Biden Calls Americans ‘Greatest Threat To The USA!’ Is Government Inciting Violence?


New York – -( It is one thing to presuppose the need for undertaking stringent matters to protect the Nation and its citizenry against foreign terrorists, as for example, after the 9/11 Attacks by Islamic Terrorists. And likely they received a little help from collaborators on “the inside”—true. Even so, it is quite another thing to contemplate a rogue, tyrannical Federal Government that would dare posit the presence of a far greater threat that the American citizenry poses to the well-being of the Nation. But, didn’t, the swine, Joe Biden, do just that? Didn’t he make just an absurd claim?

This is what he said——

“White supremacist terrorism is the deadliest threat to the United States, President Joe Biden told lawmakers Wednesday night as he aimed to pivot from the country’s post-9/11 foreign fights to one at home.

‘Make no mistake. In 20 years, terrorism has metastasized. The threat has evolved beyond Afghanistan,’ Biden said, describing the lingering threats of the Islamic State and al Qaeda before warning of a new war in Americans’ backyard.

‘We won’t ignore what our intelligence agencies have determined to be the most lethal terrorist threat to our homeland today: White supremacy is terrorism,’ Biden said. ‘We’re not going to ignore that either.’ See the Washington Examiner article, titled, “White supremacy ‘most lethal’ threat to America, Biden says”, published on April 28, 2021. And, on that, score the decrepit, treacherous, demented Biden has acted true to word.

The DOJ/FBI Attorney General lackey, Merrick Garland, has dutifully complied. In a later Washington Examiner follow-up article, titled, “Justice Department creates new domestic terrorism unit to target wave of violent extremists,” published very recently, on January 11, 2022;

“A Justice Department official on Tuesday announced the formation of a specialized unit to combat domestic terrorism, saying investigations into violent extremism have skyrocketed.

FBI investigations into domestic terrorism cases have more than doubled since March 2020, and the new unit will augment the department’s existing approach to prosecuting those crimes, said Assistant Attorney General Matthew Olsen, who leads the department’s National Security Division.

‘This group of dedicated attorneys will focus on the domestic terrorism threat, helping to ensure these cases are handled properly and effectively coordinated across the Department of Justice and across the country,’ he said at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing.

Justice officials said the new focus on domestic terrorism does not target groups based on their political leanings, but they identified one of the biggest threats coming from citizen militias.

Tuesday’s hearing was part of a steady drumbeat in Washington raising concerns of a growing domestic terrorism threat in the wake of the Jan. 6, 2021, U.S. Capitol attack.

‘The insurrection should be a wake-up call,’ said Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Richard J. Durbin, Illinois Democrat. ‘A reminder that America is still confronted with the age-old menace that’s taken on a new life in the 21st century: terror from White supremacists, militia members and other extremists who use violence to further their twisted agenda.’

He echoed President Biden, who has vowed not to let right-wing extremists put ‘a dagger at the throat of democracy.’

Over the summer, President Biden announced a sweeping strategy to deal with the threat, which the administration said largely ‘emerges from racially or ethnically motivated violent extremists and networks whose racial, ethnic, or religious hatred leads them towards violence.’

The Department of Homeland Security deemed the threat of ‘racially or ethnically motivated violent extremists’ a ‘national threat priority.’ The FBI announced in November that it has 2,700 open investigations of domestic extremism.

‘The threat posed by domestic terrorism is on the rise,’ Mr. Olsen told the Senate panel.”

The reader will note that even as “Justice officials [disingenuously quip that] the new focus on domestic terrorism does not target groups based on their political leanings, [yet, in the same breath they are quick to point out that the new special domestic terrorism unit has] identified one of the biggest threats coming from citizen militias.”

By ‘citizen militias’ the reader can be damn-well sure that the DOJ/FBI isn’t planning on using its new domestic terrorism unit to investigate, hound, harass, and intimidate Radical Leftist Neo-Marxist and Anarchist groups like Black Lives Matter and Antifa and why should they. Those groups serve the Neo-Marxists and Neoliberal Globalists: assisting in them, actively and avidly undermining the Nation’s institutions, and in destabilizing society in furtherance of the penultimate goal of destroying a free Constitutional Republic so that the ultimate goal can be achieved: inserting the remains of a once-great independent and sovereign nation-state into a Neo-Feudalistic post-nation-state super world empire structure.

The Use of the Expression, ‘Citizen Militias’ is a Dead Giveaway.


