Miss. Man Pleads Guilty, Possession of Gun, Unlawful User of a Controlled Substance

Editors Note: The following press release is directly from ATF. Regular readers of AmmoLand News know our stance on the unaccountable Federal Agency: No comment. We invite our readers to leave their hard-hitting insights in the comments below.

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Jackson, Miss. – -(AmmoLand.com)-A Forest Mississippi man pled guilty to possession of a firearm by an unlawful user of a controlled substance, announced U.S. Attorney Darren LaMarca and Special Agent in Charge Kurt Thielhorn of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

According to court documents, Braxton Lee McCann, 32, possessed a 9 mm caliber pistol while using methamphetamine daily. Officers of the Scott County, Mississippi Sheriff’s Office recovered the firearm on March 25, 2022. Further investigation by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) revealed evidence of McCann’s daily use of methamphetamine.

As an unlawful user of a controlled substance, it is contrary to federal law for McCann to possess any firearm.

McCann pleaded guilty to a violation of Title 18, United States Code, Sections 922(g)(3) and 924(a)(2), which criminalize the possession of firearms by unlawful users of controlled substances. He is scheduled to be sentenced on September 29, 2022 and faces a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison. A federal district court judge will determine any sentence after considering the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines and other statutory factors.

The Scott County Sheriff’s Office and the ATF are investigating the case.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Charles W. Kirkham is prosecuting the case.

This case is being prosecuted as part of the joint federal, state, and local Project Safe Neighborhoods (PSN) Program, the centerpiece of the Department of Justice’s violent crime reduction efforts. PSN is an evidence-based program proven to be effective at reducing violent crime. Through PSN, a broad spectrum of stakeholders work together to identify the most pressing violent crime problems in the community and develop comprehensive solutions to address them. As part of this strategy, PSN focuses enforcement efforts on the most violent offenders and partners with locally based prevention and reentry programs for lasting reductions in crime.

New Orleans Field Division

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Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives

ATF is the federal law enforcement agency responsible for investigating violations of the federal firearms and explosives laws and regulations. More information about ATF and its programs can be found at www.atf.gov.

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives ( ATF )

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When you control the studies released to the media and the medical profession there can only be one outcome. How will the elite take control this has already happened. If we allow the government the ability to disarm the American public as we are all now watching.The attacks on our republic started with a virus 2019 and continue.As many Americans fall for the propaganda that has all been lies from the beginning. Our freedoms are removed daily. We have president that does not know what room he is in the democrats are now speaking of removing Harris as the VP… Read more »


If the government disarms the public then the progression of this virus will outpace the survival rate.  Analysis detailed in a recent case study on a patient diagnosed with a rare form of lymphoma called angioimmunoblastic T cell lymphoma provided strong evidence for unexpected rapid progression of lymphomatous lesions after administration of the BNT162b2 mRNA booster shot  Since these vaccines are specifically designed to induce high and ongoing production of SARS-CoV-2 spike glycoproteins, the implications are ominous. As described above, inhibition of IRF9 will suppress TRAIL and all its regulatory and downstream apoptosis-inducing effects. IRF9 suppression via exosomal microRNA should also be… Read more »


So Says the Illegal Agency!


Well, maybe Feds are waiting for Hunter to become a true felon for all his other illegal Xiden Crime Family Syndicate dealings before charging him with lying on his 4473, prohibited drug user in possession of a firearm……..AND, felon in possession of a gun……somewhere in this world, there will be justice.


So the guy committed a crime while using meth & a firearm ? How did he manage to use daily & not shoot himself or someone else ? The BS laws they create. I could care less what drug he chooses to use. Unless his actions were detrimental to someone else life. I see this as BS. I remember when weed was illegal. And there was a time alcohol was also illegal. Who decides what is legal or not is what’s in question here. Got to protect the real drug dealers. We all know who they are.

Country Boy

“Who decides what is legal or not is what’s in question here.”

My unsderstanding is it is the job of We The People to make these decisions. But no one has bothered to ask me…have they asked you?
No? then it appears the ATF decides for us all who, what, and when someone can own a firearm. Which is totally unconstitutional .Amirite?

