Abrams Exploits Constituent Ignorance and Flat-Out Lies About Guns

Gun Owners for Stacey promise to help get her elected so she can impose more "commonsense gun safety laws" on Gun Owners Against Stacey. (The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)
Gun Owners for Stacey promise to help get her elected so she can impose more “commonsense gun safety laws” on Gun Owners Against Stacey. (The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

U.S.A. – -(Ammoland.com)- “If you support background checks to filter lawful gun owners from those who shouldn’t get lethal weapons, then you oppose Brian Kemp’s criminal carry law,” Georgia Democrat gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams tweeted Monday. “Law enforcement understands #CriminalCarry is a dangerous new loophole. #KempDoesntCare”

Gary Coleman’s trademark line on Different Strokes comes to mind.

One, of course, has nothing to do with the other. Nothing in the new permitless (“Constitutional Carry”) law sanctions “prohibited persons” to purchase or bear arms.  And Abrams knows that.

Yet by exploiting a bully pulpit that allows her every proclamation, no matter how inane, to get mass exposure, Abrams has helped to create and spread a widespread meme that will register with — and scare — the segment of the voting public that doesn’t know any better:

“Criminal carry.”

Don’t take my word for it. Look at how manipulatively weighted search engines like Google make sure the term is disseminated far and wide every time a prominent Democrat, media outlet, or gun-grabber (but I repeat myself) uses it.

That, in turn, enables them to make another widespread claim they use to further the citizen disarmament agenda:

“It also reflects another core pitch from Abrams: That demanding new limits on guns isn’t a liberal value, but a mainstream one. Her campaign often cites a recent Atlanta Journal-Constitution poll that shows most Georgia voters support additional gun restrictions.”

Note every time we see such results trumpeted as “proof” of popular demand, what’s always missing is what those polled actually understand about existing and proposed infringements, and the universal failure of all such edicts to solve the problems they futilely promised to address. Abrams’ base invites their being used – and I’m talking about the voters who give her the numbers, not the out-of-state special interest agenda billionaire donors who know exactly what they’re doing.  Blaming guns and demanding more “government” money for “community programs” pushes the right emotional buttons and absolves them from having to even think about, let alone implement any self-directed changes.

That lets them not raise an eyebrow when Abrams spews out a self-contradicting Orwellian whopper like:

“I want common-sense gun regulation because I believe in the Second Amendment. And if we want to protect the right to bear arms, we’ve got to protect the people in the state of Georgia and that is my mission.”

Protect the people by undermining their right to keep and bear arms and by denying them the very tools they need to defend themselves individually and collectively?  All the while justifying that with her non-sequitur fondness for eating chicken and promising no gun bans while at the same time, she proposes banning semiautos, magazines, and ammunition…?

The same guns carried by her supporters?

Who would be ignorant enough to fall for that? Based on results, millions throughout the Republic, citizenship malpractitioners who no longer ask, but demand to know what their country can do for them, voters influenced by emotion over reality and image over substance. As an aside, it’s fair to wonder if Star Trek Discovery’s worshipful portrayal of Abrams as President of Earth might not be considered an “in-kind contribution” that money can’t buy.

OK, so Abrams is anti-gun, she lies to advance her agenda, and the elites and the media help her get away with it. There are no revelations that will come as a surprise to regular AmmoLand readers. The thing is, just consuming them here or adding further insights (and there are plenty more of them) in “Comments” will do nothing to mitigate the danger her potential electoral victory – and the victory of those like her – will pose.

One takeaway that can be sifted from the polls is that some people who express support for more gun laws don’t know the truth and also don’t realize the very framing of the questions is generally a setup. So, if you’re interested in using the information to affect that and wake up people who haven’t thought about this stuff before, don’t count on anyone doing that but you.

Maybe if you see something in the paper that’s wrong, you can write a letter to the editor. Maybe you can correct a lie being spread on “social media” and use it for advocacy media (and yeah, I know all the objections). Maybe you can advise representatives who are long on good intentions but short on experience on how to rebut lies their opponents will throw out.  Maybe you have something else original and potentially effective in mind, in which case, educate the rest of us. Who knows what such efforts will yield?

There will be no shortage of excuses not to do any of this. It’s the ones who are already doing it, or who plan to do it that I’d like to hear thoughts from and thank.

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About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating/defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regularly featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

David Codrea

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One thing I count on in Montana is the likes of these people will most likely never set foot in Montana . It’s still snowing here and cold . People that are not prepared for the weather here freeze to death . Very few people of color live in Montana as it’s too cold . They are also subject to be fed to big bears and wolves if they start thier crap here . Stay free panty liner Abrams will keep her bullshit in Georgia where she has thugs to back her and people condone her line of bullshit .


I found all about Montana cold when my family moved to Billings in 1960. We only stayed three years. Some great memories.


the blacks have been lied to about everything and they still have slave masters running things I dont get it … then you get someone like colin nior and they call him nasty name when is about individual rights ,can you imagin how these people would treat a black man talking about the right to work, fair pay chance to show your abilities not handouts but even playing field they would fry MLK they are killing his dream

Captn John

Sadly the vast majority of blacks will vote for her based on the color of her skin.


FACT…. 90% of black votes are based purely on skin color. AND if those black politicians are Democrat, the black voters are screwing THEMSELVES by voting for them.


The classic example of Demon Rat logic…”We’ll have those N*ggers voting Democratic for 200 years!” Lyndon B. Johnson


Naaaa….blacks are racist! That would be no reason to vote for her. Oh wait….


just exactly as they did when the kinyun ran for the job. I well remember Thomas Sowell blasting the blacks for voting him into office on the basis of the colour of his skin.

Funny thing, when that kinyun piece of work labelled George Zimmerman a “white hispanic” we laughed…. because George is precisely as white as is the kinyun himself.

