Once Again for Gun Controllers in the Back: It’s the Criminals

By Larry Keane

New York City: On The Verge Of Meltdown - Part 4
New York’s gun laws are a mess. Antigun politicians passing them don’t have a clue. IMG iStock-1155292721

U.S.A. -(AmmoLand.com)- New York’s gun laws are a mess. Antigun politicians passing them don’t have a clue. Worse yet, the people facing consequences are law-abiding New Yorkers.

They’re also the ones facing danger. Case in point – New York City’s Democratic Mayor Eric Adams recent reveal. The mayor told the media, “When it comes to guns, this year, 2,386 people were arrested with a gun. Of those, approximately 1,921 are out on the street.

“This year, 165 people were arrested with a second gun charge,” Mayor Adams added. “Of those, 82 — out on the street. Not one arrest but two gun arrests — back out on the street.”

Does He Listen?

Mayor Adams won election on a “tough on crime” message. He said he would carry his own firearm and forego using the mayor’s personal security detail. “We cannot have a city where people are afraid to walk the streets,” he proclaimed early in his tenure.

He’s now singing a different tune. “How do you take a gun law seriously when the overwhelming numbers are back on the streets after carrying a gun?” he unironically asked media.

New Yorkers know criminals don’t take laws seriously. That’s why law-abiding New Yorkers have been screaming for years as gun control politicians in Albany impose stricter gun control laws on them, not criminals.

New Yorkers rejected restrictions and legally purchased firearms in record numbers, despite the state’s restrictive and burdensome process to obtain a handgun permit. Since 2020, nearly 1 million New Yorker’s have passed an FBI National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) verification on buying a firearm. Industry research continues to show “self-defense” is the number one reason buyers walk out of a retailer with a new purchase. That’s especially true of African American women in New York City and across the country.

Soft on Criminals, Hard on Industry

New York’s backward gun control laws are only half the problem. Soft-on-criminal prosecutors refusing to hold criminals accountable allow the cycle to continue. Notorious criminal sympathizer Chesa Boudin was given the boot and recalled as San Francisco’s District Attorney. Nearby Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon possibly faces a similar fate.

Manhattan’s District Attorney Alvin Bragg is cut of the same cloth. His office refuses to bring charges against repeat criminals, allowing them to walk back out on the streets and terrorize victims.

In New York, it’s not just about Democratic Gov. Kathy Hochul, Mayor Adams, and DA Bragg’s collective failure to address crime and keep New Yorkers safe. Democratic Attorney General Leticia James joined to do her part to crush New Yorkers’ Second Amendment rights by suing gun companies for crimes unrelated to the lawful sale of the firearm.

“There should be no more immunity for gun distributors bringing harm and havoc to New York,” AG James said.

Her premise is a lie, of course, exactly like that repeated ad nauseum by President Joe Biden and gun control pundits. They prefer deflecting blame on a lawful and Constitutionally-protected industry from those actually responsible for gun crimes. It’s the reason for the bipartisan Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA). President Biden and others have repeatedly been fact-checked about their false claims.

New Yorkers wanting safer communities must feel like they’re in a madhouse. Their state’s highest elected officeholders dismiss criminals as the root of the problem. They then pass more flawed and unconstitutional laws while refusing to hold criminals to account. The result is a circular blame game.

One thing New Yorkers can do to change the game in their favor is #GUNVOTE this November. They can send a clear message to the antigun politicians in New York their rights – and their safety – aren’t a game.

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Communists like the DemoKKKrats and Repuckacans do not deem to hear the TRUTH from the American Citizens from whom salaries and jobs come from! Time for the THINKING American Citizens to REMOVE these COMMIES — LEGALLY!!!!!!!!!


Catch and release of violent criminals has consequences. They don’t respect any laws and go right back to breaking laws when released.


If and when these career criminals do go to prison they are not being punished. They are educated (both lawfully and unlawfully) and get a free membership to the gym to build up muscles needed to commit further crimes. Jail is no longer punishment.


And the one guy who came up with a long term solution to the catch/entertain/release plan got pilloried and run out of office for DOING something about it. His name is JOe Arpaio. His recivism rate was effectively ZERO. And he did it for far less money than his predecessors spent.


Yep. Too bad Arpaio didn’t hand the baton to a handpicked successor instead of wasting $13.5m trying to hang on when he was nearly 90, so now Maricopa’s full retard. Then spoiled a US Senate race. Delusional? corrupt? Both? I got a corruption vibe when he kept fundraising the day before Trump pardoned him, they day of, the day after, and so on, for “legal expense”, even though the county was paying; soaking loyal supporters.

Last edited 1 month ago by Russn8r

Joe just lost a primary race for mayor of Fountain Hills. He was a great Jailer…. Sheriff not so much.


OMG. l wish that people would STOP writing articles about how the Ieft is missing it on crime with all of their gun-control ruIes/Iaws/biIIs. The Ieft is NOT interested in stopping or reducing crime and it is NOT about the chiIdren. lt is merely about disarmament — THAT IS ALL!


I find it difficult to have a lot of sympathy for New Yorkers. Always remember; they voted these dirtbags into office and keep voting them in, so I guess that the dirtbag politicians are just doing the will of their constituents- elections have consequences, so suck it up or vote em out , New York. Do not move to a Red state and bring your dirtbag politics with you.


I’d agree, except for ONE “small” detail: ever hear of a certain part of New York’s sordid history called Tammany Hall? Or how’s about a disgusting character named Tim Sullivan?
COrruption has run SO deep for SO long in NYC and S it is part of the landscape, just like the Hudson River. Until the festering wounds get opened up, cleaned ut, disinfected, and CLEAN dressings put on, New Yorkers will never know liberty. Perhaps this partly explains the YUUUUGE numbers of folks who have voted with their feet. Last HONEST man out please close the lights.

Wild Bill

Yes, and NY political corruption goes back even farther. A fellow named George Clinton built the first NY political machine during the time of the Congress under the Articles of Confederation (known as the Confederation Congress).
George Clinton is famous for opposing the Constitution and is one of the people that created the political ruling class that exists to this day.

Last edited 1 month ago by Wild Bill

These politicians can make unconstitutional laws and have absolutely no skin in the game. A citizen can file a 1983 tort and win and actually get money out of the state, the tax payer, for the infringement but the lawmakers can turn around and pass another unconstitutional law. What needs to happen is the lawmakers need to be held responsible right along with the tax payer for these unconstitutional laws. Once you start digging in their pockets they will think twice before violating your rights. These laws are blatant thumbing of their noses at the Bruen decision and the rights… Read more »


Please NYS NYC is a mess controlled by the democrats for way to long I am sorry to say the people who live in the state are allowing this to happen. There is not one good reason for the justification of any new gun laws anywhere in the country.

The only new law that is needed is for the people to be able to remove political rugrats that endanger us all with the ease of taking out the garbage


The RugRat Removal Laws ARE in place but to my knowledge never have been applied to any guiltyparty. EVERY ONE of these office holders/place at the trough occupiers swears an oath to uphold and defend and fiathfuly execute the laws of the land as a precondition to holding that pobulc position of authority. WHEN has any one of them EVER been charged with felony perjury for refusing to KEEP that oath? Start right there. Once so convicted (now THERE’s the rub, eh?) they can never hold public office again. Taking out the trash takes a bit of time and effort,… Read more »


The Major is a clueless idiot. Just because he used to be a cop doesn’t mean a thing. He is controlled the the Ultra far left Democrat dictator wannabes. If he had a decent bone in his body he would resign.


Your mistaken about Adams being controlled,
He is a far leftist liberal pile of crap all on his own.