What the Washington State Gun Magazine Ban Means for Me? ~ VIDEO

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USA – -(Ammoland.com)- On July 1st of 2022, Washington State’s standard capacity magazine ban goes into effect. This ban means that no one in the state will be allowed to sell, buy, or transfer gun magazines that hold more than 10 rounds.

Companies that continue to ship standard capacity magazines into the state will violate the draconian law. Unlike other states like New Jersey which also banned gun mags, Washington state owners can keep any magazines no matter the capacity if acquire before July 1st. And continue to use the magazines even after the law goes into effect.

Anyone caught with a firearm magazine holding more than 10 rounds acquired after June 2022 will be guilty of a misdemeanor and could be sent to jail for 364 days, plus a $5,000 fine. But here is the thing…

Gun owners are NOT required to prove when they received the magazines. Law enforcement must prove that the gun owner got the magazines AFTER the law went into effect.

Viewers, you may not realize that a few magazine companies date stamp their products. But without those date stamps it will be almost impossible for law enforcement to determine if the magazine was acquired before or after the law went into effect.

So, what is the point of the law?

This law is nothing more than a feel-good gesture to the Pacific Northwest gun grabbers.

This useless new law will not make anyone safer. The politicians took a lot of money from Bloomberg front groups, and that is how they pay up. In return, these anti-freedom groups are going to use this “victory” to fundraise more money.

Not all hope is lost. Right now, there are two cases under consideration by the Supreme Court. Either of those cases could spell the end of magazine capacity bans not only in Washington State but across the country. There are also other challenges to these unconstitutional laws working through the court system.

If you are in Washington State, the most important thing you can do is get out in vote this fall. This bill was passed on party lines. If voters rise up and vote these gun grabbers out, they can be replaced with pro-freedom representatives.

Virginia did it, and Washington State can do it too.

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Dan Wos is a nationally recognized 2nd Amendment advocate and Author of the “GOOD GUN BAD GUY” series. He speaks at events, is a contributing writer for many publications, and can be found on radio stations across the country. Dan has been a guest on the Sean Hannity Show, NRATV, and several others. Speaking on behalf of gun-rights, Dan exposes the strategies of the anti-gun crowd and explains their mission to disarm law-abiding American gun-owners.

Dan Wos
Dan Wos
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Didn’t vote for the CRIMINAL Gov three times now! Did not vote for this unconstitutional BS gun law but here it is slapped right in our faces anyway. Si vis pacem, para bellum.


Lots of comments about the role of government re: freedom vs. safety. The thing is; elections have consequences. The end result of voting in anti-freedom politicians as the controlling party is; less freedom. Those who voted against Trump and his party because they don’t like his style are responsible for the outcome. As President Reagan warned us: “Government is not the solution to our problem, government is the problem.” I’ve worked under politicians from both sides of the aisle and can testify that politicians have one overriding issue which motivates them above all else. RE-ELECTION! They will do and say virtually… Read more »


Absolutely driven by the prospect of re-election, but there’s also the huge element of ego and a feeling of superiority. The BIG lesson to be learned here is that – especially in those free states that remain (after all, WA was a bastion of freedom on this coast for so long) – there MUST be a strong and sustained participation by gun owners in your state government. The antigun strategy for a few years now has been on the state level aimed at picking one state off after the next, rather than the nationwide federal effort at gun control. NOTE:… Read more »

Wild Bill

Well said.

Wild Bill

Good insight. What did you do working for these politicians?


This white liberal mag “law” was not even voted on by the people. All I ever get is a stupid school levy or some nonsense like that in the mail and just toss it.


ESPECIALLY work hard to get a CONSTITUTIONAL SHERIFF voted in for your county. He can IGNORE this crap. http://cspoa.org. I’m working on getting one voted in in MY county right now. Send your current candidates or current sheriff to a Constitutional Sheriff and Peace Officers seminar right away! And if you haven’t seen this presentation by KrisAnne Hall, do so for your own education! All communist down voters can keep watching Karl Marx videos. For KrisAnne…NON COMPLIANT: https://libertyfirstsociety.com/noncompliantmovie/


“Anyone caught with a firearm magazine holding more than 10 rounds acquired after June 2022 will be guilty of a misdemeanor and could be sent to jail for 364 days, plus a $5,000 fine.” Only if enforcers decide to enforce the law. You are only guilty if you are proven guilty and the first step is to be charged. Anti-2nd Amendment politicians and the people who vote for them are not afraid of American gun owners. They are absolutely terrified at the prospect that enforcers might not obey orders to enforce laws against the people they are ordered to enforce… Read more »

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That is exactly why the King County Council worked so hard to get a charter amendment to the King County Charter eliminating an elected sheriff to a sheriff appointed by the council. The stupid voters in King County bought the lies. Of course this was before the stooge inslee purged the prisons of felons including felons with weapons charges.


