Biden Using Media to Target First and Second Amendments

Joe Biden IMG whitehouse-gov
Joe Biden IMG whitehouse-gov

U.S.A.-( Journalists were once champions of Free Speech. Some even went to jail for their beliefs. Nowadays, they are openly calling for increased government censorship and regurgitating anything else the Biden-Harris administration desires.

The Fourth Estate has muzzled itself and abrogated its once-powerful government watchdog role, which even critics said was vital to the functioning of our democracy. Today’s media has become a willing participant in its own demise – an accessory after the fact, so to speak – not because of a Supreme Court loss, another shift in technology, or for any other reason. To be clear, the media abandoned its ethics, its readers, and its legacy for the dirtiest of rationales: Politics.

Legacy journalists flocked to join Team Biden solely because the orange man was bad, and once aboard, there was no going back. Now, they’re committed to parroting Joe and Kamala’s propaganda no matter how harmful or ridiculous it becomes. And friends, it’s become pretty ridiculous and very harmful to our individual liberties, our personal freedoms and to the very survival of our Great Republic itself.

Case in point – the disinformation scam.

The government has always wanted the power to tell people what to believe. Now they have it, in the form of the Disinformation Governance Board, AKA the Ministry of Truth, which was shoehorned into the powerful Department of Homeland Security. It happened almost overnight with neither a public vote nor a disparaging word from the aforementioned media lapdogs. Rather than pushing back or even asking questions, our media marvels actually supported the creation of the American Thought Police.

Led by the self-described “Mary Poppins of Disinformation,” Nina Jankowicz, who also calls herself a “disinformation expert,” which common sense offers no reason to disbelieve, the Disinformation Governance Board will do to Free Speech what Maj. Gen. William Tecumseh. Sherman did to Atlanta on his march to the sea.

Jankowicz, who has a lovely singing voice and is very likely insane, has already adopted the victim’s mantle because bad people have said mean things about her looney tunes on the internet. She is, of course, exactly the type of person you’d expect the Biden-Harris administration to choose to control how we think and speak.

To what end, you ask? There are strategic and tactical reasons.

Big picture – the real shot-callers at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. are desperate to stifle growing national dissent. Public debate about Biden’s mental health, his poor decisions, and his failed policies are skyrocketing, and the administration fears another public butt-kicking like we gave David Chipman.

When Joe nominated Chipman to fill the vacant directorship at the AFT, gun owners coalesced into an unstoppable force. The gun-rights community and like-minded lawmakers used social media and pro-gun websites to spread the word about Chipman’s misdeeds, as well as his career as an anti-gun activist. The results were historic. We handed Chipman his hat with his head still in it. He was forced to turn his rat-like tail and scurry off the public stage. In my humble opinion, this is what gave Biden’s handlers the Ministry-of-Truth idea. It was created to stave off another embarrassing social uprising.

The Wall Street Journal recently opined that Jankowicz’s Disinformation Governance Board could soon brand any criticism of the Biden-Harris administration as a threat to national security. I agree with their assessment, and I don’t buy the DHS secretary’s recent claims that the Board will only be used against disinformation from foreign powers. We already have intelligence services to do that, and they’re very good. We don’t need Ms. Bedknobs and Broomsticks trying to counter Iranian grey propaganda with finger cymbals and interpretive dance. This is not the realm for amateurs.

It’s clear the Disinformation Governance Board will be used domestically, against us – against anyone who disagrees with the regime or values their constitutional rights. Jankowicz herself has already said as much, calling online mockery of Kamala Harris a threat to national security.

Besides, what better way to boost Joe’s flagging poll numbers or empower his war on our guns than by criminalizing public push-back, right?  Why else would the administration house the Ministry of Truth at DHS – a law enforcement agency, which we know is comprised of thousands of government agents with millions of rounds of our ammunition.

Don’t want another “assault weapon” ban? Keep it to yourself. Not a fan of Biden’s war on gun dealers? Don’t tell anyone, or you’ll risk a quick rendition and a term in a DHS free-speaker gulag.

To be clear, while the new free-speech policewoman will imperil our First Amendment rights, her secret powers, and law-enforcement authority are tailor-made for infringing upon the Second Amendment, too. That much is obvious. That is by far the worst part of this debacle.

Our strength as gun owners has always been our ability to organize quickly – to get the word out about a pending atrocity headed our way, such as another David Chipman. If we lose our ability to communicate, if it becomes a crime to disagree, we will no longer be a real community. We’ll become nothing more than a bunch of folks with guns who are all waiting for that knock on the door in the middle of the night from someone who wants to either ask questions about a social media post or take our guns while the lapdog media and other government watchdogs all turn a blind eye.

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About Lee Williams

Lee Williams, who is also known as “The Gun Writer,” is the chief editor of the Second Amendment Foundation’s Investigative Journalism Project. Until recently, he was also an editor for a daily newspaper in Florida. Before becoming an editor, Lee was an investigative reporter at newspapers in three states and a U.S. Territory. Before becoming a journalist, he worked as a police officer. Before becoming a cop, Lee served in the Army. He’s earned more than a dozen national journalism awards as a reporter, and three medals of valor as a cop. Lee is an avid tactical shooter.

Lee Williams

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She is not wrong that mockery of our Vice President is a threat to national security. Threat is not that we mock, but rather why and how accurately we mock. Threat is disrespect held by everyone around the world. In short having Kackala in any position of power or responsibilities is threat – not our disparaging her.


