Gun Control Fails, Biden Wants More

U.S.A.-( President Joe Biden is confused again. Biden was in Buffalo, New York, exploiting murder by a mentally deranged man before his victims had even been buried. The president took the opportunity to call for a so-called federal “assault weapons” ban and outlaw magazines holding more than ten rounds.

This proposed ban is the same type of ban that Bill Clinton passed when he was in office. It did not make us safer. Even the FBI admits that the previous assault weapons ban didn’t work. So why is Biden calling for laws that do not work?

New York has the SAFE Act, and under that law, so-called “assault weapons” are already banned, along with standard capacity magazines. Those laws didn’t stop a madman from killing ten people.

New York gun laws did make sure those victims didn’t have the tools to fight back. How many lives would have been saved if someone in the store had the means to defend themselves?

The killer was also involuntarily committed to a mental hospital for an evaluation but was released only after a day and a half. This time in a mental ward didn’t trigger New York’s “red flag” gun confiscation law because extreme risk protection orders do not work. All they do is violate the gun owner’s Constitutional rights.

The killer was also able to pass a background check. That law didn’t stop him from getting a gun. Background checks are highly ineffective and only serve to inconvenience law-abiding citizens when they choose to practice their God-given right to bear arms.

Background checks didn’t work. Assault weapon bans didn’t work, and “red flag” gun confiscation laws didn’t work. Law-abiding citizens obey laws; murders do not.

What we saw happen in Buffalo wasn’t due to a lack of gun laws. It was gun laws making the entire state of New York a soft target for someone seeking to do evil.

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When I’m commenting on the gun situation in the US, I cannot help but be repetitious: When will gun control advocates call for REAL GUN CONTROL? Specifically, hard mandatory punishment for criminal misuse of firearms? Prison and fines for irresponsible gun handling? And stiff sentencing for negligent storage of firearms in presence of irresponsible persons, especially obstreperous juveniles? From the Dem pols and gun control crowd? Never! You only get from them the same-old same-old.Restrictions or prohibition on guns, gun magazines, bullets and assorted strict regulations on how one may exercise the Second Amendment. They never divert from this pattern… Read more »

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The democrats only push the narrative that seeks to end our second amendment rights. There are so many laws that are not enforced that writing new ones to continue the same narrative does nothing except get media attention. I have said it before if democrats cared about life and death abortion would be off the table. While those felons continue breaking every law they can without fear of incarceration and a life sentence for murder. Most felons are turned back on the streets by appointed liberal democratic judges & continue the violent assault on the law abiding citizen. Politics has… Read more »

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The one thing you are missing is that each one of these murders, most are suffering from some sort of MEMTAL ILLNESS, which thanks to our GREAT POLITITIONS closed most of the MENTAL INSTITUTIONS, so any help that they could get is almost impossible to get any help, the one in NY was held for examination and was released in 36 hours and there was no FOLLOW UP on his examination, these are all drops by officials in law enforcement to follow people who have made threats! Check any of mass shootings as to how many were dropped the ball… Read more »


Boys and Girls the federal government shut down the training center FLETC till future notice due to Covid as the republican primary is under way. There are only 6 case in the hospital which covers 3 counties in that part of Georgia. This is the prelude to the 2022 midterms a snapshot of what is to come. The media is about to start another panic as they claim covid 19 is on the rise Please tell them it 2022 now. Does anyone find it suspicious that any crediabile information about election fraud is fact checked against the possibility that it… Read more »


After seeing 2,000 Mules. And learning of these nonprofits active roll in the elections. Should anyone really be calling him President ? This Govt was not elected. I have doubts any Govt was elected in the last 100 years.But the last 20+ is real shady. lol

Wild Bill

Many people could have prevented the steal from local repubs to the S. CT.


biden should be committed with this nut job


He is the BIGGEST NUT JOB, he should be put in a LARGE PADDED ROOM!!!!!!!!!

Happy Everafter

Marxist Democrats – pushing the rope with gay abandon for years….


Biden can get bent, along with any low IQ “law enforcement” that attempts to enforce this crap!!!