I have less faith in elected sheriffs than some people. It’s something of a safeguard, but sheriffs do things that many voters are not aware of (Grady Judd is a good example). Also, if voters were active, they could vote out the council members who appointed the sheriff (just like they could vote out mayors who appoint bad police chiefs). Sheriffs in rural “red” states have been enforcing thousands of firearm laws for a long time. They have also called in federal enforcers to enforce federal firearm laws (Waco is a good example). I support sheriff positions being elected positions,… Read more »


That needs to be reversed. SHERIFFS are NOT supposed to be “appointed”. PERIOD.


Reply on hold.

Short version:

It all comes down to individual law enforcement personnel – can you conceive of a law so unconscionable that you would not follow an order to enforce it?

If so, where do you draw the line?

If not, you are a tool of tyrants and should be ostracized by your community.


This is why I support http://CSPoA.org


A lot of pretty dumb people don’t seem to realize that what you are saying is the absolute truth! LIKE DUH?? Politicians would be POWERLESS with out the enforcers. Just look at the ENFORCERS in Australia and Canada. Well here too. It was ENFORCERS that burned down the Church in Waco and shot Randy Weavers wife in the head and kid in the back. GOT IT, YOU MORONS???


Wonder why the bastards watered down this insanity from their original intentions? Full ban on AR platforms and make possession of these magazines a felony? Fear of voter retaliation. I know some of you cynics have posted screenshots of known Dominion fraud and in Seattle/Washington State it’s a PROVEN fact the dimocRAT’s stole the gubernatorial election in 2004, it really didn’t change much, the guy they stole the election from was another Pierre Deflecto in the making. And this state like our southern confused neighbor OreGONE, both use the highly corruptible mail in balloting. However, even the rats know they… Read more »


I was a resident of Stevens County north of Spokane up near the Canadian border near Colville for 9 years the local sheriff as a total IDIOT when it came to knowing his power to protect the RIGHTS of his citizens. The ONLY legitimate reason for government was expressed by Thomas Jefferson in the DoI. …that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness—-That to secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed…



At some point, a large percentage of Americans came to believe the primary role of government is to keep citizens “safe” rather than to keep citizens free.

All sorts of heinous actions have been taken the banners of “keeping you safe” and “officer safety”


Reply on hold.

I agree.

The role of government is not to keep people safe – it is to keep people free.


and FREE PEOPLEtend to keep themselves and eath other safe. For WHOLE lot less money than when gummit pretend to do that but don’t.
Chicago comes to mind…… and Philadelphia And Baltomire. And Scam Francisco And Lost Angeles and… you know them better than I do.


There are a lot of Sheep Dogs out among the sheep. I carry an AR10. Never leave home without it! And on my person, a Glock 30.

Knute Knute

So much less money, that’s it’s usually FREE! There is no “safety” in life. No matter how hard one tries, on a long enough timeline, everybody’s survival rate is 0.00%! Nobody gets out of this world alive. That is a hard truth that the sheeple prefer NOT to hear. They KNOW it, but cannot face it. So instead they turn to whoever will tell them some nice lies and make some nice sounding promises. That’s what makes them sheep. Face these unpleasant facts, and one becomes a person, a citizen, and (dare I say it?) A MAN. “You want the… Read more »


WHAT A RIOT! A I read this there are FIFTEEN DOWN VOTES? What kind of brain dead lunatic psychopathic control freaks visit this site? Holy crap! “The role of government is not to keep people safe – it is to keep people free.” Gets down voted. I figure ONE down vote would show a mental reject in the group, but FIFTEEN? Someone must be hacking the system.


WB, Oldman, Bruce/TEX, and their LEO sock puppet posse. Watch this…

Last edited 1 month ago by Russn8r

14 now! Hahaha. Amazing. How could anyone downvote a single word you say? I love your posts. You’re awesome!


Good job Bigfootbob. I dread the next election regarding our gun laws in OreGONE. They seem to think they can vote my AR15 and magazines that hold more than 10 rounds away here in OreGONEland. I hope enough demonkkkrats have joined the ranks and realize that they are the only ones that can protect themselves and say NO along with the republican counties which outnumber the sick cities full of mentally diseased brain-dead people that rule our state.

Monkey Mouse

So here in Commie NJ, they passed a law taking the 15 round limit down to 10 rounds a few years ago. Difference being that the penalty was automatic jail time as it is considered a felony – just to put the screws to the formerly law abiding. Guess what happened as a result of this – mass non compliance – zero 15 round mags were turned in, only a few thousand were modified to 10 rounds and millions were squirreled away in the state. As proof these laws do nothing, go to a PA gun show and see that… Read more »


And next comes the only 5 round rule. Our bisexual bitch governor, the most hated governor award winner in the USA here in OreGONE seems to think that anything that holds over five bullets should be outlawed, this week.


not just the gun shows , the cabelas in hamburg pa have been there when you could count pa cars and the lot was full


Better startparking the PA number plated cars down the block in another shopping centre. They just might roll out the California model, and send spies accross state lines to locate “suspected contraband purchasers”, then reprt those numbers to state coppers. Find some means of randomly pulling them ove,r then, knowing they were at Cabelas or wherever, start playiung their magical blueberry lights. Drum un some halfwit pretense for searching the car, and boom.. felony time. Cop now becomes HERO.


