ATF Caught Red Handed Illegally Copying FFL Information

MESA, AZ -( A video that has been taking the internet by storm shows an Industry operations investigator (IOI) from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) caught on video taking photos of a firearms dealer’s records with her mobile phone.

The video took place at Black Metal Firearms, LLC, located in Mesa, MZ. Black Metal Firearms is a federal firearms licensed (FFL) dealer and manufacturer known for its AR-15 platform rifles. The issue at hand was a disagreement on how a variance for the AR-15 receivers used to build the rifles was entered into the Acquisitions and Disposition (A&D) logbook. AmmoLand News is withholding the exact nature of the violation so as not to affect the firearms manufacturer negatively, but looking over the internal IOI handbook obtained by AmmoLand News last May from a source at the Bureau appears to show that the IOI is wrong about the supposed violation.

According to the ATF’s own rules as laid out in documents provided to AmmoLand news by Gun Owners of America (GOA) through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, IOIs are only allowed to photocopy ATF 4473 or other documents to log violations. Those copies must be treated as “evidence.” The ATF’s own rules strictly prohibit the mass copying of 4473 forms or any other documents. In the video, the ATF employee can be seen photographing the entire A&D logbook instead of just the relative sections. The surrendering of documents is also supposed to be voluntary by the FFL. AmmoLand News does not believe that Black Metal Firearms consented to have their records copied. The unidentified IOI in the video appears to be violating those rules.

The ATF internal document reads:

Execute ATF F 3400.23, Receipt for Property and Other Items, and fully describe the documents. ATF F 3400.23 is to be placed in the licensed dealer’s files in the sequential order of the ATF F 4473 that is being removed. Photocopies of the ATF F 4473 are to be forwarded to the dealer. These copies are to be designated as such and dated and initialed by the case agent.

Black Metal Firearms wrote on their Instagram page:

“No registry? Here’s our ATF auditor copying every single page of our A&D books with her cell phone camera using an app that reads text. This data includes make, model, serial number, buyer’s name and address, and even the seller. We have well over 20 minutes of footage of this happening in our shop in public view. Yes, this is illegal.”

The rate of FFL revocations is up over 500% after President Joe Biden launched his zero-tolerance policies on gun dealers. Many of the revocations stem from minor clerical errors by the gun stores. Also, the ATF has been reopening settled cases to revoke FFLs retroactively. The Biden Administration says it is cracking down on “rogue dealers,” but most of the shops caught up in the dragnet are small mom and pop stores.

Gun advocates worry that this is another sign of the administration’s war on guns. Biden’s ATF has been caught amassing a massive registry violating federal law. The ATF has also been changing rules to make de facto gun laws to enact gun control without Congressional approval. Several challenges have been filed in the courts.

AmmoLand News reached out to the ATF for comment, but the ATF did not respond at the time of writing.

About John Crump

John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, or at

John Crump

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Normally, I am against masking, but in the case of bv that crotch faced old hag, her being masked was a mercy extended to the shop owner.

Henry Bowman

“When the people fear the government, there is Tyranny.” – Thomas Jefferson


“in tyranny the people fear the government.

Thomas Jefferson.

Henry Bowman

Yep, that’s the full quote. Also THIS:

Jefferson Tree of Liberty PNG.png

“Hey, Agent Scott, do you have any naked pictures of your wife?”


“Want to buy one?”


Interesting read: Unintended Consequences by John Ross.
Available for free on the internet as a .pdf file!
Excellent work of fiction!


Trump has 42 proposals outlined on Breitbart that he will place into effect should he retake the White House. He needs to add a 43rd: disestablish the BATF; fire the leadership and rogue agents and transfer the responsibility to the IRS, since the BATF was established as a taxing entity!


And of course, since the entire Federal Government, is as corrupt as our illegitimate leader, nothing will be done about ATFE’s violation of Federal Law !!!