This has absolutely nothing to do with the safety of American’s. The Socialist Democrats want all of our guns, so they can control us through force. But the people of this once great Republic have had enough.

These politicians can’t read the big flashing neon sign in their face. Guns sales have skyrocketed over the last few years, and we just had our 25th state pass Constitutional Carry Laws. Law-abiding citizens have had enough of their nonsense, and if Biden runs again in 2024, and wins. That will be the match the lights this powder keg.


The socialists have wanted our guns for decades but even they know that’s never going to happen. In their minds they can never have complete control over a heavily armed populace. The CC movement Is just another way that states around the country are telling the federal government to go to hell. Hopefully at least two more states will have CC signed into law by the end of ‘22.

Wild Bill

You know that, and I know that, and the socialist marxists that have taken over the democrat party know that … but tens of millions of soccer moms, “TV and fashion worshiping youth”, and “profit only devotees” don’t know it or don’t care, but do vote.


The truth is out of the question if that interferes with the democratic agenda. The media is complacent in misrepresenting the facts this is called influencing I call it propaganda. When the Biden administration created the division of disinformation under the umbrella of the Department of Homeland Security that about summed it all up. Here’s the thing about the NY safe act no one is safe on the streets of NYC or in the Bronx ,Queens , Brooklyn. The fact is they control the political agenda and will continue to remove law abiding citizens rights when it comes to guns.… Read more »


thy go to public schools where they are fed propaganda from before they can read, the democratic party feeds on poverty they create

Happy Everafter

I’ve said this so often over the years that I don’t bother any more – the root cause of so many of our problems in this country is the complete abandonment of a morality-based education system. It’s been said you can turn a population in two generations. Indoctrination at an early age easily accomplishes this.


Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt established the framework for socialism in America. They also signed into law socialist programs and tax law.  Lyndon Johnson took it to the next level.

The people who voted for them (and the legislatures that passed the laws) were elected by people who attended public schools a long time ago.


The propaganda worked even better back then. They didn’t need so many Mules. And nonprofits to win elections. Just one loudmouth promising free sh!t.


Yes – the advancement of socialism in the U.S. is due to people wanting other people’s stuff (through wealth redistribution in its many, many forms) and wanting the government to fix their problems (e.g., through price controls).

Phrases to be on the lookout for include:

  • “Profit only devotees;”
  • “Greed;”
  • “Gougers;” and
  • “Tax the Rich.”
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Yes FAIR Taxation never seems to enter the conversation.


Progressive (punitive) tax rates are the very core of socialism (along with other methods of forced wealth redistribution). Without a progressive tax system, government could not have grown to be so oppressive. It would have collapsed from the debt long ago.

There are some people floundering around calling for even more punitive taxes and, at the same time, screeching about socialists.

For some reason, they think socialism is synonymous with gun control.

The school system of the 40s, 50s, and 60s was really bad.


It’s a sad time for our country I feel like I live in the land of make believe where boys are told that they might just be a girl and girls are wearing tails to middle school which are nothing more than butt plugs through holes in their clothing and teachers say it is okay.. Where a DNA test tells you that what your whole family heritage was what you thought to be is now all false !!! you are a descendant of the vikings or a black tribe in africa. The democrats will spend there eternity in “Hell” God… Read more »


the demoncrats are making our lives hell here!



Green Mtn. Boy

my sentiment exactly.


The anti’s do not want to fix. They did crime to push their agenda.


No they need crimes and criminals like this to further their failed agenda. It’s a “Look squirrel!” moment.


The policies of the democratic socialist party are only appealing to the % of their supporters that want to be sheep not wolfs. This country and our freedom is now standing in the balance due to election fraud which is now how democrats will remain in power. Remember the promises the dems make are empty ones since the civil war. Come north and be free and we will allow you to live in ghettos we will even allow you to call your selfs African Americans as we lie and keep you from ever reaching your potential as a race of… Read more »


you mean like venezuela, last election for maduro number of votes exceeded number of voters


Imagine if they spent as much time, effort, and resources in fixing the problem instead of fixing the blame.


Shifting the blame. Fixed it.


The DemoKKKrat REGIME is very adept at SHIFTING the BLAME GAME!!