NJ Permits to Carry Restrictions Part of a RICO Scheme?


FPC, SAF, NJ2AS Challenge New Jersey Handgun Carry Ban
In only what could be described as a conspiracy against the citizens of New Jersey, there have been rumors and confirmed cases of judges in certain counties placing ridiculous and unconstitutional restrictions on some of the permits to carry that are being issued. IMG Allexxandar-iStock-884194316

New Jersey – -(AmmoLand.com)- In only what could be described as a conspiracy against the citizens of New Jersey, there have been rumors and confirmed cases of judges in certain counties placing ridiculous and unconstitutional restrictions on some of the permits to carry that are being issued. Recently I reported about Francisco v. Cooke over at Bearing Arms, and covered one of the only permits to carry that I’m aware of being issued in Monmouth County, Francisco’s.

Francisco Holding up HIs Permit to Carry

The permit was issued probably begrudgingly because a higher court told the lower they needed to revisit it in the light of NYSRPA v. Bruen. Francisco’s case still has live injury claims, and they intend to move forward, but the issuance of his permit only further opened Pandora’s box of infringement. Instead of issuing a normal unrestricted permit, or one relegated to the firearms Francisco provided proof of ownership of, he was issued a permit that essentially gave him fewer privileges than not having one would.

All this news, of course, comes at the heels of reporting that permits to carry are being issued in New Jersey. As reported previously here at AmmoLand News, we confirmed the issuance of two permits to carry by interviewing recipients, and vetting them. I also looked deeper at the restrictions being placed on permits to carry over at Bearing Arms. Since the decision has been handed down by the High Court, people have been scrambling to get issued their permits, and there’s been no shortage of newsworthy rumors.

What’s not a rumor, though, is that the court order [embedded below] that Francisco was issued with his permit to carry in Monmouth County closely resembles a court order that’s circulating online from neighboring Ocean County. I did get verbal confirmation from a trusted source that the Ocean County order is real and that equally egregious restrictions are being placed on permits to carry there. All to equally…

Ocean County Court Order

I talked to one source, a permit to carry recipient from Ocean County who wishes to remain anonymous, and they told me that there’s another rumor circulating. While myself and my contact have yet to verify this information, the rumor is that Ocean County is allegedly sending out letters, or going to, to permit to carry recipients that received non-restricted permits that they’re going to be issued a new permit and accompanying court order that matches the highly restricted one. Another online rumor, completely unverified, stated that these restrictions are going to become the standard in how everyone receives their permits in New Jersey.

Looking at the verified Francisco court order and the confirmed Ocean County order, we have the following places where carry is restricted:

Monmouth County Restrictions Ocean County Restrictions
Schools/Educational Institutions Schools/Educational Institutions
Government buildings Government buildings
Legislative assemblies Legislative assemblies
Polling places Polling places
Courthouses Courthouses
Shopping malls (if restricted by the private entity Shopping malls (if restricted by the private entity)
Private property/businesses (if restricted by the private entity Private property/businesses (if restricted by the private entity)
Bars and nightclubs Bars and nightclubs
Any location where alcohol is served or any facility with a license for on-premises cannabis consumption Any location where alcohol is served or any facility with a license for on-premises cannabis consumption
Any place or time that a permit holder is ingesting any intoxicating substance, regardless of whether the permit holder is actually intoxicated, impaired, or under the influence Any place or time that a permit holder is ingesting any intoxicating substance, regardless of whether the permit holder is actually intoxicated, impaired, or under the influence
Also, while any permit holder who is operating or riding in a motor vehicle, the handgun must be stored in the trunk and unloaded pursuant to N.J.S.A. 2C:39-6(g) Also, no permit holder who is operating or riding in or on a motor vehicle may carry a firearm (with regard to motor vehicles, any firearms must be stored in the trunk and unloaded pursuant to N.J.S.A. 2C-39-6(g))
Any place where carrying a firearm is prohibited by federal, state, or local law. Any place where carrying a firearm is prohibited by federal law

Those are the core restrictions that were placed on the Monmouth County and Ocean County orders. Looking over them, they sure do look substantially identical, don’t they? With the exception of a few dropped parentheses and a little extra English being placed on Ocean’s order concerning transport in a car, these orders are the same.

