Media Attacks Sheriff Who Advocates Shooting Home Invaders

Media Attacks Sheriff Who Advocates Shooting Home Invaders, iStock-493479140
Media Attacks Sheriff Who Advocates Shooting Home Invaders, iStock-493479140

U.S.A.-( Santa Rosa County (Florida) Sheriff Bob Johnson describes himself as a cop, not a politician. He certainly has the résumé.

Johnson started at the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office in 1993. He has served on the department’s SWAT team for 20 years, worked as a major crimes detective, supervised the narcotics unit, worked as both a DARE and a school resource deputy, supervised the juvenile unit, served as a patrol deputy, corporal, sergeant and watch commander, worked in Internal Affairs, commanded the criminal investigations division, oversaw the department’s vehicle fleet, served as the department’s PIO, and was finally appointed Chief Deputy – where he oversaw all aspects of the department. Johnson was first elected sheriff in 2016 and ran unopposed in 2020 – the first time in the county’s history a sheriff has ever run unopposed for reelection.

None of this mattered to the woke media when the good Sheriff told the ugly truth about a prolific home invader’s arrest during a press conference last week. Johnson was branded as “reckless,” “wildly irresponsible,” and possibly racist, and, according to NPR, he turned Santa Rosa County into the “Wild West.”

Events began when 32-year-old Brandon Harris allegedly broke into four homes in Pace, Florida, which is located near Pensacola. Harris is known as a “frequent flyer” to Johnson and his deputies. He has been arrested more than 17 times – an arrest history that dates back to when he was 13. Harris once spent six years in prison for home invasion, of course. Last week, during his most recent home-invasion spree, there were several active felony warrants for his arrest.

By all accounts, Harris led Santa Rosa County deputies on a wild chase – leaping fences, kicking doors and jumping through windows. In one of the four homes Harris invaded, the owner took a shot at him, but missed. Harris was caught after he jumped out of a window and into the arms, literally, of a waiting deputy.

During a press conference after Harris’ arrest, Sheriff Johnson discussed the homeowner who had fired at Harris, who never came forward.

“I guess they think that they did something wrong, which they did not. If somebody’s breaking into your house, you’re more than welcome to shoot them in Santa Rosa County. We prefer that you do, actually,” Johnson said. “So, whoever that was, you’re not in trouble. Come see us. We have a gun safety class we put on every other Saturday. And if you take that, you’ll shoot a lot better and hopefully you’ll save the taxpayers money.”

That was all it took.

Woke Mob Rule

“Florida sheriff urges homeowners to shoot intruders and ‘save taxpayers money,’” the New York Post headline screamed the next day.

“A Florida Sheriff’s advice for homeowners dealing with burglars: Shoot them and ‘save taxpayer’s money,’” wrote a Pennsylvania newspaper.

National Public Radio went even further, calling Johnson’s comments “wildly irresponsible advice that could cause needless loss of life and aggravate racial tensions.”

NPR should have checked the booking photo before they played the race card. Harris is white, as is 87% of Santa Rosa County.

The good folks living in Florida’s Panhandle aren’t big fans of home invaders. In fact, it’s somewhat miraculous Harris was not shot years ago. I’m sure they saw the truth in Sheriff Johnson’s comments. So, NPR had to gin up a controversy where none existed. They emailed a trio of woke defense attorneys from Miami, Vero Beach, and Fort Lauderdale and spoon-fed them questions about Sheriff Johnson’s truth-telling in the Panhandle.

“It’s wildly irresponsible because it essentially encourages people to use deadly force without giving it more consideration. There’s oftentimes that somebody is not an imminent threat to you,” one of the defense attorneys told NPR, adding, “Sheriff Johnson just turned Santa Rosa into the Wild West. Maybe one less Sheriff’s salary is a better way to save the taxpayers money.”


To be clear, Sheriff Johnson did not tell anyone to shoot home invaders to save taxpayer dollars. He told them to shoot home invaders to save their lives.

A home invasion is an incredibly violent and fast-moving act that happens at the speed of life. There’s no time for consideration or introspection or for the victim to mull over whether their response to the violent assault is clouded by, as NPR claimed, some sort of implicit bias.

NPR, their trio of defense attorneys, and the rest of the woke media will never understand what it takes to defend yourself from an act of extreme violence. All they can do is criticize those involved for the safety of their ivory towers.

Extreme violence can only be overcome by greater violence. It’s not pretty, and it’s certainly not easy to talk about. But that’s what Sheriff Johnson was trying to do. He was trying to keep the 193,998 residents of Santa Rosa County alive and safe from predators like Brandon Harris. That’s his job, and he appears to do it well, which will always provoke the ire of the woke media mob, especially if a Southern Sheriff is involved.