I sure agree with that or at least until President Trump wins his third election in ‘24 and is back in office. A GOP mid-terms sweep could really help too until then.


now think of this, biden kicks off harris is out election is audited and trump did win ,demoncrats win the big fuckjob because he cant run again


I hope we all remember how Biden stoled the election in 20 and get involved in the midterms because the left knows how important it is. Trust NO ONE, especially the democRATS

Henry Bowman

This will continue until an ATF tactical team chooses to raid someone who knows how to hit back and get away with it…

Unintended Consequences mural.png

Every time they visit and do an audit at my shop they takes pictures of every single page of my book.


And you just let that trash do it voluntarily ? I’ll leave it there !


So you’re too cheap or cowardly to get an attorney to stop it?


They did the same type of thing in 94 just before the 94 AWB took place.


Looks like the new “extended” background check has been aimed at the wrong people.

American Cynic

When exactly are we going to have a police force that polices the government. If photographing FFL records is illegal, has this woman been arrested and charged as such? What’s the hold up?

Oh, Right; we don’t have anyone policing the government with enforcement capabilities other than a corrupt FBI. Toothless watchdogs, and there’s us howling at the moon.

Wild Bill

That policing is supposed to be the Office of the Inspector General.


key words “supposed to be” if congress is not up their ass they do nothing!


We The Little Peeps are the police force intended to police the government. Hence, the Second Amendment admonishes politicians to “keep their damn laws off” We The Little Peeps’ right to keep and bear. But, that is the WHY behind the Lefturds’ gun control fetish.


the inmates are running the asylum!


one flew over the cocos nest is about where things are right now


Quis custodiet custodem? Who shall guard the guards? Answer should ultimately be We The People. But we have no chance, since Americans F’d up and allowed gvt at all levels to explode out of control. Standing armies of military, LE, prosecutors, spies, prison guards, and tens of millions of other employees, contractors and serfs (e.g. welfare recipients), all beholden to Big Government.






Don’t know which county this was in, but an honest and constitutional Sheriff would be very interested….. perhaps charges of intellectual property theft, violatioin of privacy laws, unauthorised gathering of data, data theft, invasion of privacy, etc. A creative sheriff could come up with something that would stick. Then issue a warrant for that agent and subpoena her along with her phone. Seize the phone for a forensic examination of content. She will likely skate, but the process may intimidate her sufficiently to behave herself a bit better going forward. She is most likely based out on AZ office of… Read more »


atfe would just move her and pay her expenses


A little boy goes to his dad and asks, “What is politics?” The dad says, “Well son, let me try to explain it this way: I’m the breadwinner of the family, so let’s call me capitalism. Your mother, she’s the administrator of the money, so we’ll call her the government. We’re here to take care of your needs, so we’ll call you the people. The nanny, we’ll consider her the working class. And your baby brother, we’ll call him the future. Now, think about that and see if that makes sense.” The little boy goes off to bed thinking about… Read more »


Thats cute, thanks for the laugh.


We could use a little laughter and stiff whiskey

Wild Bill

That was the high point of the week!!


Of course it is, it has to be because today is hump day.


Every day is hump day for Hunter Biden


The way I heard it, the Government was dad, the Administration was mom, the boy tried his mom a second time to wake up, and the boy eventually changed his baby brother’s diaper.
Capitalism would have had the boy calling an off-hours diaper service. Sort of like an Uber-diapers, and the parents’ mastercard is already set up to pay for it. Capitalism is creative.


too close to the truth to laugh, iI see the baby dead in the crib……..without a BIG change in direction there is no future….great try though


If con is the opposite of pro, then isn’t Congress the opposite of Progress? The NSA: a government organization that actually listens to you! Stop repeat offenders. Don’t re-elect them! I remember when Halloween was the scariest night of the year. Now, it’s Election night. Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it, misdiagnosing it and then misapplying the wrong remedies. Instead of giving a politician the keys to the city, it might be better to change the locks. Politicians and diapers have one thing in common. They should both be changed regularly, and for the same reason.… Read more »


Didn’t we already know they have been doing this for some years now?


Suspected or knew… but this looks like hard proof.

How do you think you would fare in court without proof?


Sounds like it is time to have the corporate lawyer go to work . What else did this ATF representative photograph. The democrats are a lawless political party that is endangering all of America.

