April, 2022 NICS Continues Trend: Third Highest on Record

Millions of law-abiding citizens submit to background checks, as intimated by the president's comment to reporters. (Dave Workman)
Leak Shows ATF Is Trying to Force FFLs Into Digitizing 4473

U.S.A.-(AmmoLand.com)-– The National Instant background Check System (NICS) numbers and gun sales for April of 2022 are in. They reveal a consistent trend of gun sales which are the third-highest for the month on record.

In April about 1.31 million more private firearms were added to the private stock in the United States. The previous records for April were in 2021 with 1.67 million sold; 2020, with 1.65 million sold, and in third place, 2016 with 1.07 million sold.

Lines are for 2021 numbers, bars are for 2022

2022 is now in the third-place position.

It appears there is a “new normal” of gun sales resulting from large numbers of new gun owners and a continuing confluence of instability in multiple sectors of people’s lives.

There is instability in the political process. About half the population believes the 2020 election was stolen or “rigged”. The convincing documentary of 2000 Mules by Dinesh D’Sousa provides evidence for that view.  President Biden’s approval ratings are very low.

There is instability in the economy. Inflation is rampant. Gasoline prices are at near-record highs; small businesses are in tatters after the disastrous Covid19 lockdown policies.

There is instability in foreign affairs. The hot Russia – Ukraine war continues with a furious pace of casualties and destruction. The war seems to serve no useful purpose, except the fight for survival and national ego.

There is instability in information and a severe lack of trust in information. The information war in Ukraine is in full swing, with both sides and outside influencers continually spinning and creating disinformation.

Information is a weapon in war. It is to be expected all sides are attempting to maximize it for their benefit. Trust in media in the United States may be at an all-time low. It is difficult to tell how it compares to trust during the Civil war or during the early republic.

There is instability in domestic affairs. Crime levels have shot up to highs last seen 30 years ago, particularly in urban centers.  There are mass internal movements as populations flee the instability.

When there is instability, people desire more control over their lives. A primary means of control is the availability of firearms to protect themselves, their families, their property, and their neighborhoods.

In more succinct and classic terms:

A well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

While the demand for firearms is still high. It has dropped a few percent. Ammunition continues to be priced above the levels in 2019, but is becoming more available. Firearms are more available and firearm prices are trending lower.

Knowing how many gun owners there are in the United States is very difficult. Survey numbers vary significantly. It appears approximately 15 – 18 million new gun owners were created in the last three years. Reasonable numbers of gun owners in the United States could vary from 100 million to 130 million. It is impossible to know with certainty. During times of instability, gun owners are less likely to expose themselves to perceived risk by acknowledging they are gun owners.

If the current trend continues, there will be about 15 million guns sold through the NICS system in 2022, resulting in about 494 million guns in private hands in the United States by the end of 2022. The half of a billion mark will almost certainly be passed in 2023.

About Dean Weingarten:

Dean Weingarten has been a peace officer, a military officer, was on the University of Wisconsin Pistol Team for four years, and was first certified to teach firearms safety in 1973. He taught the Arizona concealed carry course for fifteen years until the goal of Constitutional Carry was attained. He has degrees in meteorology and mining engineering, and retired from the Department of Defense after a 30 year career in Army Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation.

Dean Weingarten

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I prefer private sales , it does not contribute to the number and keeps my purchase as a none of your business buy for the ATF not to know a thing . Private purchases are almost as good as a ghost guns . LETS GO BRANDON #FJB


I have bought and sold many guns that way , never real made any money but changed up my collection


There is no such item as a Ghost Gun. This is a democratic term to install new programs in the ATF. Another play on words which the republicans have failed to understand and counter. The NRA should have deem the term Ghost Gun as nothing more than a poor analogy from a tied old man who was installed as the President Joe Biden.

Wild Bill

I remember when the libtard buzz phrase was “Saturday Night Special”. There was no such a thing as that, too! They have been scaring women and children for decades. I wonder what their next terror phrase will be.


Bill – that is likely the first ‘successful’ invented term used by the gun control cabal. But ‘technically’ they did indeed exist but as with their latest batch of scary terms there is no legal definition nor detailed description. Example – someone needs to corner slow joe and ask him to define what an ‘assault weapon’ is. Perhaps a pro-gun group could run that as a pay per view event, might generate enough income to pay off a big chunk of the national debt 😉


No baby formula / $7.00 gal gasoline Joe biden winns again

Monkey Mouse

I helped that number out in April. 1M new gun owners here in commie NJ since 2019, which tells you a lot about how little people care about the Democrats journey to eliminate gun rights in this country,


congratulations, now get a ccw permit there that will be an accomplishment, more like futile endeavor

Green Mtn. Boy

Purchase or build but by all means arm yourself and carry on.

Wild Bill

Yes, prepare to participate (Even if we do not want to participate … they are bringing it to us.)


The interest is up and the stock market’s down and you only get mugged if you go downtown…


spit beechnut in that dudes eye and shoot him with my old 45


Old School Justice.