As for the Radical Marxist/Anarchist groups—these groups are given a pass, precisely because they assist, knowingly or not, the aim of the Neo-Marxist/Neoliberal Globalist puppet-masters, to destabilize American society, to make way for a new post-nation-state transnational global world order. See the article in RationalWiki, on the Leftist ADL website, and on the rabid radical Left Southern Poverty Law Center website.

The expressions ‘militia group’ and ‘militia movement’ are tied, traditionally, innocuously, non-pejoratively, to any group that happens to support the Bill of Rights and a free Constitutional Republic that the Founders bequeathed to us. They exemplify the right and the need for an armed citizenry to protect and preserve a free Republic.

But, of late, these expressions—as played by the Federal Government, and by a compliant and sympathetic seditious Press, and by sympathetic cable and broadcast “news” and commentary stations and by sympathetic social media companies—carry pejorative connotations. The expressions ‘militia group’ and ‘militia movement’ allude to racism and bigotry, and to white supremacism. And that explains the impetus for the rabid and rapacious attacks by the Deep State controlled Government, by the Legacy Press, by social media companies, by academia, and by various sundry Radical Left groups, against “militia groups.”

Even the seemingly centrist legacy newspaper, “The Wall Street Journal,” in an article, published on October 10, 2020, titled,“What are Militias and are They Legal,” demonstrates a proclivity for viewing America’s militia groups in an altogether negative light, treating them as right-wing terror groups. In so doing the newspaper lends at least tacit support for the Government’s undertaking of unlawful, predatory assaults on American citizens’ lawful exercise of their First and Second Amendment rights of speech, association, and the right of the people to keep and bear arms.

These groups recognize that a Free Constitutional Republic can only exist where the Sovereign American people can exercise their rights to effectively thwart any and all attempts by predatory man, predatory creature, or a predatory Government.

The raison d’être of citizen militias is the protection and preservation of a free Constitutional Republic as understood and defined by the Founders of that Republic. And, it is in that fact, alone, that the interloper Harris-Biden puppet Globalist Administration and the puppet Pelosi/Schumer/McConnel Neo-Marxist/Neoliberal-controlled Congress perceive an imminent threat to the survival of their tyranny.

The present Government is an abomination. It has usurped the sovereign power of the American people; pompously flaunts and flourishes illicitly gained powers, flagrantly and blatantly defies the dictates of U.S. Statute and the dictates of the U.S. Constitution; shamelessly lies to the American people. The economy is in disarray.

This sham Government has cast the Southern Border wide open to hundreds of thousands of poverty-stricken and sickly illegal aliens from over a hundred and fifty countries that pose a physical and economic threat to the security of the Nation. It wantonly left to Islamic Terrorists in Afghanistan, billions of dollars of state-of-the-art weaponry, and has brought thousands of unvetted alien savages into the interior of the Country.

This sham Government has nakedly exploited the Communist Chinese Coronavirus to destroy small businesses, disrupt the education of our youth, and unlawfully exert control over the lives of individuals. And, most ominously, this sham Government has, now, of late, threatened Global Thermonuclear war against a massively powerful nuclear power, Russia, over an aberrant, corrupt Country that sits on Russia’s border, the Ukraine, whose existence has absolutely no vital, strategic, national security interest to this Country.

If this Country’s myriad failed policies were due to gross, criminal incompetence alone, that fact would constitute reason enough to commence impeachment/treason proceedings against a myriad number of Government Administrative officials, and to revamp the entire Executive and Legislative Branches of the Federal Government.

The sad fact is that this sham Government’s policies have been specifically designed to destroy the political, social, economic, cultural, and juridical structure of the Country. And the extent of the treachery across the Government is so pervasive in scale and so devastating in its intensity as to defy any attempt by anyone to reasonably, seriously deny it. An incurious insouciance of this Harris-Biden Administration toward all of this debacle unmasks the truth.

In one year this Neo-Marxist/Neoliberal Globalist Government has opened this Country to catastrophe on all critical indices.

This Government is nothing more than a tool of shadowy and powerful forces bent on destabilizing society and destroying the very foundations of a free Constitutional Republic. The Government has itself become the mechanism of the Nation’s own destruction—the vehicle for the dissolution of a free Republic and mortification of the American citizenry.

The citizen militia movements know this. They hold fast to the sacred principle grounded in cherishing of the Right of Personal Selfhood—in sanctifying the Right of the Individual to be Individual in the face of a Tyrannical Government and of psychopathic predatory actors whom this Tyrant use.

They have sworn an oath to their bestial gods to eradicate the very idea of the sanctity and inviolability of the individual Soul and Spirit.