Yea, a hero for violating his oath of office. SICK isn’t it? BACKWARDS isn’t it? INSANE isn’t it? PSYCHOPATHIC CONTROL FREAKS WEARING A BADGE saying as one local road pirate said in his office…SEE THIS…pointing to his badge. THIS GIVES ME THE RIGHT TO DO WHATEVER I WANT. And gee, he is running for Sheriff. Just the kind of guy I will support with a pitchfork up his ass.

Wild Bill

Why is it that you live in NJ, again?


Just remember, the next time you make a purchase at Oaks, or some other Pa. gun show, lock the ammo or mags in a lockbox into you trunk. If you buy a standard cap mag and get questioned by authorities, say that you absolutely intend to modify them to ten rounds. As for myself. I got spooked and mailed my standard mags to a cuz in Florida, days before the draconian prohibition took effect. Just hope SCOTUS rules for us.

Last edited 1 month ago by Wass

I got spooked and went out and bought a 150 round drum so that I could kill 150 of them if possible.


you still think you can vote your way out ? lol


As the visibility of the “glitches” found in Dominion Voting Systems continues to spread across multiple states, and the longstanding issues surrounding Election Systems & Software start to re-surface, one critical question has yet to be asked, “How did they manage to corner the U.S. election voter market in the first place?”
Then, on June 4, 2010, Dominion Voting Systems quietly bought out its California-based competitor Sequoia Voting Systems further collapsing the voting machine market:
VendorAfter Sequoia BuyoutHart Interactive9%Election Systems and Software45%Dominion Voting Systems46%


tecCollaborating to protect the information infrastructure that propels the global economy.hnology and have in common a commitment to cyber-security; to serve as a force multiplier that enables collaboration and sharing of relevant, actionable cyber threat information and effective security policies and practices for the benefit of all.


I would say we are way behind the learning curve. lol

Wild Bill

say again, over. I’m sure that it is just me, but would you put that in other words, please?


Read each article provided. And check out the website for IT-ISAC that is listed in the screenshot. Look up the members belonging to this NONPROFIT (IT-ISAC). You will be surprised most Govt including DOD, DOE, Electricity, Gas, etc all belong to this org. One big club & you ain’t in it. They also control elections. Agricultural, didn’t Biden mention food shortages coming ? Why would that be ? We have enough technology, land, etc to keep this from ever happening. But yet here we are. Yes certain products can be affected by weather & geological locations. But is there ever… Read more »


go back to principle investor in the system Hugo Chavez of Venezuela


As long as there are computer voting machines it will be able to be manipulated. BACK TO PAPER BALLOTS and HUMAN BEINGS who can COUNT.


And voting in person. Besides absentee ballots with strict rules.


and human beings showing up and providing ID before they vote in the booth.


All of the above, but add in what we saw in some middle eastern country (Iraq?) where everyone leaving the polling place had to dunk their right index finger into apurple ink pot. A tether PERMANENT purple ink that takes a few days to melt away. No cheap soy ink that fades in a few hours. NO ONE can get off with voting more than one time. And they all wore that purple blotch on their finger as a badge of great honour.


a solution in search of a problem. empty theatrics.


I think they are more of a “casting” or maker mark letting the manufacture know when the mag mag was made.

Any body with a file, knife for plastic body ones, can remove it.

Lots of magazines have no date makings.

During the so called Federal bad lots of them did.

As stated this is a really worthless laws but make all the anti’s feel good.


I hope it ends up making them feel REAL bad before its all over. I’ve read recetnl from credible sources that many makers of plastic mags DO indeed put a production date on the cases or baseplate. Easily filed off, I believe mot are raised, not pressed. Seems the plastic mags have a measurable lifespan, and thus dating them is a couresy to owners. Plastic also tends to degrade and weaken over time eve if it sits on a shelf. Of course, some fine sandpaper or a fine pitch file can make them go to where I wish Insleee and… Read more »


I did not realize that anyone date stamps their magazines. Happen to know which? Is stamp location consistant? If it is on follower or floorplate, one could simply say magazine was repaired b6 replacing a broken part 🙂


Ooops there’s a new can of worms. Fixing mags with newly dated parts. lol


She raises a vERY valid point that I’m certain the monkeys up in the MarbleZoo on Capital Way in Olympia are too blind/obtuse to even guess at. She also provides an excellent defense if caught with an outlaw mag with a date stamped on the floorplate. Buy a dozen r so new floorplates after the ban takes effect (or is suposed to….) and hold on to the receipt. One could also easily enough buy new outlaw mags, then swap floorplates with those from yur older ones, thus “dating” themprior to the ban. It WOILD take a very perverse copper to… Read more »


If I had the magazine corporation, if I had a date at all on it, it would say manufactured after 1776.