New York City Mayor Eric Adams’ “Blueprint To End Gun Violence” Is A Hoax


New York City - The Blueprint to End Gun Violence
New York City – The Blueprint to End Gun Violence

New York – -( NYC Mayor Eric Adams’ comprehensive strategy to stem the tide of intractable criminal violence in the City will do nothing of the kind—is doing nothing of the kind.

It is a hoax, plain and simple, albeit one well-planned and orchestrated.

It is intended to delude the public into placing confidence in his Administration. It is designed to convince the public that the Mayor is doing something concrete to promote public safety. And that is to mean that he has a handle on violent crime. Image is everything, and Mayor Adams maintains vigorous control over that image, carefully overseeing all communications that go out to the Press. See the article in Legal Insurrection, published, on April 4, 2022, titled, “ ‘Discipline of Message’: NYC Mayor Adams Wants to Approve All City’s Communications.”

The “Blueprint,” released with fanfare on the “Official website of the City of New York,” on January 24, 2022, creates an impression, as it was undoubtedly designed to do, that Eric Adams intends to deal head-on with the intractable crime problem—a violent crime wave that continually threatens millions of innocent people in the City, whether they reside there, work there, or are simply visiting.

But, how well is this “Blueprint to End Gun Violence” working out? Not so well, it turns out. And that fact is difficult to hide, much as Mayor Adams would like to hide it, regardless of the clampdown on communications from the Mayor’s Office.

Even the Radical Left, which supports the Mayor, realizes this and is vocal about it. See which cites an article appearing on the website, Slate.

The progressive left website, Slate, harbors no illusion about the inherent deficiencies of the Mayor’s “Blueprint,” and expressly asserts its belief about it, referring to the Mayor’s plan as a “Trojan Horse.”

Be that as it may, “Slate’s” disagreement with Adams’ “Blueprint” has nothing to do with overt concern over incessant crime in the City. Rather, Slate expresses displeasure at the prospect of the Mayor’s plan targeting the perpetrators of it, the majority of whom happen to be “non-white” people.

Slate posits the plan as racist and, and expresses its indignation and disdain over the implementation of it, implying that the presence of violent, horrific crime in New York City is preferable to the measures the Mayor intends to invoke to contain it.

And violent crime does continue to spiral out of control, as reported on Fox News, on March 2. 2022.

See also the article in Law Enforcement Today, posted on April 9, 2022.

So, with pushback on Adams’ “Blueprint” coming from opposite corners, one wonders if there is a solution to the problem of intractable violent crime in the City, at all?

There is a solution, of course. But it’s a solution this Mayor, no less than the previous one, refuses to countenance. For, the perfect solution to incessant, violent crime in the City is one that both Adams, and his predecessor, de Blasio, consider more problematic than runaway horrific violence.

And we all know what that solution is: It’s “the armed citizen.”

If Eric Adams truly wished to deal effectively with the intractable violent crime problem in the City, he would revise the City’s politically motivated handgun licensing Rules that, on any serious reflection, are absurd. He would have to do this if he were serious about combatting violent crime. And, he doesn’t have to wait for the U.S. Supreme Court to make that decision for him through the Bruen case. 

But that isn’t a tack that Mayor Adams and Governor Hochul, no less than their predecessors, Mayor de Blasio and Governor Cuomo would ever consider—not in their wildest dreams.

In fact, these people have spent considerable time hobbling the average citizens’ access to the most effective means of ensuring their defense against violent crime. Of course, the criminals and lunatics know this too. And that goes far to explain how it is and why it is violent crime in New York continues to increase exponentially. Criminals and lunatics know that it is more likely than not that their targets won’t be armed and therefore need not fear their would-be victims turning the tables on them.

Thus, Mayor Adams dismisses out-of-hand the most effective means at his disposal. For it is the armed citizen who can, in the final analysis, play an important role in combatting intractable, violent crime in the City.

Adams sees, albeit erroneously, the armed citizen as likely aggravating a volatile criminal situation in the City rather than lessening violence. So if New York City is to see any change to the concealed handgun carry licensing Rules, such change will have to come from the rulings of the U.S. Supreme Court itself.

The present New York City handgun licensing scheme is deficient on any rational measure. And it isn’t applied in a fair and impartial manner.