There’s clearly a conspiracy against our civil liberties transpiring; it’s just a matter of where is this coming from and who’s exactly behind it. Is this just a couple of judges who happen to hang out at the same country club trading ideas? Or is this a bigger scheme? 

Regardless, the cavalier nature of the orders being nearly identical tips the hand that there is communication about how to restrict people’s rights. These identical orders are big bread crumbs that are going to target parties as co-conspirators. 

The NYSRPA v. Buen order from the Supreme Court of the United States, in case someone in New Jersey needs to be reminded that the order came from THE SCOTUS, clearly outlines that such sensitive place restrictions are unconstitutional. These court orders directly go against the spirit of NYSRPA.

To be clear, even if a modern-day regulation is not a dead ringer for historical precursors, it still may be analogous enough to pass constitutional muster. For example, courts can use analogies to “longstanding” “laws forbidding the carrying of firearms in sensitive places such as schools and government buildings” to determine whether modern regulations are constitutionally permissible. Id., at 626. That said, respondents’ attempt to characterize New York’s proper-cause requirement as a “sensitive-place” law lacks merit because there is no historical basis for New York to effectively declare the island of Manhattan a “sensitive place” simply because it is crowded and protected generally by the New York City Police Department. Pp. 17–22.

The orders seem to be trying to make everywhere a gun owner may go a sensitive place, aside from the guidelines being unsafe on how one’s supposed to arm themselves when they’re at their destination…strapping their pistol to their hip after loading it in some supermarket parking lot, in clear view of over-caffeinated Karens itching to call the police and SWAT someone.

Since the orders come from the judges themselves, they do have the power not to follow suit with what might be suggested to them. Being judges, it’s at their discretion how to handle these matters, and how these orders were handled is malarkey.

Further, judges should not be involved in this matter at all (clearly), especially since this is an executive function. While we all know that Governor “gonna try and run for President,” Murphy has a disdain for and loathes firearms and firearm owners; it’s the duty of his Attorney General and his office to ensure these matters are taken care of. The judge needs to be removed from the process. What’s Murphy’s opinion on what kind of restrictions should be placed on permit to carry holders?

Allowing ordinary citizens to carry concealed weapons into stores and malls, on mass transit, in daycare centers and hospitals, in polling places, or in bars and restaurants does not make us safer.

And it does not make our police safer as they do their jobs.

A right to carry a concealed weapon is, in actuality, a recipe for tragedy.

So, today, I am signing an executive order directing all state departments and agencies to review all statutes, rules, and regulations pertaining to them to determine what steps they can administratively take to prevent gun violence. This includes the ability to designate certain areas as gun-free, as well as their authority to regulate how firearms are carried, transported, or conveyed. 

Further, while the Supreme Court may have dispensed with common sense, it did affirm the longstanding rules that have prohibited the carrying of firearms in certain sensitive locations, such as schools and government buildings.

I look forward to working with my legislative partners to put legislation on my desk to expand the number of places where firearms cannot be carried, including …

… Locations where there will be a high density of people, including stadiums and arenas, amusement parks, bars and restaurants where alcohol is served, and public transit, among others.

… Locations with inherently vulnerable populations, such as daycare and child care facilities, hospitals and other health-care centers, and long-term care facilities and nursing homes.

… And buildings where important governmental or First Amendment-protected activities take place, including government buildings and other locations where governmental bodies may meet, polling places, courthouses and police stations, and any places where demonstrations and protests, or licensed gatherings, may occur.

This legislation should also set a default rule that firearms cannot be carried on to private property unless the property owner expressly communicates their permission – whether it be a shopping mall, a supermarket, or simply their own neighbor’s home.

That will protect homeowners and businesses who do not want firearms to proliferate in their homes and stores, while fully respecting everyone’s private property rights.

I’m not going to say the judges read Murphy’s list of desires, but it sure does look like they did, and then some.

The matter of carrying in New Jersey, in particular Monmouth and Ocean Counties, along with other counties NOT issuing permits at all, is going to unfortunately continue. The next course of action? Hard telling. There are already a number of cases challenging New Jersey’s permit to carry laws, but these restrictions are new developments. These are beyond what many imagined would occur. Whoever’s behind this needs to be held accountable. Someone needs to be held accountable. These orders, Murphy’s desires, and what’s going on stinks with the stench of racketeering and conspiracy.

