Sorry Ukraine, Miami Police Gun Buyback was Complete Bust ~ VIDEO

by Kevin Sona and Lee Williams

One of the weapons "bought back" by Miami Police Saturday. (All photos courtesy Kevin Sona.)
One of the weapons “bought back” by Miami Police Saturday. (All photos courtesy Kevin Sona.)

Miami Florida – -( the Miami Police Department’s “GUNS 4 UKRAINE” gun buyback first began Saturday morning, the public and members of the pro-gun media were allowed to stand next to three tents where the transactions were taking place.

However, when it became obvious that turnout was poor and the event was fizzling, police started pushing onlookers back farther and farther away – a total of eight times. Eventually, the public was moved more than 150 yards away from the tents.

In addition, Miami Police positioned vehicles and bicycle officers to block the public’s view of the [embarrassing] buyback.

Miami Police used vehicles and bicycle officers to block the public from seeing what type of firearms were turned in Saturday during a gun buyback. (All photos courtesy Kevin Sona.)

“They said they were pushing us back for our safety and for officer safety,” said Kevin Sona, a Florida Carry, Inc. director who covered the event for the Second Amendment Foundation’s Investigative Journalism Project. “The only unsafe act I saw were the cops who were muzzling themselves and other people.”

To be clear, Sona and a few other onlookers were on a public sidewalk near the public parking lot of Miami City Hall. They never strayed onto any private property or into any restricted areas.

“They must have moved us away 8-10 times,” Sona said. “We’d see them with a roll of crime scene tape and we knew we were getting pushed back, again.”

What was Miami Police trying to hide?

“In my opinion, they pushed us back because they didn’t want us to document the failure of this event,” Sona said.

Shipping Guns to the Ukraine illegal  

A story published Wednesday revealed how the department first created the gun buyback, which they called “GUNS 4 UKRAINE.” Miami Police spokeswoman Officer Kenia Fallat confirmed that the weapons collected at the buyback would be shipped to Ukraine for use in their ongoing war against the Russian military.

However, shipping firearms to a foreign country without a proper export license violates federal law, specifically the International Traffic in Arms Regulations, known as ITAR, and in a written statement provided as a response to this story, Miami officials admitted they do not have any export paperwork.

Shipping guns to Ukraine also violates Florida Statute 790.08, which regulates what police can do with firearms or other weapons that come under their control.

Basically, they can use the weapons, loan them to another law enforcement agency, destroy them or sell them, but the statute requires them to deposit all money raised from the sale into the state treasury earmarked for the benefit of the State School Fund.

The state statute does not allow them to ship the arms to a foreign military.

Officer Fallat attended the event. She told Sona she believes the department threw her “under the bus” because she wasn’t “fully briefed” about the export restrictions, which she said was a “major disservice.”

Asked Saturday how the public would likely react when they learned the guns would not be shipped to Ukraine, Officer Fallat said “the city was kind of taking advantage, and they’re not telling the truth.

Where Were Battleworthy Weapons?

Sona stayed at City Hall throughout the event. He estimates 10-15 guns total were “bought back” by police. Most were old single-shot or bolt-action rifles and shotguns. There were a few homemade firearms.

Several homemade weapons were turned in Saturday during a gun buyback held by the Miami Police. (All photos courtesy Kevin Sona.)

To be clear, no ARs or AKs were seen. However, Miami Police would later claim they recovered more than 60 firearms, and they released a photo of an officer with an AK on their social media.

“In my opinion, this was 100-percent staged,” Sona said. “They got about a dozen guns, maybe, and we did not see a single modern sporting rifle – not one AK or AR.”

This story is presented by the Second Amendment Foundation’s Investigative Journalism Project and wouldn’t be possible without you. Please click here to make a tax-deductible donation to support more pro-gun stories like this.

About Lee Williams

Lee Williams, who is also known as “The Gun Writer,” is the chief editor of the Second Amendment Foundation’s Investigative Journalism Project. Until recently, he was also an editor for a daily newspaper in Florida. Before becoming an editor, Lee was an investigative reporter at newspapers in three states and a U.S. Territory. Before becoming a journalist, he worked as a police officer. Before becoming a cop, Lee served in the Army. He’s earned more than a dozen national journalism awards as a reporter, and three medals of valor as a cop. Lee is an avid tactical shooter.

Lee Williams


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LOL right on. So now the question is, who do you believe. I no longer believe the cops because they have become militarized by the political left.
I wonder if the guy who was talking about buying the guns down the street set up shop and made a killing? That would have been awesome.