About The Arbalest Quarrel:

Arbalest Group created `The Arbalest Quarrel’ website for a special purpose. That purpose is to educate the American public about recent Federal and State firearms control legislation. No other website, to our knowledge, provides as deep an analysis or as thorough an analysis. Arbalest Group offers this information free.

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Before the NWO can take place, America has to be transformed with hope and change into a third world country. The left realizes that will never happen if Americans have tools to prevent it and that is the only reason they want to make all gun’s illegal for the commoners. The United Nations are standing by waiting for the word to be utilized by our current administration to bring Americans back into proper order, the lefts order when Americans fight back. Until America is destroyed from within to a point that it is unrecognizable of what it once was, the… Read more »


That was well written Thank you
We are in trouble as a country,


as a civilization, i think the Navajo may be correct that civilizations have grown and disappeared 3 in the past likely destroyed by greed, as this will be look at the “leaders” I would not follow any of these bozos on a circus ride would love a look at what was in the great library at Alexandria how many past great civilizations and their ends

Wild Bill

The Chinese Communist party is standing by, too! We could end up a province of China, populated by Chinese.

Roland T. Gunner

We could lay out dozens of detailed scenarios, but surely you recognize the concept as sound…


Maybe he is laughing because the much more likely threat arms-up much closer to home and has shown their eagerness to oppress Americans with violence and intimidation many times already (state/county/city/town enforcers).

Last edited 1 year ago by JSNMGC
Wild Bill

I think that the CCP is a more pressing threat, than the UN.

Last edited 1 year ago by Wild Bill

Financially, we already are WB. I just got into chapter 13 of ‘Laptop from Hell’ by Miranda Devine and with many others like Peter Schweitzer, the beginnings of the takeover started, at least where I am at in the book, in 2007, when the Biden Family Crime Syndicate actually began dancing with China and Xi. The inroads actually started well before that when Ol’ Joe was the chairman of the judicial committee in the Senate. .

Mystic Wolf

Well because of the deals that hunter biden gas made with china you can expect the country to be split into sections by this admin, accordingly part of the south west will go to mexicow while another part will go to china while parts of the east coast will go to russia and a few other countries, this nation is in more trouble than people really know. The one country is just sitting by licking their chops waiting for the day they can move in on the country, we have two very powerful countries just waiting to go on the… Read more »

Ansel Hazen

Not so sure about that. The japs wouldn’t invade us 60 years ago. These days there are a few more guns behind every blade of grass.


The invasion has already started and it ain’t cuz they will storm our shores. Just like Krushev said, ” and we won’t have to fire a shot.” We are being destroyed from within and we are very near the brink, and worst of all allowing it to happen.


These people violating the Constitution must be removed. Everyone knows what needs to happen.

Green Mtn. Boy

The founders tried to warn us and we failed to take that warning to heart.


The “ones” that failed us were our supposed leaders that swore an Oath to uphold our Constitution on a daily basis. Turd Durbin comes to mind along with the rest of our Government Radicals in the alphabet agencies.

Ansel Hazen

But we could change all that in a hot minute.

2A Gun Guy

Everything said in this summation of what is happening now is Absolutely True!


Today we are facing a new nation formed by the Democrats .The largest terrorist attack in history the coronavirus form our country’s number one most dangerous emmy China. I understand that most do not get the fact that democrats were knowledgeable to Dr Fauci and the other alphabet government agencies involvement with this virus. The timing could not have been better to help remove Trump the democrats tried everything else. History will prove the Democrats national police force is nothing more than the stasi of east germany the stasi were the secret police. All through the stasi were brutal and… Read more »


Everyone will have to pick a side. Soon.


sad to say i think it is real close

Matt in Oklahoma

Parents at school board meetings, retired military, blue collar are all terrorist according to this admin
They wanted a split and now they’ve got it

Wild Bill

It is not just them. Even on this very site, we criticize each other in a way that causes hard feelings and division.

Roland T. Gunner

I think what you are descrining come primarily from some posters not buying into and being scornful of the conspiracy theories of others. Which I try not to do, because I am an old school conspiracy theorist. Or else principled disagreement over what level of gun control, government action/overreach, or compliance/support law enforcement deserves. There are some here who still believe in some degree of government overreach, constitutional infringement, and “reasonable” gun control, and zi am quite happy to show scorn for their views. Because I am principled.


I would like to think that those who read this site would disagree with some manners. If any one on this site would not stand and fight for our freedoms and our country this is not the site for you to visit. You would be better served at the web site below . I say good luck to ya
Wild bill makes a point well taken .


