Anti-gunners’ Tasteless Judge Jackson Remark: ‘Badass’

Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, show here in a C-SPAN screen snip during confirmation hearings, has been confirmed to sit on the U.S. Supreme Court later this year.

U.S.A.-( Everytown for Gun Safety, the billionaire-backed gun prohibition lobbying group bankrolled by anti-gun former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, went off the proverbial “deep end” in an email blast promoting the confirmation of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court.

In the message, sent early April 7 over the name of Kara Fitzgerald, field director of federal and distributed organizing for the Everytown lobbying group, the organization had this to say:

“We’re a movement of badass women.

“We need a badass woman on the Supreme Court.”

What would have been the media reaction if the National Rifle Association had expressed the same sentiment toward Associate Justice Amy Coney Barrett?

There was more to the Everytown message deserving of scrutiny.

“Over the last several weeks, we’ve all gotten to know Judge Jackson. She’s incredibly qualified for the role that President Biden nominated her for. And we’re confident that she understands that reasonable gun safety measures are constitutional.

“With more gun safety cases coming before the courts and with more gun violence devastating our communities, our country needs someone like her on the Supreme Court.”

Following her confirmation by the U.S. Senate on a 53-47 vote with three Republican crossovers—Senators Susan Collins of Maine, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Mitt Romney of Utah—Everytown gleefully sent another email blast, signed by nobody, stating in more subdued tones, “We supported Judge Jackson’s nomination because of her extensive experience as a public defender, a U.S. District Court Judge, and a U.S. Circuit Court Judge, and we’re confident she understands that reasonable gun safety measures are constitutional.”

What soon-to-be Associate Justice Jackson will not be able to do, or even influence, is participate in the high court’s impending ruling in the case of New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen, which could upend long-standing “good cause” requirements for obtaining a carry permit in the Empire State, and a handful of other states including New Jersey, Maryland, Massachusetts and California.

Waiting in the wings to be considered for review are cases challenging Maryland’s ban on so-called “assault weapons” and California’s ban on original-capacity ammunition magazines for rifles and pistols. If either case is accepted, arguments will be heard sometime in the next term, which begins on the first Monday of October, just weeks before this November’s midterm election.

Barring some unforeseen calamity, then-Justice Jackson will still be in what will be an all-female liberal minority, including Justices Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan. As noted by CNN, Jackson will not be seated until Associate Justice Stephen Breyer has officially retired at the end of the court’s current term.

But why would Everytown portray or even suggest Judge Jackson is “badass?” The term is rather unseemly and would almost certainly elicit righteous condemnation from the woke far left, where it applied to one of the other women now on the court.

However, Justice Barrett has been subjected to name-calling of another variety. The other day while speaking at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, Barrett was targeted by a heckler calling her an “enslaver of women.” As quoted by Fox News, Justice Barrett fired back, “As a mother of seven, I am used to distractions—and sometimes even outbursts.”

The remark brought quick applause and laughter from the audience.

Much is being made of the fact that Judge Jackson will be the first Black female on the high court. Joe Biden made an issue out of race and gender on the campaign trail, while previous nominations to the court have not been similarly limited or defined.

In their second email, following Jackson’s confirmation, Everytown provided an ominous message.

“Our country is fortunate to have someone like her on the Supreme Court…Now, it’s time to get to work. This June, the Supreme Court is expected to decide a case brought by an NRA affiliate that could threaten the future of life-saving gun safety laws across the country.” This can only mean one thing; the gun control crowd is confident she will be a vote against Second Amendment rights.

The case they mention would be the New York case—the outcome of which has the gun prohibition lobby worried, if not downright scared—and the only laws it threatens are those that allow the denial of constitutional rights based on an arbitrary notion of “justifiable need.”

Judge Jackson hopefully will be able to make a distinction between “needs” and “rights,” and make future decisions accordingly.

About Dave Workman

Dave Workman is a senior editor at and Liberty Park Press, author of multiple books on the Right to Keep & Bear Arms, and formerly an NRA-certified firearms instructor.

Dave Workman

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Ooopsey……my bad. Read that as “Blackass Woman”……but, then, that was the criteria, wasn’t it!?!?!?


No net loss nor gain, the Court’s still 6-3.

Last edited 1 month ago by 3manfan

True,but Roberts always remains a huge question mark on how he votes.


That’s very true but Roberts is always a huge question mark on how he votes.


So are Trump’s 3 new Blue-Light-Federalist ‘Justices’ who aided the Biden-Harris coup d’etat. Amy & Brett voted for forced covid injections of medical personnel.


