lose and remaining restrain due to wishing to keep their rights or avoid appearing hypocritical. They will double down on attacking our rights AND kids will be exposed to guns even less than they are now.

We are likely to see further attacks based on theory that if Hollywood cannot be safe with ‘prop’ guns under professional supervision – how can the rest of us be trusted at all?

Edit to add: Sorry Jaque. Now I see you’ve already said some of this.

Last edited 1 year ago by Finnky

Murder requires intent. Negligent homicide is not murder.


Still felony though – right? Each negligent individual should be charged, convicted, and lose their rights.


OH MY! Another instance where the “bad gun killed a person”! INCORRECT!! The person HOLDING and OPERATING the gun IS RESPONSIBLE — P E R I O D!!!

Handy N Handsome

An excellent question someone else asked:

If Baldwin was filming a scene in which the star attempted suicide, would he have been any more concerned with the state of the ammo in the gun?

As responsible gun owners, we always consider a weapon to be loaded, no matter who assures us that it isn’t.
Even a thug that holds up a convenience store with a gun knows whether or not it’s loaded.
Baldwin is a standard issue Hollywood hypocrite.


“Still, any responsible person …”

There’s your answer to how such a thing could possibly happen.


ultimately is Baldwins fault and those that handled the firearm before him are culpable and all involved should be charged as they would certainly demand of any Conservative if one were so careless! You would think any pro-gun control idiot would be even safer with a gun then the average gun owner that has been taught by their elders to always act as though the gun is loaded and personally check it your self before discharging that weapon! Im sick of all the rules/laws for the but not for me! CHARGE THEM!!! HELLO?


Be assured the Communists will use this tragedy as justification for increased gun control. They will say even with the best safety rules and under the guidance of a professional armorer guns will still kill people. Ignoring of course that it why guns were invented. Ignoring the number of negligent discharges by “highly trained” police. And there are those seeking to disarm the police after they defunded the police and changed their minds after crime became intolerable. Of course the Communists will suppress the evidence and the truth as Communists always do. And now that China controls Hollwood their propaganda… Read more »


CORRECT! Considering that the CCP/Chinese Communist Party STATED the Americans should NOT be allowed ownership of guns!
LET’S GO BRANDON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This was a failure on many levels. Where was the armorer and the prop supervisor? Why was an assistant director handling a prop weapon, handing it to Baldwin and, announcing “cold gun” WITHOUT checking it? Oh, he said “it’s not my job to inspect the weapon”. Well then, why was it your job to touch the gun? THEN, that IDIOT, Baldwin also didn’t check the gun before pointing it at another person. He said “it was a one in a trillion accident”. Yeah but, the fact that it happened to YOU says a lot. The bottom line is, Baldwin is… Read more »


Maybe you should begin by NOT calling it a “Prop weapon”? Props don’t kill people… They are… for lack of a better word… PROPS! (A piss poor word for them.) Prop | Definition of Prop by Merriam-Webster
Prop definition is – something that props or sustains : support. How to use prop in a sentence. It was an supposed to be an INANIMATE OBJECT, not a firearm capable of shooting a projectile. We call THOSE… GUNS or FIREARMS!


In the movie industry, Prop merely means Property, plain and simple. The Gun in question is the PROPerty of the production company, and therefore, ultimately Baldwins responsibility as he is the executive producer.


Did God blame Cain or the Rock Cain used ? It’s a NO brainer …. If Actors/Thespians are going to use fire arms to look cool – play hero type roles they should be well versed in the proper methods. Cooper’s 4 Firearm safety rules still apply today & probably will for eternity. I know several tech advisors in the industry that teach them as Gospel. Whether it’s a high budget or low budget there should be no skirting the law or liability. Ultimately the person behind the trigger makes the choice of that tool, prop gun or not. All… Read more »

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It is always the evil gun, unless it was self defense by a non-liberal. Self defense is vigilantism. They would much rather make a plea deal with the murderer than someone defend themselves. Baldwin is a liberal in a liberal state, I will be greatly surprised if the is prosecuted. I also believe the prosecutor and courts will do their best to prevent a civil suit by calling it an accident.