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About Lee Williams

Lee Williams, who is also known as “The Gun Writer,” is the chief editor of the Second Amendment Foundation’s Investigative Journalism Project. Until recently, he was also an editor for a daily newspaper in Florida. Before becoming an editor, Lee was an investigative reporter at newspapers in three states and a U.S. Territory. Before becoming a journalist, he worked as a police officer. Before becoming a cop, Lee served in the Army. He’s earned more than a dozen national journalism awards as a reporter, and three medals of valor as a cop. Lee is an avid tactical shooter.

Lee Williams

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Once society is programed to believe that it’s normal to be disarmed, the exceptions become the target of the left to make sure your right to self defense is unwarranted, unjustified and illegal. Used to be that the deterant to a home invasion was not knowing what was on the other side.


The gun-grabbing socialists lie about anything and everything firearm, 2A related and we know they do. This is the same scum that still tries to convince everyone that inanimate objects commit “gun violence”.We all know that’s bullshit. Who exactly would program society into ever thinking it’s normal to be disarmed ? That trash ?


look at the huge numbers of gang members they have brought in and dispersed across country , should keep police busy for years just like carter did with cuba

Last edited 2 days ago by swmft

The effect that social media has on a certain age group is scary to me.

The fact that all adults that get information on social medias platforms are misinformed 99% of the time. It is he said she said with a whole lot of embellishment in between.

Lee Williams brings some interesting articles to the readers as for the discussions here in the comment section, free speech is alive and well here at Ammoland.


and they knew there was something


Sheriff Johnson is wrong about one thing. The unknown shooter did do something wrong! HE MISSED! Something I have never seen addressed is, the moral guilt of someone who has the justification, and opportunity to shoot a criminal and allows him to escape, when the criminal later kills other people. Do the legal, etc. problems that he avoided, by not shooting, absolve him of guilt in the subsequent killings???


Gee, you mean the media are condemning positive comments regarding defensive gun use? And mischaracterizing those comments to inflame public opinion? I’m shocked! Shocked!!!


let me get my taser , then at least one of us will be having fun while you are shocked and as for the good honest reporters remember the Maine! yellow journalism at its best

Happy Everafter

C’mon, I’ve waited all my life to be a victim, don’t spoil it for me now!!


The scripture plainly declares that if you are in your home at night, family in bed, and an unknown/uninvited intruder enters, “you may strike him that he die, and there shall be no bloodguiltiness come upon you”. Most states have it encoded into law that anyone entering your home uninvited IS a lethal threat, and may be met with lethal opposition. I am certain that is the law in Florida,else this Sheriff would not be advising folks do that on his turf. Util housebreaking is consistently met wiht effective lethal force, it will continue. This Sheriff is a Good Guy,… Read more »


We all knew that this would be the most likely outcome. Castle Doctrine & inalienable right to self defense. An armed society is a polite society.

Lie down with dirty dogs & you’ll get fleas.

‘If people give you a glimpse of who they really are, believe them”.
‘My Grandpa

Last edited 11 days ago by Tank

I think NPR was saying this was racist because they believe most home invaders are people of color! Wait who is racist? The establishment would much prefer homeowners become victims. If the home invader is not threating them with loss of life don’t shoot. Let them have what they want as you wait for the police to show up!


Sounds like THIS IS THE GUY we need to run the ATF.


Maybe this Sheriff should be nominated for ATF ? lol


You posted while I was logging in, I guess. Great minds DO think alike!

Arizona Don

I agree but under Biden nothing like that will ever happen!


Break into my home and you’re gonna get shot. PERIOD!!!

Wild Bill

Yes, and then fed to the coyotes!


Well.. I’m of the notion we should reinstitute hanging by the neck until dead so they definitely don’t want to hear my opinion.


Zackley ! I couldn’t agree more….


I agree 100%. The problem would be liberals yelling cruel and unusual punishment. They don’t give a damn about the victims and the heinous and torturous manner in which many are murdered. I care only about justice for the victims and their family’s. Neck stretching in my opinion is a very appropriate method of execution and is even a more humane way than this scum deserves.


As a special treat for those who have used firearms to harm or threaten others, and capital punishment is indicated, I am a strong advocate for the traditoinal firing squad. No hood, face the line, standing up for the last time in your miserable life. Ten on the line, three rounds each. thirty calibre or larger. Let the perp get a good feel for what HE put his victims through as he was mercilessly furing upon them. Then take the trash out, for the last time. Oh and televise it to give wanna be perps a good and accurate preview… Read more »


To Quote Dirty Harry, NO ARREST< NO TRIAL<Less Reports to File.


Up until about 10 years ago Nuevo-democrat Partizan Radio used to allow comments to their stories like what Ammoland does now. After several years of mostly negative comments they decided it was a necessary cost cutting move to remove that feature.

Dr. Strangelove

Yahoo did the same. I had a blast trolling the lefties with facts.

Knute Knute

Not many venues allow facts anymore. Only rants. Preferably screaming, incoherent, hysterical ones.:-)


When “The Media ” start becoming victims — then what ?


things might change?