Matt in Oklahoma

Ever think that maybe they want things published like this to lure out the ones who run their heads?


way past time to start jailing them and taking pensions back


Soon it will be massive confiscation by the Blue hats when they are invited here from the anti-American government to come to our country. Registration/sales receipts leads to confiscation. Our founding Fathers warned us about a big government!


How could you let it stand there and do this? … You are complicant. YOURE NO WORSE than the bad guys, Black Metal Firearms…!


They did all they could by recording the violation and making it public. Saying they’re complicit is ridiculous. Unless you’re trying to parody what you think a fanatical ‘gun nut’ would say. In that case….D+.


What would you have done?


If the victim had resisted, remember which Arizona law enforcement organization would likely respond:


This case was sad to watch, the officer whom shot the man was a functioning imbecile that somehow qualified on the police force. That was murder in the first degree


Yes, it was murder.

Sadly, the system investigated itself and concluded otherwise.

The guy was fired, then he was rehired so he could claim he suffered PTSD because of what he went through shooting a “civilian.” He was a young guy and he’s getting disability payments for the rest of his life.

The psycho who was screaming the “commands” (not the shooter) also escaped with no punishment.

100% of the enforcers present were bad.

Their fellow enforcers on the Mesa, Arizona police department defended them online.


Kinda” reminds me of the aftermath of Waco and Ruby Ridge!

Wild Bill

Imbecils can not commit murder in any degree. They lack the proper Mens Rea. You have created a defense for him.

Last edited 12 days ago by Wild Bill

that is how the system justifies itself ,

Wild Bill

The concept of “A guilty mind combined with a guilty act” in Anglo/American law goes back to earliest legal records along with “Jury of your Peers”.


Good grief. “REALLY?”

Wild Bill

Just writing to inform.


most fit that description


Sure, Boom, stand there and get up in her grille about violating the “law”? Sure thing. She’d hide that evidence, say it never happened, and go do it to the next one. By standing by and RECORDING the violation we now have at least SOMETHING to begin setting things to rights. Besides, get up in the grille of a gummit goon of that order, who thinks SHE owns/controls the entire planet, she’d go to work and find/invent/manufacture some other “violtion” and pull their ticket. Then the owners, being the little guys, would be up a crick with a leakey canoe… Read more »


if you read she did recommend they loose their ffl


…lose their FFL !


Just bought a new gun in OreGONEISTAN a couple weeks ago. It is all on computer now just so it is easier for the ATF not so they can track things. Ya right.

I wonder how long it will be until the UN hacks the database that contains all the sales records. Oh it’s the government, it’s secure, nothing to be concerned about here citizen. Ya, RIGHT!!!!!!!

The government always gets what it wants because the government is by and for the people. YA, RIGHT!!!!!!


by and for the ccp people


I agree and I think that is who we are going to look like if obiden doesn’t challenge Xi pingpong regarding our people going to Taiwan. They already took Hong Kong back and we didn’t do squat.


hongkong was england and they chose to end a contractual lease …this may be lead up to ww3


and we are not the only ones saying that. I heard the same thing on the Mark Levin show the other day from a retired General. Allot weighs in the balance and unfortunately the scales are tipped towards stupid with this administration.


tipped? scale flipped over and fell off on jan6


Flashback: Nancy Pelosi Praised the Storming Wisconsin State Capitol (

Check this out. Read the paragraph below about what Pukeoski had to say about it.


she should have been arrested for instigating


as she should be arrested for Jan 6 for not trying to ensure public safety especially after being warned beforehand that there would be a problem.


Neither did the Brits and the CCP violated the agreement they signed with GB! We had nothing to do with it!
At least they could have sent Meghan and Harry over to try and talk sense into the CCP!

Last edited 12 days ago by Bill

I don’t know anymore. Everything is so twisted but at least I am smart enough to realize when someone is trying to BS me. FJB he is BS

Dubi Loo

You’re not paranoid if they are truly out to get you.


Oh, they didn’t mean to violate anything…. They’re sorry and promise not To do it again. They will look into it and correct anything that was wrong, so that everybody will be happy. Just relax everybody, nothing to see here move along. In a couple of weeks and it’ll be forgotten and life will go on. Enjoy the rest of the day

Last edited 12 days ago by BillyBobTexas

Exactly but since they have it on camera, hopefully that bought the protection they need to keep their business open or will they close them anyway out of retaliation.



