Second Amendment Supporters Should Care About The Takedown Of Jimenez Arms

Take Action Time to Act
Take Action Time to Act

United States – -( Media reports that Jimenez Arms is going to have its FFL revoked after litigation by Everytown should have every Second Amendment supporter worried. What it exposes is a not-so-new threat that could render any potential Supreme Court victory moot.

Note how Everytown was able to buy up the assets of Jimenez Arms, and then have the complete inventory scrapped.

Do you think they will stop at Jimenez Arms? To be honest, I think every loyal Ammoland reader knows they’ll go for other firearm manufacturers, just as there is no way Letitia James would have stopped at the NRA if she hadn’t been defeated.

You don’t have to like the management and ownership of Jimenez Arms, which was a successor of sorts to Bryco Arms. If the allegations from Bloomberg are true (a very big if, given that we know anti-Second Amendment extremists are not always truthful), these were folks who, at a minimum did not reflect well on the Second Amendment community in the best-case scenario.

It should be noted that the elected officials who joined Everytown seemed to not place blame on the federal government for enforcing current laws against “trafficking” guns. The types of sentences that could be wielded against those who provide any sort of gun, be it one from Jimenez Arms or a Glock or even a flashy Kimber, are quite lengthy indeed and have been for a long time.

That being said, Jimenez Arms filled a crucial and underappreciated niche for the Second Amendment community: They provided an affordable way for people on a tight budget to exercise their Second Amendment rights. Not everyone can plop down $1,600 for a Kimber Desert Warrior, even without the threat of financial deplatforming.

A Jimenez Arms JA9, on the other hand, retailed for $199 per the Blue Book of Gun Values. The difference in the prices of the two semi-automatic handguns is about what some people pay for rent (or a mortgage) in a month. This, of course, is just the initial investment for someone who wishes to be truly responsible in exercising their Second Amendment rights.

It might not seem like a big deal to loyal Ammoland readers, but for many of those suffering in big cities with high crime, affordable self-defense options are crucial. Yeah, there are other options for personal protection – both firearms and non-firearms – but the hard truth is that if firearms are only affordable for the richest in society, then the Second Amendment is headed for a lingering death in practice, even if the courts invalidate all sorts of bans.

Addressing this threat is not going to be easy.

Part of it is being to be defeating anti-Second Amendment extremists via the ballot box at the federal, state, and local level. That task, though, would be a lot easier if far more Americans had skin in the game, and to do that, affordable options for exercising one’s Second Amendment rights are crucial.

About Harold Hutchison

Writer Harold Hutchison has more than a dozen years of experience covering military affairs, international events, U.S. politics and Second Amendment issues. Harold was consulting senior editor at Soldier of Fortune magazine and is the author of the novel Strike Group Reagan. He has also written for the Daily Caller, National Review, Patriot Post,, and other national websites.Harold Hutchison

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Jimenez Arms should care the most about the takedown of Jimenez Arms and do something about it. I’m upset about it but can’t do a thing. It’s only up to them if they fight it or fold.


I know our NRA is silent right now, but what about the NSSF? They would be the logical entity to step up to the plate for JA, except I’m wondering if the accusation JA trafficked arms has legs (and so, JA is not a hill to die on)


IMHO, the NRA is a useless entity anymore. They support the most expensive weapons, when they are bribed enough. Time for the NRA to go the way of the DoDo.

Roland T. Gunner

I would be truly be surprised if JA “trafficked arms”, outside of some situation brought about by administrative error. That phrase is just about meaningless, anyway. Like all FFLs, the are overregulated, in this case to extinction. They are a gun manufacturer; I would expect them to traffick guns, not toasters.

Last edited 8 months ago by Roland T. Gunner

Huh? Ammoland today was really informative and there were no excessive down votes and for the most part no nasty language. Until I got to this thread. All of a sudden I see two new handles both receiving large doses of the like? Could it be two ghosts from the past? I could be wrong………Time will tell, I guess

Last edited 10 months ago by Oldman
Wild Bill

Yes, it was a good day. They don’t sound like those other two. We will watch for catch phrases and other give-aways. As you said time will tell.


Well, Bill, I see that the downvoted participants are no longer in this thread. Waaas up wid dat?!

Henry Bowman

Harold, what you should care about is the fact that people aren’t even reading your articles anymore, if the utter lack of discussion is any indicator.


C’mon, Henry. The kid’s trying and he’s learning. If you don’t have something constructive to say for Harold or contributory to Ammoland readers then don’t say anything at all.