In my opinion, New Jersey is ripe for some RICO cases to start to fly (as they have been prime for that for decades), in addition to ones targeting these acts as civil rights violations.

“The constitutional right to bear arms in public for self-defense is not “a second-class right, subject to an entirely different body of rules than the other Bill of Rights guarantees.” McDonald, 561 U. S., at 780 (plurality opinion)”

Cases to follow:

The Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Clubs, along with the National Rifle Association and Coalition of New Jersey Firearms Owners, have challenged NJ’s statute in Mazahreh v. Platkin and is considered the forerunner in the fight to dismantle NJ’s law as well as being favored to win. There’s also a Second Amendment Foundation, and Firearms Policy Coalition supported case, Bennett v. Davis, and there’s a challenge brought on by a New Jersey Second Amendment historian, Jay Factor, who is also challenging New Jersey’s unconstitutional provisions of the law.

For those that are experiencing issues with permitting delays, extra steps to take, or other nonsense from issuing authorities and county courts, reach out to the Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Clubs Permitting StrikeForce and report your issue: [email protected] 

About John Petrolino:

John Petrolino is a US Merchant Marine Officer, writer, author of Decoding Firearms: An Easy to Read Guide on General Gun Safety & Use, and NRA-certified pistol, rifle, and shotgun instructor living under and working to change New Jersey’s draconian and unconstitutional gun laws. You can find him on the web at www.johnpetrolino.com on twitter at @johnpetrolino, facebook at @thepenpatriot, and on instagram @jpetrolinoiii .

John Petrolino
John Petrolino
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Solution, constitution carry in all 50 states . No permit required . FJB and all Democrats !


At the risk of being redundant, The 2nd Amendment is that.
At the risk of being redundant, All of us need to carry openly on a day agreed upon up to the line of prohibition, in such a force as to arouse attention.


Wild Bill

I suppose that it is a little late this year, but how about Independence Day, the Fourth of July every year?


WB… Or maybe 9/11

Wild Bill

Yeah, we all have time to think it over!

Rob J

If I remember correctly, Every 2nd Matters was/is a grassroots effort to promote firearm rights and advocates open carry on the 2nd of every month.

The Crimson Pirate

Adam Kokesh, before he went to hell in a hand basket, tried to organize that some years ago and no one supported him. He then videoed himself loading a shotgun at a well known DC location and got jacked up by the feds.


I remember that now and thought he might run afoul of the authorities. It might be a good idea to post doctored images of large numbers of us racking our shotguns at the same location. It would be one way to get together in a common place (DC courthouse) and discuss things.


Dubi Loo

I guess the “judge” didn’t see what happened in a mall in Indiana?


Any place or time that a permit holder is ingesting any intoxicating substance, regardless of whether the permit holder is actually intoxicated, impaired, or under the influence So what I am reading is that you cannot have a firearm in your possession when you are ingesting at home. Gee, I wonder if my mom will go to jail for eating rum cake, fruit cake or her Burbon balls at Christmas or maybe dad when he drinks a nonalcoholic beer because they still have some alcohol in it. I hope Kate shit stain brown doesn’t read this. My God. Oregonistan. Will… Read more »

Wild Bill

Typical poorly crafted marxist socialist effort.

Rob J

Don’t forget that many condiments contain alcohol as a byproduct of their manufacture. While one can certainly not get drunk off a bottle of Kikkoman soy sauce or Lea and Perrins worcestershire, they do contain “intoxicating substance” that never fully cook out and meet the definition for a prosecutor or judge pushing an agenda.


Some pieces of these orders jump out as more offensive than others. Far and above, the worst is the rule regarding motor vehicles. Also offended by forbidding carry in restaurants or when imbibing in moderation. I enjoy going to dive club meetings in On the border, where I drink the margarita which is obligatory with Tex-Mex. Of course I carry for the drive there, during dinner, presentations and discussion, and on drive home – not to mention walking through parking lot. Huge numbers carry under similar circumstances and I hear of no issues due to it. In defense of the… Read more »


who is going to file the rico case the stosi? i mean fbi , there is not a single government agency that is not so crooked as any one in it could draw a straight line


The democrat party is not constrained by the Constitution . . . or the Supreme Court.
Elect them to a majority that gives them free reign . . . and you no longer live in a free country.