And woe to any person from another jurisdiction who brings a handgun into the City, and is found possessing a handgun, sans a valid unrestricted handgun carry license issued by the NYPD Licensing Division. At the moment it is that person, and not the gun-wielding rabid lunatic, psychopathic gangbanger, or garden-variety common criminal who will suffer the greatest wrath from the City’s criminal justice system.

It has always been thus. And that fact isn’t going to change soon, regardless of the enormity and severity of crime in the City. See the article posted in Ammoland Shooting Sports News, published, August 6, 2015, titled, “Who’s Packing In New York City?

But, even if the Bruen Court strikes down, or otherwise places stringent curbs on the inordinate discretion presently extended to the NYPD Licensing Division in prosecuting applications for concealed handgun carry licenses, it is another question entirely—and a pertinent one—whether the Mayor’s Office will abide by that High Court decision. And that is worrisome.


Back in November 2021, Mayor-Elect Eric Adams specifically addressed Bruen, on MSNBC News, when questioned by the host, Andrea Mitchell:

“‘The concealed weapon ruling that’s going to come about is extremely challenging for us,’ says Adams. ‘This is different from a rural county somewhere. And this could have a major impact on our ability to keep our city safe, but we will adjust.’”

So, there you have it! In an act of sly casuistry, rather than clarity, the Mayor says, “we will adjust.” He doesn’t say, “we will comply with the rulings of the Court.”

The Mayor’s choice of words is telling. For he would rather suffer continuing waves of violent crime than acquiesce to the Constitutional right of all citizens to bear a handgun outside the home or outside their place of business, for their own defense.

Even with a U.S. Supreme Court directive that might strike down the entire licensing structure of New York City, the Mayor of New York City and the Governor of the State will fanatically resist the reversal of over a century of ever-growing unconstitutional restrictions on the right of the people to keep and bear arms. And we know whereof we speak, based on past practices.

We have seen how State, local, and county governments, along with lower Courts have—have, through the last decade—blatantly, arrogantly, and contemptuously dismissed out-of-hand clear and explicit rulings of the U.S. Supreme Court in the seminal Heller and McDonald cases.

Can one reasonably expect that the State of New York and its major metropolitan area, New York City, will do an abrupt about-face toward concealed handgun carry when Bruen, as the third seminal Second Amendment case, comes down the pike with further explicit rulings? Sadly, we have to say: Not likely! The State and City will come up with dubious schemes to avoid taking any action that would do harm to a handgun licensing structure that has been in place for over 110 years.

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Deplorable Bill

First things first; There is no such thing as gun violence, guns are not violent, they are mere pieces of machinery. People are violent. People have been murdering each other ever since Cain murdered his own brother, Able. The tool used makes little difference, there are no degrees in death. Politicians will always do as politicians have always done for a living, they lie. They lie for wealth, power, job justification and greed just like the atfe, fbi, cia, epa, irs, nsa etc. If one would want to root out a criminal element in society, one might start with politicians… Read more »


“If one would want to root out a criminal element in society, one might start with politicians and alphabet government agencies, not gun owners.” WHAT? Why aren’t you twisting the meaning of Romans 13? What is WRONG WITH YOU!!!

Deplorable Bill

You might be surprised how many educated people would and have said the very same thing to me, I still am. We are absolutely accountable to our government UNTIL they go against SCRIPTURE (Luke 22:36) or against the constitution (the second amendment) for instance. JESUS and all of the disciples were put to death because they would not stop telling the truth. They were all branded as felons, then again, so were Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Franklin etc. Same is true of the prophets along with Shaderak, Mechak and Abendnigo who chose to be thrown into the fiery furnace rather than… Read more »


The truth is unpopular.

Deplorable Bill

Yes Sir, aint it so.

Arm up and carry on


you left out all the things done against the native Americans when they called out so many for speaking with a forked tongue truth is never popular , but there is no way to fix a lie

Last edited 9 months ago by swmft

to form a perfect society ,you must first kill all the lawyers

my take on Henry vI

Wild Bill

Yes, control of the language is mind control because it is impossible to think thoroughly about any given subject without the means of measuring, analyzing, and explaining it.


This how Eric Adams describes new york city works as “My Low Skilled Workers ” Another out of touch democratic politician who will continue to make NYC unsafe.

