Anti-Gun Senators Blame UPS & Other Carriers for ‘Epidemic of Gun Violence’

UPS Cancelling Gun Dealers’ Accounts, Destroying Packages in Transit
Anti-Gun Senators Blame UPS and Other Carriers for ‘Epidemic of Gun Violence’ iStock-506447800

U.S.A.-( Five Democratic Senators recently sent ominous letters to United Parcel Service and 27 other carriers, blaming them for escalating violent crime rates.

“We are concerned that lax shipping security measures are contributing to the epidemic of gun violence in this country by allowing criminals to use stolen firearms to commit crimes,” the letters each state.

They were signed by Senators Edward Markey (D-Mass.), Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.), Cory A. Booker (D-N.J.), Christopher S. Murphy (D-Conn.) and Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.).

In their letters, the Senators peppered the shippers with 20 questions and document requests, including:

  • The number of firearms the carriers have shipped during the last five years.
  • Policies the carriers have in place to secure firearm shipments and prevent loss and theft.
  • How the carriers define firearms.
  • Whether imitation firearms, frames, receivers, ammunition, and silencers are included in this definition.
  • Records the firms keep and maintain about lost or stolen shipments.
  • Records the firms keep and maintain regarding packages containing firearms.

The letters were sent on May 19th, 2022, to UPS, FedEx, the U.S. Postal Service, and trucking and rail carriers located in the United States and Canada.

UPS Targeting Homemade Gun Parts

In a story published last week, we revealed UPS is terminating the accounts of some dealers, and that packages currently in the UPS system may be “seized and destroyed.”

In a letter sent to one Florida gun dealer, Ghost Firearms, UPS said they were terminating the account because they “may be violating” laws concerning homemade firearm parts.

“We write to inform you that UPS has learned that your company may be violating applicable laws concerning the shipment of “ghost guns” to unauthorized locations,” the letter states. “In light of our concern, UPS has determined that it will cancel your account, effective immediately.

In the letter, UPS told Ghost’s owner Joe Zatar that all scheduled pickups will be canceled and that he cannot reopen another UPS account or ship anything from a UPS store or website.

Zatar is most concerned about $30,000 worth of packages already in the UPS system, which he may have already lost.

“Please note that any package found in the UPS system determined to have been tendered by GHOST FIREARMS may be seized and destroyed,” the letter states.

After the story was published, one national retailer who declined to comment publicly for this story, removed UPS as a shipping option from their website.

Other dealers specializing in 80% receivers and other homemade firearm parts also declined to comment.

Multiple Gun Dealers Cancelled  

The National Shooting Sports Foundation is the trade association of the firearm industry.

Asked which dealers were being canceled, NSSF spokesman Mark Oliva said Wednesday, “I think it’s everybody – any dealer specializing in parts.”

The NSSF is currently trying to determine the scope of the mass cancellations.

“It’s a blanket ban,” he said. “We’re still looking into it.”

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About Lee Williams

Lee Williams, who is also known as “The Gun Writer,” is the chief editor of the Second Amendment Foundation’s Investigative Journalism Project. Until recently, he was also an editor for a daily newspaper in Florida. Before becoming an editor, Lee was an investigative reporter at newspapers in three states and a U.S. Territory. Before becoming a journalist, he worked as a police officer. Before becoming a cop, Lee served in the Army. He’s earned more than a dozen national journalism awards as a reporter, and three medals of valor as a cop. Lee is an avid tactical shooter.

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As we were not given the full wording of the letters we cannot be sure . I saw no threats only concerns . Which go’s to show how little it takes for some cowards to blame someone else for their woke actions . Since ups is a company owned by its employees I would be interested to know how this decision was made .


This is nothing more than cancel culture. Notice it’s getting worse and worse? First a ban here, a block there, an attack on this or that. People read the article and think nothing of it and then it happens again. And again. Then it moves to credit cards and banks cancelling people over whatever. You read it and think nothing of it. Now it’s UPS not shipping legal packages effectively cancelling them. UPS is so big most can’t boycott them. Especially if FedEx gets pressured to do the same. I am sure USPS would follow suit. On and on it… Read more »


I think someone needs to do further research about UPS seizing products that they are under paid contract to deliver. If this claim is true, then UPS would seem to be breaking the law. We can’t be pushing false accusations in this forum. If it is really happening, please provide more evidence, and not just a repeated story.


I’m sure when you agree to use UPS it says in the fine print somewhere they reserve the right to stop service at anytime, seize packages at any time, not compensate you for losses, yada yada yada.


Wait. Cargo carriers are supposed to be able to define what firearms are, and yet we have a newly appointed Supreme Court justice that can’t define what a woman is. The Democrats in this country have lost their collective mind.


“The Democrats in this country have lost their collective mind.”
Can’t lose what you never had!


Remember these words: By any means necessary. That is the credo of the Progressive New Left. That is their guiding light. Their purpose is to destroy the concept of individual liberty in America and replace our natural law based system with a hybrid Progressive/Marxist totalitarian system where elites rule and the majority serves. Don’t believe me? Just read their writings. They have been telling us for decades of their plans in documents like the Prairie Fire Manifesto as well as in The Nation, The New Republic, Rolling Stone and most any of the major newspapers in the country. They simply… Read more »


Quisling NSSF could have a chat with their “federal partners”. They won’t, because…quislings.


This defines Correlation vs. Causation. I’ll remind your readers that in the 1950s doctors blamed ice cream for polio (Google it) If criminals are concerned about anonymity, why are they telling authorities where they are sending and receiving these “ghost” guns.? So let me get this straight – our LEADERS, think criminals are taking stolen – (invisible) firearms and putting them into boxes that get assigned tracking numbers. Do they email the tracking numbers to co-conspirators? One of my biggest fears is terrorists using carriers like UPS to ship innocuous-looking parts to a single address and the parts then get… Read more »


Please refrain from using the term “GUN VIOLENCE”

UPS will face lawsuits for destruction of private property. Insure the hell out of the shipments then pass go and collect in spades.

When you read the names of those senators who signed here they are anti American and all have been caught lying to the public at one time or another.


Edward Markey (D-MA),
Richard Blumenthal (D-CT),
Christopher Murphy (D-CT),
Cory Booker (D-NJ),
Dianne Feinstein (D-CA)


“senators are anti American and all have been caught lying to the public all the time”

There – I fixed it for you!


This is a dangerous slippery slope here. Much like operation choke point. What’s next for them to send letters about? Products they feel cause globul warming? What happens if the other party comes in power? Will they be able to pressure shipping companies to stop providing service to companies they don’t like? Will letters be sent to banks that provide finance services for pro 2A groups? This is blatant fascism.


it is time to start taking licenses to operate within a state , from these woke companies