They weren’t copying anything.They were merely checking text messages on their phone the entire time they were turning pages! Nothing to see here. These aren’t the droids you’re looking for. Move along now.


How is this not “civil rights violation under color of the law” and violation of the 4th Amendment?


The Administrative State is the clear and present danger to your liberty. In this particular case you have a Rogue Federal Agent from a well known Rogue Federal Agency who is in clear violation of ATFE regulations. Why use a cell phone? The regulation states photocopy for a reason. A cell phone picture cannot comply with chain of custody requirements in the first place. But secondly it can be readily distributed outside of the evidence chain. I would be watchful to see if ATFE gleaned ‘evidence’ shows up in the hands of one of the many nongovernmental groups working actively… Read more »


this could be where agents are getting address to do “checks”


Maybe we need an CME or EMP. Sure would make life easier for gun owners!


Register atf assholes……NOT GUNS

ALL atf employees…… parasites should be REQUIRED to publish/list their home addresses as a condition of drawing a tax funded paycheck.


Just another Dirty, Rotten, Stinky, Cant Understand Normal Thinker with a badge!


Interesting video. Typical, arrogant government employee – unwilling to discuss the issue at hand and immediately resorts to using the power of her authority to get her way.

Arizona senators aren’t going to help Black Metal Firearms (BMF), but BMF may want to contact their Representative and at least give the person a heads up.

There have been a number of incidents of the BATFE following orders to intimidate Constitution-abiding Americans. Where are all those Republican legislators who said they were going to fight for our rights (when they were looking for our votes)?


Andy Biggs and Paul Gosar are your go to for AZ Congressional folks. At the state level get ahold of my Senator, Senator Sonny “Gunny” Borelli. We don’t play these games out here.


It happened in Arizona.

I should have written “U.S. senators from Arizona” aren’t going to help BMF.

Maybe BMF can get some help from their state legislators and/or U.S. Representative.

The Crimson Pirate

FFLs have been reporting ATF copying and/scanning their entire log books since the 90’s. No matter how many times this comes up or how much evidence of it there is nothing ever seems to be done.


Fox watching the hen house!


The examples of our government’s intentions to compile an illegal list of citizens goes on and on. More and more people are comparing this to Germany and the disarming of it’s citizens right before WWII. How many times does history have to repeat itself? The writing on the wall is very clear, when any government is willing to break it’s own laws to disarm it’s Citizens, wake up, the history books are full of Freedoms Lost.


I believe the information is compiled for the UN and the NWO obiden says we can’t stop that he wants so much to be a ruler in.


Everyone of the “Globalests’ thinks they will be incharge when the “New world order takes affect.

Last edited 12 days ago by Cruiser

Many Feds will do unthinkable acts of dishonesty and hate towards innocent American citizens. Careers and pensions are always the priority with these
money trough feeders. Things must change quickly or we no longer have any government. Ex: Germany 1935-1945


And what was the agents name ? Not hard to find a address. Expose & shun them.


Nothing new back in 1994 just before the AWB was passed several FFL holder I knew.

Told me agents came around and copied any information related to the so called Assault weapons that might be banned.

They have been a rogue agency for a very long time along with others.

Our elected officials have not done their job of oversite.

Mostly because the like the results.

Dean Weingarten

Good work, John.

Deplorable Bill

If you think that the atfe is not going to use this info to grab every registered firearm you are very foolish. In the 1930’s Hitler registered firearms “for a kinder, gentler nation”. This resulted in absolute evil taking power after CONFINCATING the registered firearms. This was the run up to WW-2 and the holocausts. If there is only one thing we should absolutely remember about history it is that it repeats itself. They are coming for our firearms, this is a means of doing exactly that. Just because the atfe is a government run organization does not make them… Read more »


The Weimer Republic had the guns registered to prevent them from falling into the wrongs, which turned out to be, as you posted Hitler and the Nazi Regime.


Remember to buy ammo often, always, all the time, & all you can get! If a civil war begins there will be no one to drop a load of ammo to you when you run out!


the prices may suck…running out waiting for help is worse