Henry Bowman

If you were paying attention to what I’m saying, you’d know there’s been a few times where I actually said Harold’s right. Not just right in the point being made, but delivering that point without condescension. My beef, if I am to be accused of having one, is that Harold is all too often dead wrong and he’s clueless as to why. My guess is he doesn’t even spend a microsecond’s thought on reader opinion, which makes it worse: not only is he arrogant and holier-than-thou, but he has no regard whatsoever for the feedback of those to whom he… Read more »


“People aren’t even reading your articles”? Speak for yourself, Henry!


He IS speaking for himself. Probably a troll, trying to discourage the rest of us… which isn’t going to happen.

Henry Bowman

You don’t know me, don’t go imputing motives to me of which you know not of.

Henry Bowman

Well, I see only a couple of people here, almost zero, and only two posts, so my assessment was correct, but then twerps like you show up to crap on the people who make observations, and obviously you’re one of two kinds: either here because you’re a fanboi of a loser like Little Harold, or you’re in the other 95% which is the majority who mock Harold and the trolls / sockpuppets who defend him. I doubt, based on your own words, that you are the latter.


People like you, dumbass? Think before you post.

Wild Bill

Easy Rob, there is no call for that.


The senseless beating up of Harold is getting old. Harold writes a good article and the anti-Harold crowd is a bunch of juveniles.


More like TROLLS!

Wild Bill

I am sorry Don, but I must respectfully disagree with the “bunch of juveniles.” verbiage. Most of the people that differ with that author are thoughtful and contemplative. Most commenters here are.

Henry Bowman

The psychological projection on the part of these others is astounding. I’ve made my objections to Harold clear and specific, and I have yet JUST ONE individual to convince me through reason and fact that my position is wrong. Am I a bit heavy on the contempt for Harold? Yes, and I explain why as well. Yet these guys jump on here to shoot the messenger and not even to say I’m wrong & why… No, their reaction is what’s juvenile, and they ascribe their own behavior onto the nemesis of their hero…

Last edited 10 months ago by Henry Bowman



I left the NRA YEARS ago. All they do is beg for money, then build fancy new high rise offices and give themselves nice raises, while patting themselves on the back, for doing NOTHING. They may have once been a staunch supporter of 2A, but not anymore.

Wild Bill

Yep, it sure seems like with the river of money that they get, the NRA could have bribed every judge, Congressman, and president that we have had since 1933. And if they would ever defeat gun control, then they would not be needed.


You nailed it, WB.


You do have to really wonder just WHERE all the money that the NRA is now getting is being funneled in from? Soros? Bloomberg? Other Anti-2A sources? Divide and conquer is STILL a very effective tool.


I left also, NRA is as abusive as any anti 2A group out there.


If Jimenez Arms was taken down because they were a negative factor in societal norm, then why can’t the Federal government be taken down for the same reason?



Apathy and lack of backbone amongst the 2A community. MOST people aren’t willing to sacrifice ANYTHING to gain freedom and liberty for ANYONE outside of their own little worlds. PROVE ME WRONG!

Last edited 8 months ago by USMC0351Grunt

I posted this on another article about Jimenez Arms . The Firearms Industry has let it happen before and if we dont join together to fight this type of action, without a doubt, it will happen again. Jackals go after the weakest of the pack. I was the RG Ind. National Sales Manager from 1982 Right after Hinkley/Reagan Shooting to when the closed in 1986 it was reported that RG was the junk cheap gun saturday night specials. I agree but they worked for how long years if properly cared for, or less than a year in a tackle box.I… Read more »


Thank you for the links. Not sure how PLCAA figures in helping JA, since it is the ATF revoking (or not renewing?) the FFL. Will read. As noted before, it seems like this is NSSF territory as a principal defender, with NRA in a support role.


Until I see ABSOLUTE proof of trafficking, I’m not believing any of the MSM.


That sure is a lot of words in that article to try and justify infringement.


An excellent viewpoint and analysis Harold. You’re right and I feel the same, that we’ll most likely see another low end manufacturer targeted by Everytown. It could be HI Point, Heritage or any niche manufacturer. We mustn’t let our Gun Snobbery make us complacent, just because we wouldn’t be caught dead owning one, though I suspect there’s a lot of fibbing going on. We also need to consider, that Everytown may be emboldened by their succes, to target a higher end gun makers next. Take Daniel Defense for instance. I wouldn’t be surprised to find them in Everytown’s sights, due… Read more »


Well said, Mr. Hutchison. I was just telling folks the same thing, on the last article I read. Too many people are willing to “open the door” of confiscation, one “cheap” gun at a time, until they’re all too “cheap” for the elite, who can afford high end name brands of their choice. Let’s not divide our own 2A supporters, because of the wealth … or LACK OF. We have to stand TOGETHER, if we’re going to win this illegal confiscation of arms.