Lessons From The Doctor Oz Endorsement

Lessons From The Doctor Oz Endorsement

Pennsylvania – -(AmmoLand.com)- President Trump’s endorsement of Doctor Oz for the United States Senate seat in Pennsylvania being vacated by Pat Toomey has some important lessons for Second Amendment supporters. As noted earlier, taking these lessons to heart can probably help us better protect the Second Amendment in future legislative and political battles.

You Defend The Second Amendment With The People You Have

As much as we want to have the perfect pro-Second Amendment candidate in a race, that will not always happen. In this case, Sean Parnell’s divorce took him out of the campaign. Would he have won the nomination and the general election, giving us a strong Second Amendment supporter? In this environment, the answer is probably yes.

But we don’t have Parnell. The choice is between a hedge-fund manager and Doctor Oz. Both would be far better choices than Jon Fetterman.

Do Not Let Perfectionism Give The Enemy Victory

In 2016, many Second Amendment supporters took a chance on Trump because the alternative was an avowed enemy in the form of Hillary Rodham Clinton. In Pennsylvania, Second Amendment supporters will need to make that same decision.

The temptation to sit out an election is never a good thing. If the actual candidate is not an A+ candidate, then think of what defeating the anti-Second Amendment extremist will prevent. Things like Chuck Schumer as Senate Majority Leader, a packed Supreme Court, or even the confirmation of anti-Second Amendment extremists at ATF and elsewhere.

Focus On The Positives And Opportunities

Pessimism is never good when you are trying to encourage people to get involved in the process. Even in a situation like the Pennsylvania Senate race, there are things to feel positive about.

One thought to keep in mind for Pennsylvania in particular: Doctor Oz could help by picking up votes from those in the suburbs surrounding Philadelphia who may have some goodwill attached to his daytime talk show. In this case, not only could he have an easier time winning the general election, but it may also open doors to reduce the difficulties Second Amendment supports have had in suburban areas in general.

Build A Better Bench

It is never a good idea to have all your eggs in one basket. Second Amendment supporters need to build a much better bench so that when a candidate like Parnell has to drop out, there is a ready alternative.

At the same time, we must mitigate the risk that a contentious primary will leave whoever wins the nomination so damaged that an anti-Second Amendment extremist can win. It never hurts to have a lot of talented pro-Second Amendment candidates, but the skills and resources needed to win a Senate seat are considerable. Start building that bench today at the state and local levels.

Defeating Anti-Second Amendment Extremism Is A Marathon

The last thing to keep in mind is that even with favorable Supreme Court rulings, there will be many avenues to attack our rights. We will need a long-term view, and sometimes events or situations out of our control will require us to take a step back. But keeping in mind the lessons of past elections – and learning the lessons from this Senate race – will help defeat anti-Second Amendment extremists via the ballot box at the federal, state, and local levels.

About Harold Hutchison

Writer Harold Hutchison has more than a dozen years of experience covering military affairs, international events, U.S. politics and Second Amendment issues. Harold was consulting senior editor at Soldier of Fortune magazine and is the author of the novel Strike Group Reagan. He has also written for the Daily Caller, National Review, Patriot Post, Strategypage.com, and other national websites.

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Capn Dad

Oz and The Oprah are friends….the only reason you need not to vote for Oz.

Country Boy

Well that and Oz is for gun control.


he did say oprah and oz are friends, do you think she has an open enough mind to be friends with anyone that has a different opinion on anything let alone guns


“Defeating Anti-Second Amendment Extremism Is A Marathon”
And Iibs/Dems are like termites, they are in for the long haul and nibble away incrementally. They move in only one direction and NEVER give back and inch taken.


and like termites we should put them all in a tent and gas them


Vote for Carla Sands. A sensible, smart, Constitutional Conservative.


better choice than oz ,


Better the devil you know than the one you don’t. He’s ‘for’ gun control. Besides i’d rather have my back to the wall than a knife in my back.


Well, there is little doubt that Harold wrote this one.

Basic talking points:
“Go along to get along.”

“Be willing to take it up the b – – t so that nice man will be gentle with you.”


dont let them turn the knife


Terrible article – there is one lesson here, sometimes Trump makes really dump endorsements, so don’t vote for Oz in the primary. If Oz wins, god forbid, then vote for him, but don’t be a fool and vote for the gun grabbing, pro trans, liberal OZ just because Trump endorsed him.


Sounds like you agree with Harold’s approach. Either ‘pub in the primary is better than the d.

Wild Bill

McCormick, I think, is the front runner. He was a fund manager or something in the financial community. I’m guessing that he would be all about investment as a legislator. I don’t think that he would be much of a Second Amendment supporter. Does anyone have the facts on him?


He is a central PA native and veteran who is/was a hedge fund manager.
He is also a long time hunter.
No idea if Fudd or not.

Running a hedge fund is a job, I really don’t care who they work with as long as they are successful, nobody wants a bad manager to be in charge.
That being said, he did a lot of work with China, but so do most funds


General George Patton once said that a decent plan violently executed right now is better than a perfect plan implemented next week. Patriots…..waiting for that perfect plan since at least 1934. As in NRA….Not Right Away.