They do not anything people whose children are still in school havent spoke in 2022 Democrats want more power bigger government this way they can take more. It is a simple the more programs they dream up the more money the can skim off the bottom.

Last edited 1 year ago by john

This is why you never, ever talk to federal law enforcement. Ever. Never. If they want to talk with me they do so through my local law enforcement with my attorney present. FBI, DEA, ATF, Treasury, Customs et al have been corrupted by the war on drugs and the war on everything to the point where they are completely rogue. Never give them an opportunity to lure or trick you in to what may be perceived to be a false statement. You do that by invoking your 5th Amendment rights and getting your lawyer. Our federal government is rogue, all… Read more »


People are corrupt although the FBI has had a mysterious past Mr Hoover was a piece of work. The alphabet agencies are all hungry for a piece of the taxpayer pie Money. You are correct sir speak to no one and be careful of your lawyer who in the back room of the court house over coffee !!! they all speak to one another while they discuss their clients future.

Hear Me Roar - Courageous Lion

Great idea. Get a lawyer who is beholden to your adversary as an OFFICER OF THE COURT!


I would have to retitle this…..congress and the senate are the greatest threat to the USA.

pelosi and feinstein are Traitor cunts that have never proposed anything that was not in The interest of china.

Both parties leadership appear to be bought and owned by china.

These alleged “representatives” should be tried for treason, hung and their bodies left for the crows.

As for AMERICANS…….How dumb are we?

Last edited 1 year ago by 2gats
Roland T. Gunner


Hear Me Roar - Courageous Lion

It’s sort of like this…incrementalism. Before any of us were born…the 2nd plank of the communist manifesto was instituted and to this day most folks don’t realize it. A heavy progressive or graduated income tax. The 1st plank was realized with Abolition of private property and the application of all rent to public purpose. Here we call it “property tax”. On your HOME which you never get to actually own. And in 1913 they put the 5th plank into place. Centralization of credit in the hands of the State, by means of a national bank with state capital and an… Read more »

Captain Sloog

Never forget that NAZI was the German abbreviation for the National SOCIALIST Party.

Roland T. Gunner

DiaperJoe Biden and Little Dick Durbin are dingleberries dangling from the ass of an unwashed Muslim goatherd-terrorist.

Hear Me Roar - Courageous Lion

I can see a meme of that now!


I guess the founding fathers were correct in where this country end up if not kept in check by the citizens. We, as a people, let the size of government grow to where we are today.

Hear Me Roar - Courageous Lion

It all went out of control in 1903 with the Dick act and was finalized in 1913 with the Fed act.


Build Back Meaner, DEMONRATS Are America’s New Domestic Terrorist. Period.


What a low grade, F*cking moron!


This is just a dxxx lie (another one). There’s only like, eleven white supremacists left in the US and they don’t have any influence whatsoever. It’s just not a thing…period. There are a BUNCH of people who read Ammoland. How many of y’all know even ONE white supremacist? I know a lot of people and I’m old. I think I’ve only ever known one real white supremacist and that old baxxxrd has been dead for over 30 years! He was an incredibly unlikable old curmudgeon who hated everybody for everything! I digress, this is more deflection and projection from the… Read more »


I’ve met one once. Close to three decades ago, so I’m fairly certain that old biddy has shuffled off.

Of course that meeting took place in her home country – Germany. Most blatant official racism I have witnessed was also in Europe, though this time in Denmark. Nice to hear our country is the one who is so racist – when all my direct observations indicate otherwise.


you mean billerys first boss out of law school mr wallace

Hear Me Roar - Courageous Lion

Hmmmm…no wonder they call people who swear to uphold their oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign AND DOMESTIC “anti” government. WHAT A JOKE. The CONSTITUTION IS OUR GOVERNMENT. Those that are hired under it, and take oaths to support and defend it, are SUPPOSED to be our SERVANTS not our masters. FJB and his totalitarian clown followers. Citizens MILITIAS are what the 2nd amendment is all about. And are NECESSARY according to the first 13 words that have been ignored for over 100 years!


they dont expect you to read, they did hire the teachers

Hear Me Roar - Courageous Lion



Lol, You have to watch the video at the 35 second mark. The Freudian slip comes out when he said he kneeled down to look George Floyd’s daughter in the eye. The letter S precedes the world look. That’s because he was really thinking about when he kneeled over so he could SNIFF her hair.

LMAO Bloomberg. I’ve bought many politicians.