Biden and the ministry of truth is a oxymoron. The media is nothing more than a propaganda spin cycle machine anymore . They have pretty much destroy any chance at credibility with any American with a brain . These idiots hypocrisy is well noted and they will own the mess they have all created with thier deception and lies . The ones who need held accountable by a ministry of truth are the Democrats and the media but as we know this is just another attempt to silence people who appose thier power grab . LETS GO BRANDON #FJB


First there are no journalist left only editors who work for the elite propaganda is the rule of the day.The new disinformation board of Homeland Security is unconstitutional. The democrats are guilty of incompanassing new agencies under already existing alphabet agencies hiding their work while holding sessions in the middle of the night that exclude the other party in government. Bidens administrations list of failures is now so overwhelming that they need to create problems like the leaking of the roe vs america draft that the media firestorm without any evidence of who may have leaked the draft if they… Read more »

Last edited 8 months ago by john

I applaud this! Bravo, you hit all bases very succinctly. Yes, we are being played like a Stradivarius Violin in regards to the Russian/Ukraine conflict. Ukraine has been crucial with Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum, (think New World Order), the Swamp and politicians of both stripes using the country as a personal ATM, especially the Obiden Crime syndicate, US Senators Linda Grahamnisty from South Carolina and the thankfully late John McCainiac from Arizona. Me thinks, the heat got too intense in the Ukraine kitchen and ole Klaus and his buddies decided it was time to cut and run before the… Read more »


Thank you
I wish more readers here understood what was really going on in the Ukraine. You are correct in you comment 100%


Biden lives in his own little fantasy world where he is the tough guy, the “Big Guy.” He has been telling lies for so long that he doesn’t know the difference between the truth and a lie.


That’s Ok, ole “Corn Pop” will kick his ass!


At this point, I think I’m on CornPop’s side…

Wild Bill

Good Humor!


they make ice cream, or did


This has been true for the fifty years he has served himself at pubic expense. Joe has always been dumb, has been wrong on every major issue but has been a very crafty money maker at the public expense.


that would make him a democrat


He himself Biden is the lie


the nature of the beast ,


I once wrangled an invitation to a meeting of the Society of Professional Journalists (for a laugh see where the featured speaker was a newspaper editor. He received cheers and applause from the audience when he bellowed “TO HELL WITH THE TRUTH!” This editor also encouraged the attending “journalists” to join every gun control group they could and to aid them in any way possible.

Wild Bill

Good intel. Thank you.


Personally I think the title is not quite accurate. I think it is more willing collusion on behalf of both the media and the Church of Global Elites, lately exemplified by the democrats but with a huge following of willing acolytes of may stripes.


This is a cabal of leftists, progressives and authoritarians of all stripes who collude against America and Israel. It is demonic.


One more thought how was it that last Sunday Nancy Pelosi handed Zelinsky a medal in person. How is that the whole Russian military has not targeted the president of the ukraine he seems pretty easy to find.
This makes me think that there is more going on with what Russia is doing in the Ukraine and who is behind it . Any body smell a democratic “Rat”


OK, first, while we are on the subject of journalism lets make one thing clear. Words matter. You are using the term ‘journalist’ far too loosely. Propagandist is the closest word in the English laguage to the the class of folks who work for corporate media and who spew government inspired propaganda. To find journalists now days you have to go to alternative media: I am thinking John Solomon, formerly of the Associated Press, now working on his own outlet. Real journalists no longer work for corporate media outlets like MSDNC, CNN,NTP, WaPo or eve Fox. They are on their… Read more »


The Fourth Estate has devolved to the Fifth Column. What’s next? See: “2,000 Mules”. It’s a must!


Just registered to watch 2KM premier tonight 5/7 8PM EDT online.


Many will conclude we are already at the point for ; Non-Compliance, refusal to be silenced, and absolutely write our thoughts and opinions either pro or con against the Federal Govt. This is what the whole Bill of Rights and our war for Independence were about. It is the Federal Govt. that must be put on notice the penalties and their harsh removal for their sedition and dictatorial acts.


that includes atf ,fbi and parts of other lettered agencies , they have forgotten who they work for, and think they are bosses


“Consent of the governed” is not in their vocabulary, it appears.


Sadly, consent of the governed is what has brought America to her knees today. Gonna’ take a Hell of an ass kickin’ to get her back up……


Respectfully their title is the deep state

Country Boy

No, it’s *Commies*…………


self important sanctimonious a holes


These politicians are precisely why the Founders wrote the Second Amendment and it’s right behind the First, in the Bill of Rights. It’s NOT the “Bill of Needs”! These evil, vile and disgusting domestic enemies must be voted out.


voted out or chased out, which ever comes first


I wonder if Biden can be sued for plagiarizing George Orwell’s 1984 and the “Ministry of Truth”? 1984 and ministry of truth – Bing – Shopping


scary George was was only 20 years off with his predictions

Wild Bill

His handlers must have read Orwell, and thought it useful because they are not smart enough to come up with it themselves!


I doubt they can read either, likely book on tape or something smiler


Au contraire, those pasty faced Snowflakes in Mommy’s basement can read, and even pound on keyboards. Their contribution to the transformation of America.


“Biden Using Media to Target First and Second Amendments”Yeah, duh. Preaching to the choir.
Convincing people who will never read this is the problem.


and all the modern firearms are not what was protected people, only period guns from the revelution. how stupid can people be?