Wild Bill

Yes, the law is what the judge says that it it. Until … We the People change the population of the Congress or legislature, who, in turn, change the statute, that we get to interpret, … a bureaucrag disagrees and we all go before the judge … again.


Wild Bill If you want to understand the future look to the past the message is clear. Do not take any more of this so called vaccine it will continue to mutate and progress the virus. The mRNA vaccines manufactured by Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna have been viewed as an essential aspect of our efforts to control the spread of COVID-19. Countries around the globe have been aggressively promoting massive vaccination programs with the hope that such efforts might finally curtail the ongoing pandemic and restore normalcy. Governments are reticent to consider the possibility that these injections might cause harm in… Read more »

Wild Bill

I have never had a Covid inoculation or booster. What ever have you the idea that I had?

Wild Bill

Well, we all kind of decide, in our own sphere, what the law is. For example: I read the hunting regs for the coming year. The regs are complicated, because the legislature has made them that way, but I think I can do some hunting tactic. The game warden, a low level bureaucrat, sees me and decides otherwise. I end up in court asking the judge for a ruling, and the judge makes a decision. Congress amends the federal income tax code. I read it and decide that something or other is depreciable (or deductible as a business expense). The… Read more »


You asked what is there plan The vaccine booster shots weaken the immune system allowing those who comply to continue to spread the coronavirus. As those who build a natural immunity continue to recover much quicker even though the can still become infected. mRNA vaccines promote sustained synthesis of the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein. The spike protein is neurotoxic, and it impairs DNA repair mechanisms. The mRNA vaccines potentially cause increased risk to infectious diseases and cancer. Codon optimization results in G-rich mRNA that has unpredictable complex effects. However, the immune response to the vaccine is very different from that to… Read more »


Awaiting approval

These vaccinations have now been shown to downregulate critical pathways related to cancer surveillance, infection control, and cellular homeostasis. They introduce into the body highly modified genetic material. A preprint has revealed a remarkable difference between the characteristics of the immune.

The vaccine will continue the spread of this coronavirus that is there plan

Wild Bill

I believe you. Glad that I did not get one. I hope that many libtards did.


John,one of my buddies who worked for the same sheriffs dept I did got very sick from that vac. Within a week his skin and eyes turned bright yellow (jaundice) with major abdominal pain. It turned out it somehow screwed up his bile duct and was corrected by surgery. He’s fine now. No more vacs !!!


But he plead guilty, something Hunter will never do or be allowed to do.


My guess public defender told him to do so. Lesser charges.


F’ atf and their extended families. Prosecute them under 18 USC 242.

publish their home addresses.



Selective inforcement of laws make the laws null and void . Braxton’s lawyer needed to bring up Hunter Biden and use it against them in court. They either charge Hunter or drop all charges against Braxton . They can’t continue turn a blind eye because Hunter is corrupt pile of shit Joe Biden’s son .


The average person can’t afford or even find a lawyer that would touch that subject. Best he can expect is a plea deal to a lesser offense


Government thugs bragging about armed robbery, aggravated kidnapping, and violation of rights again.


“The Scott County Sheriff’s Office and the ATF are investigating the case.”


Scott County is a rural county in a red, southern state (but that won’t deter the “myth maintainers”).
If anyone wants to thank Sheriff Michael W. “Mike” Lee for cooperating with the BATFE, Mike can be reached at:
Mike Lee
(601) 469-1511
Thank you for your service, Mike!

Mike, maybe you could call one of your “brothers” out in Malibu and see if they are interested in cooperating with the BATFE and the DEA to arrest Hunter Biden?
I wonder if Mike knows Mississippi Man?




“ABOLISH ATF,RESCIND NFA !” ~ Ope (Will/TEX/et al.)

What about the rural, southern sheriff department?


“As a unlawful user of a controlled substance,it is contrary to federal law for Hunter Biden to possess any firearm” ! But he is and does! Why?


Hunter is a democrat and is therefore immune from prosecution.


So are Undocumented Democrats like Mitch McCornhole

Country Boy

Yep, Mitch mcConnel isn’t eh lily white 2a supporter he wants everyone to think he is. He’s like the summer shoes one wears at the beach.