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AmmoLand News on Telegram 10/2021

USA – -( AmmoLand News is on Telegram! Do you follow us?

Join us along with 550 million other patriots as we move off of the corrupt major social media platforms to new networks that do not censor and blacklist our messages.

In recent weeks the Telegram app has experienced explosive growth.

Russian-born Pavel Durov, along with his brother Nikolai, is the founder and creator of Telegram. Pavel Durov once won fame as ‘Russia’s Mark Zuckerberg’ before being pushed out of his first company—and his home country.

“Telegram, another messaging platform similar to Whatsapp, gained ground on its rivals after Facebook faced a six-hour outage on Monday. The company added over 70 million new users in a single day.

The founder of the company, Pavel Durov said in a post in his own channel, “The daily growth rate of Telegram exceeded the norm by an order of magnitude, and we welcomed over 70 million refugees from other platforms in one day.”

Regular readers of AmmoLand News have been asking us for our TG page link? We had kept our page announcement under wraps for a few weeks as the page populated with our current news stories and now here it is! We are prepared to keep reporting and bring the heat to gun banners but we can’t do it alone we need you viewing, liking, commenting, and sharing our hard-hitting reports with your fellow Americans and the world.

AmmoLand News investigative journalist John Crump had this to say about Telegram.

“We hear a lot about platforms being for free speech or allowing for anonymous speech. But most have restrictive terms of service or can be subpoenaed.

Telegram is not only a true free speech platform but has shown the will to move the company to a different country before handing over customer records. They protect the whistleblowers that makes my job possible”, said John.

Now it is time you help AmmoLand News build our page following on the Telegram app.

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Unlicensed Bozo

Whats wrong with this site? works for me. I’m not on social media.


I agree. I am not on social media either and and I contribute to this site only. Why? because other sites are owned by socialist/communist demonkkkrats that are rich and are interested in comments and information that follow their agenda only. All others are destroyed. That’s manipulative and deceptive and I won’t stand for it or support it.


not on any of bs either


Like all social aps, I will just say “no”.


this is about as social as we get as a group


Exactly! Well said.


Signal cannot be subpoenaed either. Even the apps creator cannot decrypt any messages, thus, they cannot indulge law enforcement or the government when it comes to subpoenas.


clicked by mistake


social media is socialism I do not use any form of this propaganda controlled sharing of personal thoughts. NSA tracks the free world noting you do electrony is not stored even your automobile when it is attached to your phone or you have wifi or just plan using navigation.


Telegram was founded by Pavel Durov, a member of the World Economic Forum, it is likely a surveillance site.

Dogma Factor

All social media is corrupt no matter what you call it! It’s best to stay away from all of it by not making any accounts on any platform. They all track you via your device, they all harvest your personal data, they all sell and share your data and your soul!

Henry Bowman

Then why are you here? The NSA tracks everyone who visits this site, and follows visitors here to the other sites they frequent! Or are you afraid that gun owners may organize online and cause positive change??
As for my soul, Jesus holds title to that; he paid for it!

Mr. Sulu, take us out, Derp Factor 5!


Had no idea I was being watched especially by the NSA I thought I was just on ammo website checking s*** out

Last edited 7 months ago by Mustangalpha6
Henry Bowman

Yes, and now that the trolls here saw you reply to me, you’re now a new member of the “Downvote the Good Guys Club”.

The more downvotes, the more you’re on target. Welcome!


Yeah. It doesn’t work. Tried to download Telegram and all it did was save the file (supposedly) and then it did not download it. There is no way to download it. There is no way to contact anyone for assistance. The usual piece of tech trash that is useless.

Ansel Hazen

“Telegram also offers apps for iOS, Linux, macOS, and Windows. You can use Telegram through a web portal, too, but you need to create your account with one of its mobile apps.”


Worked in and around startups for a decade. This is absolutely a Russian based app. They are outside the United States, that’s why they cannot be subpoenaed. Love me some Ammoland, it’s a shame they had to go outside the STATES.


Is the United States already in the war in the Ukraine / Financially Yes as for our military we are very close with a president who can not remember what he did an hour earlier.

      I think that what’s really important here are the troops that the United States has sent, and it’s not just the 101st Airborne and the 82nd Airborne, it’s sending heavy armored brigades. And I think sending even more of those armored brigades would be a good idea. Former U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates 

Wild Bill

Yep, we, Americans, are involved. The Biden string pullers are financing Putin and the Russian army.


550Million ?


I seem to have heard wiki don’t confirm info. Have you found anyother sites that would confirm wiki info?


I don’t trust wikipedia on political issues, would never donate to it, but many things on it are ok. If wiki had an article that said “gun control is bad”, some mindless types would take the contrary view just because it’s wiki. Same for snopes. Snopes distorts issues, but often the hoaxes they bust are indeed hoaxes, put out by “conservatives” psyop types to make real conservatives who forward them look like chumps.


Do not trust anything from wikipedia. Actually, it is virtue signaling every time someone posts anything from wikipedia.


I’m already using Signal Private Messenger, fully encrypted SMS app. I’m not changing yo another one. Sorry. I sure hope you keep sending the news via email.



Henry Bowman

If you want REAL free speech, not empty promises or pitches, there is only one. GAB!

AZ Lefty

No thanks I do not want Putin to have my info

Boris Badenov

Comrade, they are not in Russia, but they are Russians, they are bouncing around in the Middle East, trying to stay ahead of the Glorious Leader if I am not mistaken

AZ Lefty

So they claim


Where is Natachia? I think I spelled her name wrong. Oops.


You’d have to ask Rocky and Bullwinkle.


muslims don’t have a birthday. They are like horses. When a horse is born and is registered, it’s birthdate is 01/01/?? for the year that it was born. Use your favorite year for your birthdate and say you were born on 01/01 and use a fake name. 1776 won’t work because the system is smart enough to know that you would be dead but 1976 will and it is the anniversary date of the most special date in American history. Your son or daughters birth year could work too. Hope this helps. Additional info. In the muslim religion it is… Read more »

Ansel Hazen

Maybe even time for some modern day “Boondock Saints”.

Never Apologize For Being A Patriot.


Their one tactic that we should employ, is finality.


Bet you don’t mind lizard-boy having your info, Comrade.

Last edited 8 months ago by Russn8r

Your leader comrade Biden has already bowed to Russia and China . Joe already surrendered your info to both Russia and China but you keep up the false narrative that your info is safe . Is you head in the sand like an ostrich or up your rectal port like Joe Bidens head .