Huge net opportunity loss. She’ll be on for 30+yrs thx to traitors Romney-Murkowski-Collins. It’s not 6-3. There’s only 2 reliable conservatives, Thomas & Alito.


Not to mention – Thomas’s health is not the best. His seat is likely to be the next vacancy. In fact given his dedication, I expect that in next conservative president’s term he will resign in manner similar to Breyer (pending confirmation of replacement).


“We’re a movement of dumbass women” There I fixed it for you.


hoss – do you also wonder (as I do) how many of them are also ‘demanding’ women? Oh wait, she doesn’t even know what a woman is even though that was one of her primary ‘qualifications’ for selection.
I learned all I needed to know about her ‘judicial philosophy’ when it came out that she clerked for breyer.


The left calls her appointment “Historical”; I call it a detriment to Freedom and the American way.


I call it racist and propaganda to secure a vote from black people. The current liar and thief in the oval office didn’t need to say it had to be a black birthing person (because she doesn’t know what the definition of a woman is) he just needed to bring her forth and let things take its course. We already have one black woman in the second highest position in the land and look how smart she isn’t or how useful she isn’t when it comes to taking care of our border and the reason, she is there first is… Read more »


All the gang bangers, pedophiles, anti-constitution slugs are probably Jacque-ing off (either alone, in a closet, or more commonly in a big circle) for they’re newest Affirmative Action Supreme court appointment.


Yep! She be just another fat, ignorant, Cant Understand Normal Thinker!

Country Boy

Judge Jackson hopefully will be able to make a distinction between “needs” and “rights,” and make future decisions accordingly.

Fat chance on that. She can’t even tell us the definition of a woman.


Her decisions will NEVER side with the 2nd Amendment-
The keyword being NEVER-

Happy Everafter

How bad are we becoming? The newest highest-level judge ‘defends’ the worst of felons, those poor vulnerable misunderstood child molesters.

Who in their right mind would think those poor vulnerable misunderstood frequently black gun-toting gang members using illegally obtained arms who whimsically destroy innocent those evil regular often-unarmed citizens are going to be treated any differently?

Wild Bill

It is not really “we” that are becoming bad. The role that “we” played was our beneficent tolerance of marxists, communists, anarchists, and sexual perverts.
The Democrat party embraced them as voters. The result was that the marxist socialists took over the unions, education (from universities down to kindergarten), the bureaucracy, the democrat party, the Congress, and the executive, …. next the military and the justice system.

Last edited 1 month ago by Wild Bill

The Eight Pillars of Transforming a Society into Communism: -Healthcare – Check; Done. Xiuden said to OBlunder, “This is a big F’ing deal.” as they went to the podium to announce OBlunderCare passage. -Debt – 30+Billion and growing; aka Stimulus for the Government Plantation Dwellers. Johnny Cash today…”How high is the debt, Momma? $30billion and rising.”- Check; Done -Gun Control – since 1934, ATF is tightening the noose – Check Done -Welfare – The Grest Government Plantation Dwellers Free Shit Society – Check; Done -Education – Propaganda for the masses – Check; Done -Religion – Eliminate from schools, society –… Read more »

Last edited 1 month ago by StLPro2A
Wild Bill

I could not agree more!


“Judge(sic)Jackson hopefully will be able to make a distinction between needs and rights and make decisions accordingly.” You say?
Don’t count on it!

Wild Bill

She is a marxist tool. She is a in a position of great power, and the marxists democrats are going to use her.


Let’s go Brandon #FJB and the domestic terrorists he has installed in our government !


She (if we can still use that term) is the perfect example of the blatant racism and misandry that is rampant in the USA today. Imagine the uproar and outcry if Brain-Dead Biden had stated that he was looking for a white male to put on the Supreme Court with no other standards or qualifications other than his race and his sex (if we can still use that term). If you are a white male (if you don’t know if you are one, you are the problem) and you can’t see what is going on, then you are either blind,… Read more »


She’s an idiot and a dangerous one especially to children as she supports pedophiles


“Badass” from the ‘dumb-ss woman’. How can Kara even be sure that Brown-Jackson (And why are they all seemingly hyphenated?) is a woman when the judge doesn’t even know what a woman is?

Our dear RINOs threaten ‘our democracy’ and rights once again. Poor Mittens, couldn’t stand up to Obama and Katy Crowley and now he knuckles under to Slo Joe Brandon.

I have my rights as per the US Constitution and I need my firearms.