And I quote Adams

 Adams. “My low skill workers — my cooks, my dishwashers, my messengers, my shoeshine people, those who work in Dunkin Donuts — they don’t have the academic skills to sit in a corner office

The statement caused backlash from workers, politicians and experts alike who disagreed with Adams’ characterization of workers’ skill levels.

“All who work produces value for our economy.”
Happy Easter


He sounds like he is a slave owner. His cooks, his dishwashers, his messengers. When will these people wake up and realize it is WE or OUR.

Spoken like a true master and all pleebs are his underlings and he is superior to them. That statement shows it. They might not have the academic skills to sit in a corner office but they know write from wrong and they have a right to protect themselves.


And many of them who have been given the opportunity and schooling may have been able to look down at him. I spent 4 years going to college to be a “forensic investigator”. I ended up as a plumber due to circumstances. Which would have paid better and had better benefits? But life happens…who on here has a life that went the way they planned it? If you say yours did, you have to be 18.


Lol, mine is far from the way I planned it, but I can’t say I did too bad. I am blessed and the only reason I should complain is because I am spoiled in my own way. There are many that have less than I and there are others that have more, but I have love, food and a roof over my head. I don’t need a new car every 2 years to be happy but a new Lamborghini wouldn’t hurt my feelings, if it were paid for. LOL
Happy Easter.


Awaiting approval


I know exactly who Eric Adams is. Almost every Police department has one. He joined the department with political motives, to see how high he could advance. He was never a real Cop who joined to help people, but a self-promoter more interested in themselves and power. As soon as they could they got themselves an inside job telling the street Cops how to do their job, all the time not knowing how to do the job themselves. It all boils down to unqualified people put into positions of power who are only there because they won a popularity contest.… Read more »

Last edited 9 months ago by Cruiser

Just another race hustler!


Race fluffer.


Another way to describe him is PSYCHOPATHIC CONTROL FREAK!


All the gun laws these idiots have passed , and we see that they are all complete failures . Criminals don’t follow laws so it’s a waiste of time passing laws they will never follow. But it all sounds good in theory until its put to the test and then all gun laws are failures because criminals don’t care about laws period . Laws only limit the rights of lawbiding citizens who comply with those laws .


Why should the “law abiding” follow “laws” passed by criminals which is what any oath breaker is! I look at laws like this:


Just another flawed & failed actor puppet who appeals to the ignorant low information intellect & mindset.

Hurt me with the truth but never comfort me with a lie.


Adams goal is job security. Take away and keep all guns away from the citizen and you have an unarmed society of sheeple that are dependent on who? The government that has the only guns and ability to fight the bad guy. He knows buy disarming the public it will create an environment ripe for the criminal kind just like gun free zones do and that will ensure that law enforcement will be around and needed forever. We will need law enforcement forever, no question in that, but we could help to curb the gang violence and help create a… Read more »


You get the government you vote for and all the consequences that come with it, New York voters seem to be okay with the high crime and violence that is and has been occurring in their city. The last time Crime was somewhat under control was over 20 years ago when Rudy Giuliani was Mayor. Except the Liberal Democrats complained about the policies being used to combat the crime and rejected their use. So until they as a voting block decide what is more important. Having a safer city with less crime and violence or having their emotional needs met.… Read more »


The only thing I disagree with is, that I get the government that I vote for. Not true they vote for it and I get it. Portland runs OreGONEISTAN, Seattle runs Washington, Denver has Colorado and so forth. We need to have electoral voting methods for governor, no more popular vote. If it were this way, 3 of the 36 counties would vote demonratt and be outnumbered. In Washington, there are 39 counties. Take away the five on the coast, one for Spokane and now I hear that Wenatchee is turning too but with those 7 counties they would still… Read more »


We are given the ILLUSION of choice. “They” chose and we “vote” for their choice. A lot of people don’t realize that the possibility that Trump was also a choice given to DIVIDE the country. If that is true, has it worked?

Wild Bill

The key is the primaries!


He is a BIG supporter of the Law Enforcement Growth Industry


The Opportunity to secure ourselves against defeat lies in our own hands.The opportunity of defeating the enemy is provided by the enemy himself.

People in this world look at things mistakenly and think that what they do not understand must be void,this not the true void , it is bewilderment. When all your judgments are based on your own wisdom, those people tend to become selfish and fail and their void becomes evil.