Save the court costs.

Wild Bill

And then … keep moving to the next one! “Speed, surprise, and violence of action are the three keys to successful assault. Ft Benning School for Young Gentlemen.


A couple of things to extrapolate form that data assuming it’s true. In an insane Clown World with inflation (gas, food prices etc. @ unprecedented record prices), velocity of money, economy of scale & scarcity of goods as prime drivers, Americans are still making conscious choice to prioritize they’re hierarchy of needs purchases. Clearly illustrates how many livelihoods, careers, incomes are tied into Gun Industry (regardless of rigged political Polemics) like no other place on the planet. How many are new gun owners with each record set ? What trends are the primary movers that direct & drive that force… Read more »


Sir There is agenda at work it has a name and country of origin it has been in play since 1992 in Brazil. It has been adopted and modified by the United Nations there are currently 197 countries that have addressed the document. The keyword is sustainability their goal is to altar the future of the planet. It begins with Transforming Our World The 2030 agenda for sustainable development. Today every federal state local small town municipality falls under its umbrella of this documents ideology. It’s unamerican in nature and that is by design it is a plan to socialism… Read more »


the stupid bike rules that get people killed


We will most likely get a front row seat to the biggest ruse experiment in twistory & see that outcome.

Does NATO’s Article 5 come to fruition or get rejected once it’s more clear that other NATO Nations wound be sent to disarm America.

Does that trigger another planned & synthesized Malthusian Arc of Crisis whereby UN gets tasked with that ?

At what point do the masses realize Conspiracies are real happen every day all the time.


I am not sure about Article 5 what I am sure of is that democrats want to build a national police force across America. Which could have different guidelines “laws” installed by the democratic congress allowing this new government agency to disarm all Americans. Today the Biden administration is empowering the ATF which should not exist at all and that makes my point below. If Biden uses a executive order to back up his democratic congress this would be the way forward for them. I know this sounds impossible but look at the events happening today by those elected democrats… Read more »


Article 5 of NATO states that any NATO ally that has a civil disturbance (read Civil War) can use NATO Military assets to quell that Civil War/Disturbance. Is it not any stretch to see how this could be & is possible. UN/NATO have always been part of the Masonic PTB design & apparatus. Since we are living in a Clown World & it appears a certain sampling of Americans are clearly brain dead as evidenced by how many were so easily giving up they’re individual health Rights for a Experimental VaXXine scamdemic plandemic hoax. I’d guesstimate/speculate somewhere around slightly North… Read more »

Last edited 8 months ago by Tank

Historically (last 100 years or so), it has typically been the armed government employees/agents of the country being disarmed (China, Germany, Soviet Union, North Korea, Cambodia, etc.). No outside force was required. People who resisted were killed by their own countrymen. Tens of thousands of gun control laws have already been passed and enforced in the U.S. without UN/NATO assistance. There are no UN/NATO military personnel on the NYC subway, the Chicago L, or the LA Metro Rail. I would not advise anyone to open carry in those locations and loudly make some type of proclamation about their right to… Read more »

Wild Bill

What is a Malthusian? What is an Arc of Crises?


Here you go:

The Arc of Crisis is a term that’s been around awhile. I first recall hearing it used during the Carter administration but I’m sure it’s a Cold War term that was the predecessor to “…Never let a crisis go to waste.”



Perfect. Now as Dr. Robert Malone (inventor of the mRNA process), has suggested, it’s time to start naming the puppets who are making this happen. John, as you know, Klaus Schwab is currently the most evil man on the entire planet, George Soros comes in a distant second. Schwab’s World Economic Forum, the Davos crowd and the leaders of almost 200 countries are all working in unison to turn the one world governance pipe dream into reality. As you know and stated they have tentacles all the way down to any Podunk, USA’s building department Sustainability Desk. You can be… Read more »


Yes sir it is so easy to follow the players and the damage that is being done to our country and our justice system. Or lack of “Justice” if you are the President or a democrat elected today. Black Rocks CEO has changed his opinion on a global government which was a complete 180 degree turn around last month. Myself I can not understand why more Americans are not reading about this then becoming enraged by those who authored these plans of action against our American way of life. The democratic left has become unhinged there sanctuary cities are dying… Read more »

Wild Bill

What source material would you have Americans read?

Wild Bill

Dan Crenshaw? Really?

Wild Bill

Wow, that was the World Economic Forum Young Leaders Conference in 2004. So he has been involved since 2004?
Most disappointing.


Crenshaw pushes corrupt Cap & Trade schemes. $$$.


Crenshaw is a totalitarian.

People have been discussing his WEF involvement for years.

He’s also a big “TAPS Act” fan:


People cheered for him and waved flags when he released his cartoon-like, virtue-signaling campaign ads.


According to your link, we should have started eliminating all this leftest doings when it started. It will take a whole day to look through that list to see all USA leftest participants. I can see it is going to be a hard battle to get through this era of time.