J Gibbons

A Dem majority (net gain of 2 marxists) will mean no filibuster, an expanded court, voting for all illegals and the death of 2A.


no it would mean open civil war , democrats would be fair game in hunting season


Gentlemen, I see there is still activity in this thread. This might be a good place to note that this is Constitution Day. I regret that I did not know that. I was alerted by the 10th Amendment Center, https://tenthamendmentcenter.com/.

New York and their antics are well reflected in Franklin’s and Sherman’s and Dickinson’s warnings. We have what they warned of now in New York City. They said it was our duty to fix these problems that they knew were coming. In the process of doing so I am sure there will be risk. Nonetheless, I see no choice.



HLB, the reason it’s at this point is because they were allowed to take it to this point without any resistance. It’s always a lot easier to nip this tyranny in the bud than to get to this point.

Behind The Lines in N.J.

“I look forward to working with my legislative partners to put legislation on my desk to expand the number of places where firearms cannot be carried, including …” — NJ Gov. (Phil the Bag) Murphy.

I am in favor of making “places where firearms CANNOT be carried” to include places where licensed deer and goose hunters PAY for the privilege of acting as NJ Animal Control Agents in the face of NJ’s burgeoning deer and Canadian Goose populations.


Stop downvoting me, and move. You’re not going to change new jersey. You’re not going to change your nutty ass neighbors. To think that you’re going to do so is absolutely arrogant. You won’t even so much as make a dent.

You won’t even be a speed bump to them. Rolling over you, will be like a Humvee rolling over a small pebble to them. GET REAL. If you and others like you, in that state were able to fight their agenda off; it wouldn’t be where it is now.


I’m really confused as to how you can even call it a RIGHT, if you need PERMISSION ? lol Perhaps people should exercise their right. And take appropriate action against anyone trying to deny you of this RIGHT. And yes I do mean anyone.


Not the least among ridiculous requirements for attaining a NJ concealed carry permit: Three references and testing marksmanship at a target range with the “gun you’ll be carrying”. What if one owns more than one? Must you be restricted to the gun tested? Before NJ residents attain 2A rights resembling even slightly the same enjoyed by residents in neighboring Pennsylvania, it will be a long legal battle.


PA isn’t that friendly when you get to the meat & bones. But it definitely isn’t as far gone YET, as a few other States.


In all honesty, the list of restrictions differs only slightly from the laws in other States. The egregious one is carrying in a vehicle – that’s pure B.S.. As for alcohol, most States have Bars and Taverns off limits but allow restaurants if more than 50% of proceeds come from food. Only a few States allow alcohol consumption while carrying. Malls, businesses and private property are only prohibited “if restricted.” No different than most over places in the country that have a no guns allowed sign posted, though violation probably has severe consequences. I’m not defending New Jersey. If the… Read more »


“Also, while any permit holder who is operating or riding in a motor vehicle, the handgun must be stored in the trunk and unloaded pursuant to N.J.S.A. 2C:39-6(g)”

So – as the Supreme Court ruled, now in NJ everyone can get an unrestricted permit to carry a firearm unloaded and locked in their trunk.
(That’ll do you a lot of good when being carjacked!)

. . . but it WILL keep NJ State Police safe from legal concealed carriers during traffic stops.
(Totalitarians are not worried about YOUR safety)


Why don’t yall just move? I mean, really…if being free is so important to you… Why don’t you either, 1) mount an attack 2) ..or move? Why would you want these marxist for neighbors anyways? WHATS SO GOOD ABOUT NEW JERSEY? No, while I do see; that no; you shouldn’t *have* to move… But when you are constantly being stepped on… ? My grandmother always used to say, “never be anywhere where you’re not wanted”. Stop crying about it. This is so much deeper than firearms/2nd amendment… Either, initiate a revolution, or move….find new employment ELSEwhere. Easier said than done,… Read more »


Hey BOOM, what’s up. Here is my new thought after almost dying last month. Why should I give it over to the idiots. The left is taking the west coast and the leftists are moving from the middle out here making their population stronger. The coast has the nicest weather. Less change in temperature through the day, usually cooler and greener. Less cost to heat your home in winter and I don’t even own an air conditioner or swamp cooler. We have plenty of fish both ocean and stream, crab, mussel, clam, shrimp, oysters and deer, elk, turkey, bear, cats,… Read more »