Deplorable Bill

When a nation’s leadership lies to the people,it’s not for the benefit of the people, it’s for theirs. I am truly amazed it has not happened yet but biden is obviously preparing to wage a civil war against us, the people who believe in GOD, the constitution and righteousness. Yesterday, he said he was coming after home made firearms, the non registered, government approved and known about guns, 9mm pistols and rifles. It’s also clear they have access to the firearm registry known as the 4473 form. This tells me that “they” are coming after every firearm they know about… Read more »

Hear Me Roar - Courageous Lion

If they want them, HERE IT IS COME AND GET it…Be sure you bring body bags for your red coat enforcers King Chairman Xiden.


If opticsplanet ever delivers, I’ll have enough to last a while… However back order placed Nov 15, 2020 with expected delivery in March 2021 – has been 13 days from shipping for almost two months.

Have still been picking up reasonably priced ammo in critical calibers when I come across it. Got enough for a couple heavy classes or many less intense practice sessions. Dry fire is key to not becoming unarmed or unpracticed.


have a lot of api and incendiary as ranges wont let you use it

Hear Me Roar - Courageous Lion

50 API is great for punching holes in AR500. LOL!


Sure, sure, Sniffin Joey said that. But that was before he gave a terrorist organization $85Billion in modern weapons. Surely, he realizes all white folk aren’t the problem anymore.


Get the book “ RED HANDED” and send it to your “representatives”

Last edited 1 year ago by 2gats
2A Gun Guy

Yeah, Only Law Abiding Patriots.


Yep, it was wonderful being active duty Air Force in the Clinton era and beyond, and having to sit through anti terrorism training and they are talking about us active duty personnel as people to watch out for as possible terrorists, smdh.


can we deport this nut back to his planet?

Knute Knute

YES! Every attorney in the US is deportable to the UK. They declared their allegiance to the crown when they took the Title of Nobility called; “Esquire”. So, as foreign nationals that have openly declared their loyalty to a foreign power, deportation is not only LEGAL, but mandatory!
All it takes is some in power with half a testicle to DO IT. Unfortunately, there isn’t half a ball left in the entire beltway! Certainly not in one person. All that they can conceive is to do as their masters command. Full Stop.

Wild Bill

Thank God it is a full stop! After one passes the bar exam there is no declaring of allegiance or oath taking. There is an admission ceremony at the S. Ct of that state. Pictures are taken and a motion that the group be admitted to the bar and the S. Ct. grants it. Then there is a little cheering, some go celebrate, the rest of us went back to work.

Awesome Hillsdale professor and historian Victor Davis Hanson in the student union.

Son of Waylon

Good Article! I’m trying to figure out where this is actually happening?? More made up B.S.


This has been a long time in the works. I don’t have time or space to give you 45 yeas worth of reading and study on Communist insurgencies and the history of the American Progressive New Left but I can give you the crib notes. Read Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radcials and download and read a copy of the Prairie Fire Manifesto of 1973. These two documents will show you how the communist insurgency has taken over America. Biden, Harris and Pelosi are simply sock puppets. They have no clue concerning their daily rants but simply read the lines written… Read more »

Hear Me Roar - Courageous Lion

Long time in the PROCESS of making us Communist:
I know this makes folks mad because they CAN’T PROVE ME WRONG!


Do You Live Under a Rock?? This Shit has been Happening for Over 50 Years Now!!! SMH

Wild Bill

Easy does it brother, there are lots of reasons that one might be behind on this info. Maybe he has not been around for fifty years, and the modern education system keeps people in the dark for at least twenty-two years.

Hear Me Roar - Courageous Lion

WHAT Education system? It hasn’t been an education system, EVER. It’s ALWAYS been an indoctrination system ever since it became compulsory! Before THAT it was an education system. Ride With The Devil 1999    Mr. Evans: Have you ever been to Lawrence, Kansas, young man?    Chiles: No, I reckon not, Mr. Evans.    I don’t believe I’d be too welcome in Lawrence.    Mr. Evans: I didn’t think so. Before this war began,    my business took me there often.    As I saw those Northerners build that town,    I witnessed the seeds of our destruction being sown.    The foundin’ of that town was truly… Read more »


Education is paramount without the public school system which is at best rated poorly the brightest bravest among us could not rise to the top. I come from a family of teachers who cared about the students. I often told them that teachers do not a have grasp on the workings going on in the real world. They teach what they are told what is in the lesson plan that gets submitted to the department chair for approval. I used tell my teaching family that work and corporate america is a 365 days a year 24/ 7 without the summer… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by john

more like 113 years with founding of fbi granted there was push back at times McCarthy the red scares

Hear Me Roar - Courageous Lion