Freedom Baby ABC by Jane Sharpe, Have Small Kids? You Should Own This Book

Freedom Baby ABC by Jane Sharpe

Idaho – -( If you don’t raise up your kids right, in one generation your values can be lost. I think that is what we are seeing in America right now.

There is a battle for the souls of our children. It is an all-out war. If you’re not engaged, then you better get engaged. Look at the hidden agendas that schools are teaching-Critical Race Theory, socialism, America is evil and racist. And on and on goes the list.

Even here where I live in Idaho the library lets transgenders do a kid’s book reading. Does the rational mind not know that they are trying to recruit kids? Live whatever deviant lifestyle that you want but leave the kids alone.

Freedom Baby ABC by Jane Sharpe

Here’s why I say the above. Recently AmmoLand News asked that I review a kid’s ABC book. I said sure, my wife is a 1st-grade teacher and could help me out and give me her insights. It is a unique book. For A the word is Ammo, B-brass, C-clay pigeons and on it goes. At first, you may think they couldn’t use that in a public school!

This initial reaction reveals two things to me personally:

  • How far left have we drifted? When I was a kid, nearly all the boys in grade school trapped, hunted, and fished. Before high school, we’d go jump ponds and shoot ducks then drive to school with our shotguns in the gun racks in our pickups.
  • We cannot let the thought police tell us what we can write about or run our lives.

Here’s what I mean by #2. I write for a lot of different publications. Blogs, newspapers, local magazines, major magazines, and big websites on up to America’s brightest website-AmmoLand News. Of course, we have good editors at Ammoland but in newspapers, there are a lot of liberal editors.

Here’s a few examples of what I encountered:

  • Last year I wrote an article on Thanksgiving. I said something to the effect of how blessed we are to live in America, the best country in the world. One flaky lady wrote in blasting me, the editor, and the paper for printing about the Myth of America and went on to state how horrible America is. The editor said we’d made a big mistake publishing my article. We did? How?
  • For years papers gave unlimited ink to the wolf lovers and would not let me write one word about how wolves were decimating our wildlife and the damage that they were doing. I raised Cain and finally, they let me write one article.
  • I wrote an article about ground squirrel hunting. Oh, they raised the roof over that one. The editorials were alive for weeks over that one both for and against. I even had messages on my home phone.
  • I used to rodeo a lot. I wrote an article on what it’s like to ride a bucking horse and the tear poured out for these rank stallions.

There are activists out there who are paid to check the internet and attack the writers. Here’s what surprised me. An old high school buddy tracked down who had written a negative comment on the rodeo story saying rodeoing was condemned by the humane society and cruel. Turned up he was an activist from Berkely. How did he even find my article in a small western newspaper that is not even on the web and respond by the next morning? The same on the wolf article when the very next day someone from Michigan had written in condemning it.

Now for newspapers, I write more “family-friendly” articles. But haters like those mentioned above try to scare/bully editors so they limit what I can write about. And as a writer, I have to be on guard so I don’t let antis determine my boundaries. So every once in a while I have to write an article that pushes the boundary fence out where it ought to be, not the one set by some freedom hater.

And all of the above brings us back to the Freedom Baby ABC book.

From the book bio:

Looking for safe ways to involve the smallest child in your love of freedom and the second amendment? Well, adjust your conceal carry holster, pull them up on your lap, and share the words and images that you already enjoy! Freedom Baby ABC is perfect for being intentional about passing on your morals and values. It takes a long time to train up a child- so get to it!

From ammunition to x-ring, this simple and cheerful book is going to meet a need in your family. Bringing the youngest into great conversations about liberty and identify with their deep desire for security,

With seven safety principles that are easily absorbed in early childhood, parents will love sharing Freedom Baby ABC with their children because it reinforces their values to the next generation.

It’s an easy way to strengthen America’s gun culture while your children are still young. Appealing images familiar to any second amendment-loving home leap from the brightly colored pages. If your family practices at the local shooting range, reloads their own ammunition, hunts, or values the Bill of Rights, then you will find plenty to like in this little primer.

I think this would be a good book to teach your kids the ABC’s. Why not teach them words that they ought to know anyway in our outdoor world? They are words they hear around their house all day long anyway.

If you look at the drift of what I’m saying above, I can only assume that the author Jane Sharpe is doing the same thing. She is putting boundaries back to where they were 60 yrs. ago before the thought police and the reshape-America socialists started trying to reprogram everyone. So, I for one appreciate her taking the time to write this book and hope she writes more. And with Christmas right around the corner, you ought to buy one for any small children in your realm of reach. The MSRP is $11.89. (They do have wholesale ordering in case you own a gun shop or have a big family).

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About Tom Claycomb

Tom Claycomb has been an avid hunter/fisherman throughout his life as well as an outdoor writer with outdoor columns in the magazine Hunt Alaska, Bass Pro Shops,, and freelances for numerous magazines and newspapers. “To properly skin your animal, you will need a sharp knife. I have an e-article on Amazon Kindle titled Knife Sharpening #ad for $.99 if you’re having trouble.”

Tom Claycomb


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Protect defend serve

Bravo! I’ve grown up around firearms all my life. I’m 65. Our American history is replete with untold stories, as well as some told, about gun in US history. Did you know that prior to the American Revolution many churches did firearms drill after Sunday services? How about the battle Lexington Green was on the church grounds by God fearing militiamen? I learned many more such stories from “Original Intent” by David Barton of Check it out!

Robert B Young, MD
Jane Sharpe, author

Thanks for the review! If anyone wants to avoid Amazon, they can buy direct from the publisher here. I hope you all enjoy reading it to your kids and grandkids!

Wild Bill

Boy Howdy, that is a good article! MC, Tom Claycomb!

Deplorable Bill

Believe it or not our forefathers used the BIBLE to teach with.

Arm up and carry on


my great grandmother taught Latin from a bible ,still remember some and have her bible ,too many languages through the years it gets scrambled and now and then out comes a phrase long unused but exact meaning to the thought in my head ,and i then have to try to explain the meaning in english!


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