While I agree 100% with your comment & points I worked for them at one point on my career. They do it by design & it’s a trick they play & have for centuries. They know they can always hide behind the liberal progressive POV & will be excepted. This is the EL-ite codex of Le Bohme. Aka Philosopher Jacob Bohme. Hence “Bohemian Grove” insider meaning. World is a stage to them. This is why they are EL-ite. They are here to serve themselves only not to the true human condition or mankind’s best interest. They are manipulative chameleons just… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by Tank

So, now they need safer sets. Like, there was never before a rile to make sure that the sets were safe? Hollywood has been killing people on sets for many years with their lack of safety, and now they suddenly have an epiphany? That’s another Hollywood lie. It’s just ongoing butt-covering, repeating the same, soulful mantras every time they are responsible for another tragedy. The ghost of Vic Morrow can attest to Hollywood negligence from a long time ago, just as one example. Brandon Lee is another, and there are plenty more Meanwhile, don’t pretend that gun safety is some… Read more »


Several points.
The cylinder could have been removed from the frame in seconds.
All chambers could be seen.
Each round could be visual inspected for primer, bullet and shaken to detect powder.
Swing out cylinders could be swung out.
Nobody should be allowed to ignore or over- rule the armoire.
Cameras can be rem o telly controlled or perspective angles can make it appear to be pointed.


Have read that armorer is now saying she has no idea how live rounds got into her box of dummy rounds. Sounds as though she may have unknowingly loaded actual rounds involved. my dummy rounds are either purple, orange or translucent plastic – all easily distinguished visually. Obviously if dummies will be visible they cannot be seen as obviously different. Have read in a different article that on sets they use dummies that rattle when shaken (ball bearing in place of powder). Requires armorer to shake each round individually while loading, but safe if protocol is followed. im guessing armorer… Read more »


WHY were there ANY live rounds on the set in the first place unless those rounds were in the possession of Security and ONLY Security? What other reason would MAKE-BELIEVE filming EVER NEED LIVE ROUNDS on a set full of actors ACTING?


No legitimate reason. I understand that aspect is being investigated by LEOs. That failure was one of a long string of errors leading to the fatality. As with any hazardous activity there are protocols which will break accident chain unless multiple steps are skipped. 1) Live rounds should not be on set. (Period!) 2) Dummy rounds should be easily distinguishable from live rounds. 3) Armorer and qualified assistants should be only ones to handle firearm until handed to actor just before use. 4) Have heard staff often work behind ‘bullet proof glass’ behind camera for scenes requiring discharge in direction… Read more »


5 in 1 blanks chamber in most ” old west ” handguns and rifles
Just watched McClintock last night.
In the movie he shot his real son. Saying ” nobody gets killed with a blank ”
Hollywood script writers use words like Cop- killer bullets, all guns are registered, card tales stop bullets and in BIG JAKE deer run supersonic.


Johnny Yuma The Rebel has a LeMat, Steve McQueen has 45/70 in belt loops but one 92 Winchester had a solid aluminium barrel. When the gun needed do fire it shot 5 in 1 blanks with only 2 or three in the magazine. Back then t h eye were restricted as short barreled rifles by ATF. People forget today’s cap gun uses Maynard primers used by Civil War carbines. The WWII Thompson is safe when the magazine is removed. Current semiauto Thompson’s must rem o ‘ve magazi n e then lock there bolt back. Both the armorer, actors and film… Read more »


Read more: Under Creative Commons License: Attribution Follow us: @Ammoland on Twitter | Ammoland on Facebook Still, any responsible person knows enough to personally check any firearm they’ve just been handed, even if he or she is told the gun is not loaded.” Making a movie force on force on force training requires different safety protocols. Stricter ones. I would not allow the actor or students to fiddle with the firearm after being safety checked by the safety officers. Having the actor or student check the firearm allows another another unknown factor into the process. When instructing Force on force training if I would… Read more »


Actors and armor should check gun and ammo/ blacks at same time and discuss dangerous range of wads and gases.




So now anyone in society can point a gun at someone, squeeze the trigger, kill the person they pointed the gun at and say, “I didn’t know it was loaded” or “Those were supposed to be blanks?” THE PERSON THAT PICKS UP A GUN, POINTS IT AT A PERSON, SHOOTS AND KILLS THE PERSON IS THE ONE RESPONSIBLE FOR THAT DEATH! Everything and everyone else is SECONDARY and COMPLICITE to the death.

Tactical IT

I was watching the Yellowstone series this week and if the gun handling on the set of “Rust” was anything like the awful gun handling by Kevin Costner in that series, it’s a wonder that any actors survive. There is no thought whatsoever about trigger control, as Costner waves his rifle around at a bunch of people with his finger fully on the trigger. No gun safety lessons before that scene was shot……


“Armorer Hanna Gutierrez Reed handed the revolver to assistant director David Halls, who then passed it over to Baldwin during the rehearsal of a scene inside a small church building. Halls declared it to be a “cold gun,” but it obviously was not.”

If that were truly the sequence then the armorer did indeed fail to do her job. And every subsequent person who handled that gun without checking it out failed at doing their job. Unless new evidence exonerates her, she’ll get burned to the ground while Baldy walks on everything.


The levels of outright Criminally Negligent Behavior, Baldwin and Reed have demonstrated, is astounding. Both need charged for their negligence. Ms. Reed should be banned from ever acting in the role of Armorer ever again.