Last edited 9 months ago by john

Secure yourself against defeat by voting in Constitutional Sheriffs and practicing with your arms.

Wild Bill

What is a constitutional sheriff?


Here, let me help: A SHERIFF that actually FOLLOWS his oath of office.


The real reason these leftists are on the attack against Rudy is simple: They cannot do what Rudy Giuliani did. They cannot clean up NYC. They lack the stones. They lack the ideas. Plain and simple. So they must erase that history from the books by smearing a good man. That is where our country is sliding folks.


Rudy Giuliani used taxpayer money to sue firearm manufacturers for making firearms.

Rudy Giuliani violated people’s rights.

He is not a good man.

There was another way to clean up NYC.


It should be noted that no gun control law is aimed at criminals since criminals, by virtue of being criminals, don’t obey laws. Such laws are intended to disarm honest citizens and leave them helpless against both criminals and overreaching government.
“Laws that forbid the carrying of arms… disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes… Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man.” – Thomas Jefferson

Wild Bill

Hey, 2WABV, long time no hear from. Welcome back. Hope you had a happy Easter.


Mayor eric, your “blueprint” should include not arresting the guns, hammers knives but the POS’s who use them. Said POS’s arrested, held without bail, prosecuted, no plea downs, and swift carrying out of an appropriate punishment to match their crime whether said POS’s are “crazy or not”. Maybe shove of few of them under a subway train. If the judges and prosecutors fail in their duties, fire them and charge them as accessories, aiding and abetting. Oh yeah allow the good citizens of NYC to defend themselves and families. Seeing how you seem to fail at this. And put back… Read more »

Last edited 9 months ago by macdog

“…one wonders if there is a solution to the problem of intractable violent crime in the City, at all?”

Bernie Ghoetz is the solution.


The Mayor knows full well that you can’t stop a human being from using a firearm illegally, the same for operating a vehicle DUI DWI or reckless.


“And woe to any person from another jurisdiction who brings a handgun into the City, and is found possessing a handgun, sans a valid unrestricted handgun carry license issued by the NYPD Licensing Division. At the moment it is that person, and not the gun-wielding rabid lunatic, psychopathic gangbanger, or garden-variety common criminal who will suffer the greatest wrath from the City’s criminal justice system.” THIS is the truth that really pisses me off! THIS is the PROOF that gun control is NOT designed to “keep guns out of the hands of criminals”! THIS is the PROOF that gun control… Read more »

Last edited 9 months ago by KK

the rules are to keep the criminals safe and,to keep people afraid power and control nothing more
the rules are to keep the criminals safe and,to keep people afraid power and control nothing more
and just so you know the city cops are so nuts they have arrested federal agents and have come close to having shootouts in jfk with air marshals

Last edited 9 months ago by swmft
Pa John

This problem of politicians resorting to deceptive practices in order to APPEAR to be “doing something” and keep those votes and/or political contributions flowing, rather than doing the hard and unpopular work of shifting tightly limited budgets away from other more favored projects and focusing more on real solutions, is a very old practice indeed: “Corruptisima republica plurimae leges.” (The more corrupt a republic, the more numerous its laws.) – Tacitus Wikipedia – – – – Excerpt – – – Publius Cornelius Tacitus[note 1] (/ˈtæsɪtəs/ TASS-it-əs, Latin: [ˈtakɪtʊs]; c. AD 56 – c. 120) was a Roman historian and politician. Tacitus is widely regarded as one of the… Read more »


This all goes back to the utter disregard of the Constitution and the provisions there in that guarantee us our rights that are SUPPOSED TO BE protected by government. The “in pursuance there of” part of the “supremacy” clause. The 9th ad 10th amendments. The obvious as the nose is on his stupid looking face of SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. How do these idiots sleep with themselves at night? Oh, know…psychopathic control freaks have no ability to have EMPATHY. They don’t give a CRAP about anyone but their own selves. After what took place in his wonderful paradise with 28… Read more »

Wild Bill

“How do they sleep with themselves?”, you ask. Well, I imagine that their ill-gotten riches provide them with great comfort and sleeping companions. So … they really don’t sleep with themselves.
I’m hoping that everyone had a happy Easter.

Last edited 9 months ago by Wild Bill