Last edited 1 month ago by JMacZ
Big George

…”when the judge doesn’t even know what a woman is?”
S’funny! I was thinking the same thing! I wish Sen. Marsha Blackburn would have asked a follow-up question of KBJ…“well then, are YOU a women”?!


I thought Obummer was the worst so called president but this career criminal family in the white house should be run out of the country along with his two bitches that were chosen solely because they are black women not because they will defend our country or Constitution they have completely ruined our economy and opened our borders and try to take our guns SAY IT LOUD I’M WHITE AND I’M PROUD LET’S GO BRANDON


“She is a bad assed woman”?? This statement cannot stand! This black skinned person said — “I CANNOT EXPLAIN WHAT A WOMAN IS” — this in turn makes her a “bad azz”! This person does NOT belong in a SCOTUS that has become a CONSTITUTIONALLY UNLAWFUL “BUREAUCRATIC LAW MAKING PROPAGANDA MACHINE”!

Green Mtn. Boy

A badazz,Never mind she is also a pedophile loving Marxist who detests the Constitution.


It’s not just the pedophilia. She explained her ruling as being based on changing technology which (in her mind) made laws written by legislators no longer a good fit and thus inapplicable. In other words she openly advocates legislating from the bench and has no problem tossing long standing laws simply because she doesn’t like them.
Anyone else ever hear anti-civil rights activists claim the 2nd is antiquated and not applicable to modern life?

Green Mtn. Boy

as I said she detests the Constitution !


Judge Jackson hopefully will be able to make a distinction between ‘needs’ and ‘rights,’ and make future decisions accordingly.”

Get real.


“Judge Jackson hopefully will be able to make a distinction between “needs” and “rights,” and make future decisions accordingly.”

I’m fairly confident that if President “Brandon” thought that were the case, he would have nominated someone else.


Are you serious? She can’t even define what a woman is !


Rs should’ve asked “Are you a woman?” Scenarios:

1) “I don’t know.”


2) “Yes”.

“Then you do know what a woman is.” (Or, “How do you know that if you don’t know what one is?”)

3) “No.”

“Oh. How do you know you’re not one if you don’t know what one is?”

“So…Do you know what you are?”

The possibilities for amusement were endless, if only Rs weren’t sissies.

Wild Bill

I think that he was just quoting. His response is the last sentence.


I re-read what he wrote and you’re absolutely correct.

Wild Bill

That is ok. We know where your head and heart are at!!!

Henry Bowman

ARE YOU SERIOUS??!!? Ammoland JUST did yet ANOTHER ARTICLE on how your NAGR is a SCAM – specifically, the grifting DORR BROTHERS – who are joined at the hip to grifter Dudly Brown!!! AND HERE YOU ARE POSTING A FUNDRAISING LINK TO THESE AHOLES!!! The ONLY thing worse to the 2nd Amendment and the only thing that irritates me more than the NRA and Harold Hutchinson are THESE SCAMMERS. And now YOU are on that manure list AT THE TOP NEXT TO THE DORRS & DUDLY BROWN!! I wish Ammoland would permaban you RFN, but in the meantime I will… Read more »


Jackson is now a political refugee appointed for her race and her gender not her ability to defend the constitution. By quoting Dr Maya Angelou during her speech she has proven that she is also a racist not fit for the bench. Her own words now define who she really is and what she will defend.

Last edited 1 month ago by john

John,the appointment of this racist socialist to the SC is just the most undeserved case of affirmative action I’ve seen to date. Where’s Romney right now?

Wild Bill

Yeah, what would the government do if I hired strictly on race and gender?


Wild – NEVER forgot that in the ‘glory’ days of ‘affirmative’ action that same government REQUIRED many companies to hire specifically due to those ‘qualifications’. I saw it up close and personal too many times to count, even if I took off my shoes and socks 🙁


Good Afternoon
Romney is the wild card for the democrats not fit for office. He will run as a independent during the next presidential election hoping to pull votes from the republican party. There is no question Romney can never be trusted he is nothing more than a spoiler working for the democrats. Utah clearly has made a mistake electing him as a senator a graduate from BYU worth 190 to 250 million his political record and Romneycare showcase his failures.

Ansel Hazen

R’s have totally blown it in my estimation. They needed to deal with these three RINO’s long ago and they let it slide. They have no guts, no spine, and fact is they have helped sell this country down the river. It’s time to cut them off like the Wayne LaPeeU NRA and let the party wither and die.

Last edited 1 month ago by Ansel Hazen

I believe Pierre Delecto is polishing his “Atta Pussy” medallion now


This is really taking affirmative action to the extreme.

Country Boy

More like… to “The Supreme”…Court that is.