Well…yeah.. that was a very well thought out, well written statement.. you fully conveyed the implications of it all to me. But. It’s New Jersey. I can understand, or well I can almost understand putting up with it for the Pacific Northwest / Oregon… But New Jersey? Eah, you know what? It doesn’t matter… It doesn’t matter where we are… It’s over with. We’re not stopping this. The only thing that we can do, is die for our principles.. but we won’t stop the “progress”.. Time waits for no man… I’m not necessarily speaking to you about this…I’m just saying… Read more »


I know how you feel and I understand what you are saying. My problem is I don’t like what is going on with everything and I just can’t quit or give up because I am not dead yet. I can’t even tell you why I am like that, but I always have been. Things will change, the question is will it be for the better or the worse. If we give up on trying or believing we will lose and America’s destruction will be on the completion cycle of the NWO and we will never get it back. Please don’t… Read more »


Yeah, that’s pretty good.. I agree…but, I don’t think it’s going to be a linear type thing… Even if succession happens…for example… “It’s” still over with.. the world as we know it, the nation as would know it, is over with… Then, with this divided nation, where will the NWO stand then?…or the application thereof… I’m wouldn’t advocate giving up, no..of course not.. but it’s important to properly understand the true gravity of the situation….and as we know it, KNEW it… “It’s” over with. No one likes survival talk and planning more than I do… But a lot of people… Read more »


Just got your reply. I cannot argue your points as they are all valid. The difference I see is that your society would be a society that progresses from where it is and moves on. I look at it allot different. I think we would go backwards and digress for quite a while because it will be a long war and think of the days when the horse and buggy ruled, and electronics didn’t exist and every man fended for himself. The Indians roamed with the house, kids and all. Things are allot different now but if we have a… Read more »


I looks like My next comment moderated.. and for no real reason, either… Might be time for me to leave ammoland.


I got your message that was being held.


Oh yeah, and you’d have to a a quarry and a concrete plant, too.. I forgot about that …. Haha. But yes, it be nice if it went dark.. instead of having to fight on their level.. But I guess the direction I was going was, you know what has alot of these resources already in place? Your (our) state(s)…. Louisiana is viewed as a poor state, but nothing could be further from the truth…yes, it’s a corrupt state… And some parts are poorer than others .. Central Louisiana for example is economically depressed…whereas the Lafayette–Acadiana metro/statistical area is absolutely… Read more »


I have a feeling that the real reason for the ARMED IRS FORCE is because the current liar and thief is concerned that after the November election, he is going into hyperdrive and allot of people are going to refuse to pay their taxes. I myself don’t like my taxes being used for abortion clinics or being sent to Iran and other countries that hate us.




Sad to live somewhere no-one asks “why do you have ‘that’ gun.” I’m so happy to live where I am likely to be asked that question and get into a conversation about relative merits of ‘that gun’ versus ‘this gun’. Power, cost of use, weight, recoil, ease of use, accuracy (mechanical and practical), reliability, durability, parts availability/standardization and of course ergonomics and fit. What works for me may or may not work for you. 🙂


Much like the q continuum, it’s already all been said here before..


What the hell does that word mean?


Haha, you know; Q… The omnipotent entity in startrek…

I may have just ruined whatever credibility I may or may not of had…


Uhh,.. OK bro, I’ll take your word for it. Thanks for the clarification.


You should watch star trek, it is a road map of things to come.


Boom, for whatever reasons I’ve never been a fan of Star Trek. Even from the original series to where we are now just doesn’t interest me at all. I have a very good friend that lives and breathes Star Trek and is an expert on it. A trekker is think he calls himself?


I think the word is trekkie…or a trekkie is the female, and trekker is male… I wouldn’t call myself a trekker…but I’ll tell ya this… Wayyyy back in the day, maybe around Roswell time period.. some of the greatest scientific minds were called to the White House and had a meeting about the encroaching alien threat… Gene Roddenberry was in that meeting… It wasn’t long after that, that Star Trek was born.. I look at everything that has come from Star Trek… Mini skirts… They had handheld tablets before they existed… Look at kirks communicator..a flipface phone… Look at the… Read more »

Last edited 3 days ago by Boom

funny part is touch screens are 1970s tec pre mouse , so …and they did not work the same, was actually sensors around edge that read position of finger, problem was ones on bottom were forever getting dirty