Ah, life in the twitterverse, eh? Be interesting to see what Mr. Musk really does with his new plaything.


Stacey abrams is a criminal and a lier She will make this about the black race while all roads with Stacey lead to racism. This woman will say or do anything to be relevant in the eyes of those who want to live on free off the backs of the working class men and women of Georgia. Stacey is a stain on her own race bankrupted and proud today Abrams through the help of the democratic party is worth more 3 million dollars and she wants the poor starving welfare ebd families to vote for her. Like BLM leaders she… Read more »


I think that the ballot box has been compromised. I think that the jury box has been compromised. I think that the soap box has been compromised. And except for the cost, so far the bullet box hasn’t been compromised. I have a sneaking feeling a lot of us may be reaching into them soon.

BLM came to my town threatening to burn it down. About 200 of us came with weapons and were ready and willing to use them if anyone started tossing fire bombs. Play with fire, die by being fired upon.

Wild Bill

If it has to be, then I hope it happens before I am too old to engage. Prepare to participate!!

Desert Rat

I’m 82 & I want to get my share before I check out so my kids don’t have to do it. FJB & the whore he rode up with.

Green Mtn. Boy

You expect anything different of a Marxist…


Way to go Dip Shits, pose with your firearms in an intimidating way, that’s always a good look to get votes. NOT!


Their combined IQ’s might be 10.


a bit too generous

Wild Bill

You two are most humorous!

Deplorable Bill

When all they can come up are lies they are not out to do the citizenry any favors. They will do anything and say anything to get into and remain in power just like any communist would. They have no regard for the truth, they have no regard for GOD and they have no regard for you and I. Trying to “influence” innocent people with armed terrorists is obviously in their play book. When the $#!T starts, remember who they are, where they are, what they drive, their phone numbers, their email addresses and their financiers. Tyranny has a price… Read more »


Maybe it’s just my “whiteness” that reads something into the picture of the “new black panthers” with Stacey Abrams signs…but what I see is a “VOTE FOR HER OR ELSE” message being projected. And of course it would have NOTHING to do with her race. NAAAAAAAA….

Funny how they don’t see her as working for the plantation owners and that she will make sure they get rewarded by whipping them for not doing what she wants. Such as turn in the very weapons they are carrying. Talk about STUPID.


I get a kick out of the Black Panthers , a negligible minority of a minority, it would be suicide for them to start a war


Wondering when these guys figure out it’s only liberal nutbags of all 87 genders and hair color, criminals and politicians are their real enemies.

Arkansas Rob

Her hashtag is a clever little turn of phrase. It’s easily coopted by adding one letter: #criminalsCarry.


criminals carry ONLY when gummit fail to do their job. And SHE won’t do that job even a tenth as well as the current governor is doing. Kemp ain’t the greatest, but he’s light years ahead of this faulty piece of work.
I hope she contnues to deploy her poisonous marxist drones. They “play well” to the cameras. But any thinking citizen will make the connexion between her goon squad and her false memes/promises.


criminals carry ONLY when gummit fail to do their job.”

Not really. In a free society with hundreds of millions of guns, t’s impossible to stop criminals from carrying. The folks you can stop are the ones you shouldn’t want to.


I believe ya/all have heard that old saying; You can put lipstick on a PIG, but it’s still a PIG! Well everytime I see, or hear Abrams, this is the first thing I think of. Actually I believe she’d take the blue ribbon at fair.


“Your skin color is your uniform” Black Panthers, yes they really did say that although to dig that out of the internet memory banks is no easy task.


Let’s kick a field goal though her front teeth




For one thing I have never been polled. One time a pollster called about the Gov’t lockdown the Democrats did to Trump and I told him “Good shut it down, we don’t need half of it anyway.” He hung up. I do what I can, send emails to my elected, vote, post some links to Facebook, comment here and there, support GOA. I don’t seem to see a lot of traffic on my Facebook page although I do not have lots of “Friends” on there. Am I “shadow banned” I have no idea, but I doubt if THEY appreciate the… Read more »

Wild Bill

You are a good man! It is not safe to have any personal info on “facadebook”, anyway.


Abrams has a 4 year old IQ.


Abrams is for Abrams
Then her people nothing more or less Fat back and Hog Maws all on EBT


I’d hazard a guess that Abrams does in fact “believe in the Second Amendment”. I also “believe” that things in the world do exist. But she doesn’t support it & is against it. Big difference.


She believes in 2A only when her felon supporters are carrying. I don’t won’t to rush to judgement, but who in the photo is not a felon. If so, how are they able open carry if at all. Thought the robust gun laws prevented felons from this, even possessing. This must be her protection detail. making sure nobody would happen to vote for the wrong candidate.


Abrams supporters in the State of Georgia are those you witnessed rioting during the pandemic over George Floyd. Her other supporters hail from Fulton county were elections are rigged and voters vote more than once. She has no real political energy other than she is black and almost a woman.

Wild Bill

Almost TWO … in fact!


just 2


If you view the video that took place in 2020 when hundreds of Black people marched into that park with long guns looking like a African army of misfits. The group’s founder, John “Grand Master Jay” Johnson, told ABC News that members of the militia were inspecting firearms prior to the demonstration when a woman’s weapon was accidentally discharged. Johnson referred to the woman as a trainee. “Today, shortly before 1:00 pm, three people were struck by gunfire as the result of a discharge of someone’s gun who was participating in the NFAC demonstration at Baxter Park,” Louisville Metro’s interim… Read more »


They were probably practicing the circular firing-squad tactical formation.


Does that last guy have a zip gun..?!?! Whatever!


Stacey Abrams, D-Ga, Cori Bush, D-MO lotta Libturd BS beef on the hoof.