Last edited 9 months ago by StLPro2A
The Crimson Pirate

Choosing the lesser of two evils got us to where we are today.


Wonder where we would be if we chose the greater of two evils?


And neglecting primaries.

Wild Bill

The two evils are who the two parties put up for candidates. If we go to the primaries, and chose the non-party-hack, then we chose the candidate.
The second advantage is that only one in fourteen voters go to the primaries, giving our primary election vote great leverage!


I don’t know about that anymore…. This year I voted day-of rather than early voting and line (and delay) to vote was longer than I’m used to in general elections. Good news was part of the wait was because line was split into two parts (1) get ballot, two lines D or R (2) everybody together waiting for voting machine. D line was pretty much non-existent with maybe 10(ish)% of voters going that route. I’ve been worried that ‘foreign’ immigrants into my cosmopolitan N. Texas city were going to flip us blue. Looks like despite Toyota bringing in their staff,… Read more »


If both major candidates are really bad, there is usually also a Libertarian Party candidate. Better than not voting!


Thank you ,,, No I don’t think so !!!!!!

Have nice evening

Soup it’s what’s for dinner


‘Libertarians’ are spoilers for DemComs. Their 2020 votes were more than enough to overcome fraud in the POTUS & several US Senate races. If they won they’d be more destructive than Ds. ‘L’ candidates oppose borders & immigration limits, without which there’s no USA. ‘L’ in quotes since they’re not true libertarians who believe in sovereignty & property, viz the citizen’s voting control of the USA & share of publicly held property, which are redistributed & destroyed by deluge immigration. “Ls” are de facto immigration-socialists & globalists. They can’t honestly take the pledge of allegiance let alone the oath

Last edited 9 months ago by Russn8r

Downvoters are mindless LoLibertarian “perfectionists” who elect communists. We get what they deserve.


When Donald Trump is making decisions of what to do in a set of circumstances, he tends to do very well. His major weakness is in choosing people to be around him, to appoint to head agencies, and to endorse. This is partly because is in not part of the swamp, so he doesn’t know who the players are, and he doesn’t know when he’s dealing with a swamp eel in sheep’s clothing. The right call in Oz’s case was to endorse no one. Oz is as bad as most democrats, ala Snowe and Romney.


I never understood the anti gun people till I met a woman from Columbia ,just a empty cartridge on the ground is enough to have her run in fear, light in out door sign explodes in the rain she called the fire department withe the gfi and breaker nothing could happen. The lack of education ,or a very poor one is our enemy and it needs to start early by the time these people leave grade school they have a closed mind.

Wild Bill

Yes, and the marxist democrat party is importing them by the millions for the purpose of changing the destiny of the United States republic.


I have a couple of friends that were totally against guns, it took years to change their minds some, with taking them to the range, teaching them the safe way to handle a gun and learning how to shoot them. they soon started to come around and wouldn’t turn down the opportunity when asked to come along, I have quite a selection of handguns and I told them if interested I would coach them if they were interested in getting their own gun, which after them they decided to get their own, they are both enjoying shooting now! They both… Read more »


Congratulations, you did it and made two more 2nd amendment supporters. I try the same thing, but it doesn’t always work because some people have made up their minds and are not open to change. You stress one point that is most important. It is a slow process and one that you cannot force. You need to convince them that a gun is a tool and that they shouldn’t deny themselves or their children the right to live if any of their lives are in danger. It’s funny you say yourself and they have a nonchalant attitude but the minute… Read more »


the one that kills me is when their was riots the most anti gun nutjob lawyer I know asked if I would come protect his house, he lives in a great neighborhood told him to call police non emergency number and have them do a couple of drivebys a day his answer the police dont like me I thought what did you do to make enemies of the police in a small town then i remembered he is from LA


@Oldvet – That’s just mean!

And funny as hell 🙂


I do that to dump at site if I need to shoot someone


Does Harold like traitor Mitch spending $7m to help traitor Murky beat conservative Tshibaka, after Murky voted to impeach Trump & put gender-confused gun grabber Ketanji on SCROTUS?



Stop traitors Mitch & Murky. Donate to

Kelly For Alaska, 645 G St, Ste 100-561 Anchorage, AK 99501

Don’t use WinRed, controlled by Ronna Romney, 4% of your money goes to RINOs. If you send checks, 100% goes to your candidates.


Downvoters love skanky traitors.


Trump aided DemComs endorsing Mehmet Oz: gun-grabber, child-sex-change-panderer, Turkish-citizen, anti-gun RINO. Only viable alternative: A globalist Bushie. Trump should’ve recruited a replacement or kept out of it. Now the commie’s likely to win. DemComs ecstatic.

We won’t lift a pinkie besides voting. Feel free to put your money where your mouth is. I don’t mean on LaPew.

Trump will do the same betrayal in Alabama: Back a corrupt neo’con’ warmonger aka ‘great guy’. He’s lying about what Mo Brooks said (clumsily). Mo never stopped saying the election was stolen, only that we must focus on winning in ’22

Last edited 9 months ago by Russn8r

Downvoters love dancing boys.