Now you are just talking out your arse like a liberal. You and I both know the demonrats wanted cops gone accept at their house. The right is the one so pro cop and who has mainly helped fund and push their militarization. Too many Repukes were cops and went in pushing cop agenda, funding and ectra protections. Its a local state rep I grew up with that is a cop and became a state rep and i watched him push everything pro cop, we rarely speak now over what he has become, I will never vote for him again… Read more »


I don’t know what to say about your comment. Mine happens to be truthful and a proven fact. Obummer militarized the DOJ the ATF and the IRS against the tea party and other republicans so if you say that my saying the truth is talking like a liberal, I will take the label. So now I am a Socialist as claimed by JSNMGC and a Liberal by you as well as a terrorist, insurrectionist, deplorable by the left demonratt party because I belive in God, liberty and guns. I like rock and roll too so I guess that makes me… Read more »


MM44M you are wearing so many hats these days. Wouldn’t that make you a schitzophrenic?


Oh, boy, another label. Thank you so much, if this keeps up maybe I might have enough of them in a week or two that I might be able to qualify for president. Wha Hoo.


Semper fidelis


you left out fbi , but then they have been controlled by democrats since jedger they “investigate” people who dont align with their agenda


Ya like moms and dads that don’t support CRT for their children and speak up about it. Our government is outrageous and out of control while going too far pushing the NWO agenda. Obiden said it’s here and we can’t stop it. Think again uncle joe.



The citizen buyback tables/tents are pretty common if the buyers can get decent help to canvas the area and send the sellers in their direction before the cops harass their “free enterprise”.


There’s probably a lot of truth in that. At least the private citizens know the difference between a real firearm, and a cobbled together piece of junk art being turned in to get enough money for the next hit of meth.

uncle dudley

Would have been nice if someone had a small Drone with a camera that could have got a birds eye view of the transactions.


Yep that would have been cool but there probably is already a law on the books that would be against it. I don’t know because I have never looked into it because I don’t have a drone but I am sure the FAA has rules about flying over cop shops.


$60 billion & Ukraine needs Miami PD to buy guns for them? Poor Ukraine. Did the corrupt Military Industrial Complex & corrupt Ukrainian rulers pocket $59.99 billion?


Well, I certainly hope Hunter and the Big Guy got their cut.


you can bet on it


That’s a given.

Time for another Joe Biden Haiku, by Joe Biden!

When I got my plugs
Nobody ever told me
How to unplug them

Big George



Miami might not have truthful cops. But they do have for real flesh eating zombies!

A more interesting fact is the shot of Miami City Hall. That building was the original terminal for Pan American Airways “China Clipper” seaplanes.

comment image


the city of Ft. Worth, Texas is having a gun buyback this coming weekend; at the same time the largest gun show in Texas is also taking place just down the road. i only hope it’s a bigger bust than Miami’s.

American Cynic

AR and AK rifles sell for $1200+ some better than $2000+ Exactly what was the Miami Police Department offering for these guns? I often find that you get what you pay for. And, most people who buy these guns for self-defense, have no real reason to believe that threat has gone away. In fact, the future is looking bleak in that regard. Instead of taking our guns, law enforcement should be providing free tactical training to all that want it. You have to give something to get something, and giving away free training is a great way to get people… Read more »

Last edited 7 months ago by American Cynic

All the guns are junk guns that are basically useless for Ukraine unless Ukrainian people need to hunt squirrels. I do not see any “Weapons of war”.

Big George

I’m surprised that this type of deception is still going on with DeSantis as Gov! Is Miami still ‘blue’?!

Watch um

Looks like somebody put a small pipe in a block of wood (zip gun) and made money for it
Great idea ) $5.00 hardware materials = Wal-Mart gift cards worth $$ or more


In the picture showing rifle barrels on a table, I see the muzzle end of an M1 Carbine. I wonder what idiot sold that for $150?

Big George

Somebody probably didn’t! I can see them saying “hey Mike, call the property room and have them grab a bunch of guns and bring them down here fast!”.


They didn’t, it was a phony picture.


BuyBack?! They are using our tax dollars to pay for junk that was not purchased from them in the first place! What a scam for optics. Stop letting the Left control the narrative and call out their nonsense. Vote every Democrat and RINO out.


The 2 m1 carbine on the table really hurt. That’s tragic, but I’m sure now a couple of Miami finest will add those to their collection.