Captn John

Criminals please do not come into my house. I hate to think of the mess that will need cleaning after the corner departs with your body.


that is why i have good solid doors and windows, posted land and cameras that alert me when something is within 100 feet of house/killl zone keep mess outside

Wild Bill

And dogs! I have two in the house and four inside the perimeter fence!


The sheriff can not protect you and that is the message “This is a strategic effort across our country to dismantle our local and state police to install a federal police force. There is no justice reform, it is a replacement program disguised as reform to switch power to the federal government.” DAs won’t file charges and democratic politicians harp constantly on defunding the police to get the younger voters. How about putting and keeping criminals in prison, almost daily we read of someone being arrested for a violent felony. Only to learn the person has three prior felony convictions and… Read more »


When they should have been hung by the neck until dead. We need to thin the heard of the lawless. Putting an end to their lives stops them from breeding and creating more little felons, cleans up our streets and makes us safer as well as save allot of money by not keeping trash in a pile constantly adding to it when burning it instead is better and more sanitary.


The sheriff was most likely trying to deter break-ins by scaring off perps. As the saying goes: “A word to the wise is sufficient”.


I’m not sure any words would serve as a deterrent to criminals. I think what he said was a shout out to the general public to help lighten the load on law enforcement and the courts by training with your firearms and killing the SOB’s when the opportunity arises. No more missed shots.


Waiting approval ????


There is a old saying never tell anyone what you are thinking or willing to do…. The sheriff is correct its now killed or be killed on the streets of our cities and small towns. In your home there is know one coming to save you you will only have seconds to act. Even if the police were just down the street it will be to late in most home invasions no matter why they have entered you home this falls under “home invasion” Your life depends on your own actions while the police will take time to assess the… Read more »


he may have gotten more votes than there are registered voters , the software was approved by hugo chavez


standing for office unopposed and you think the election was rigged? Get a life, loser.


Denish DeSouza has a video called 2,000 mules that shows proof of the steal yet even republican RINO judges deny proven documented by video fact all the way up to our supreme court. Proof that President Trump was blowing up their game and setting them back with their NWO and theft of America. God knows where we would be if he hadn’t cleaned up the swamp what little he could. We need him back desperately so we can head towards finishing the job, then Desantis for 8 with Kristi Noem as vice then Kristi for 8 with Sarah Palin or… Read more »


Yep. Treasonous SupCt decisions enabled The Big Steal, a coup d’etat.


I agree most Americans do not understand that we have surpassed socialism and are headed deeply into marxism. This administration has more incommon with the ccp it is as plain as day. The democrats are trying to inflict as much damage as possible on the constitution and our civil rights. Since Obama the democrats continue to race bait allowing the black race a free pass on crime against whites being beaten and robbed and business that are being robbed daily. Just yesterday a hot dog vendor was badly hurt over the price of hotdogs he was selling in Austin Tex.… Read more »


Save taxpayer dollars or not, you have a right to protect yourself and family and offering this person a chance to go to the police force training class was to promote shooting safety. 🙂 That’s all the LEO cared about. He would rather of had the bullet hit the target than go through a wall and hit an innocent person, by stander or even worse a LEO.
So what’s your problem fake marxist news.



Might have to donate to his next election if he has any serious oppo.


Downvoters are Oathbreakers who hate Oathkeepers.


yea I dont get that ,they down vote a positive remark about a good leo oh i forgot they dont like good leos just crooked ones


The Oathbreaker Posse DVs anyone who only backs good cops, and calls them cop haters. I’m an LEAA life member, donated to Oathkeepers a few times (not anymore after reading about Ray Epps etc), and I donate to good sheriffs.


problem with every great idea is there is always someone out there to turn it on its head to exploit for own purpose. oath to follow rules of constitution and protect rights of everyone even if you dont like them. title 18 would think oath keeper police would arrest those in government violating constitution nope civil asset forfeiture clear violation of 4th 14th taking without proof of crime in itself a crime can you believe judges sign off on hearsay????????????? that is criminal under title 18 no action the republic is in real trouble, we are not far from being… Read more »

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Wild Bill

Naaa, “they” just don’t like him.

Wild Bill

It is not that you forgot. It is that it never was true in the first place. It is his corroded, vile comments to which the folks object.


Desperate stalking. 2 replies to 1 post. All projection 24/7. Pretending to be a bubble boy with virgin ears, offended by innuendo you can’t produce because folks would laugh.

Why do you hate civilians & cover for Oathbreakers, POP?

Wild Bill

Bla, bla, bla.


More projection, POP. Who’s stalking & blabbing little snark attacks? You. Desperately childish bubble boy, resorting to the “vile” innuendo you accuse me of (without proof) and claim to be upset over: “Flatulating”? Oh My! But what a clever child!

You had no prob with Rock using the P-word yesterday, or your fellow Oathbreakers’ potty-mouth thug attacks over the years. Maybe you don’t know what P means, being so innocent.

Everyone knows why you’re stalking, smearing & downvoting:

Wild Bill

Boil over with rage.