Times Square Gun-Free Zone Plans Leave the Obvious Unmentioned

Utterly incapable of protecting their constituents, Gov. Hochul, Commissioner Sewell, and Mayor Adams figure the next best thing is to keep their constituents from protecting themselves. (NYC Mayor’s Office/YouTube)

U.S.A. – -(Ammoland.com)- “A few blocks from New York City’s famed Times Square, a roadside sign flashed a warning to anyone visiting the so-called crossroads of the world,” the U.S. edition of the UK’s The Guardian “reported” Sept. 3. “‘Times Square Gun Free Zone,’ the LED-style sign announced in all-caps orange lettering.

“Licensed gun carriers and others may not enter unless otherwise specifically authorized by law,” the warning flashed. “Violation of this prohibition is a felony.”

It’s all part of the city’s desperate maneuvering to defy the Supreme Court’s Bruen ruling that overturned unconstitutional restrictions on the right of the people to keep and bear arms. The strategy here is to designate “sensitive areas” pretty much wherever they want. Combine that with other infringements, like denying concealed carry permits based on arbitrary “social media history” judgments and it’s clear that the Democrats in charge have no intention of complying with the law.

They never did, of course, as the city’s long history of extreme citizen disarmament proves.

“Later today, the city will post temporary signage around Times Square informing those traveling through that the area is a gun-free zone, and licensed gun carriers and others may not enter with a firearm unless otherwise specially authorized by law,” an Aug. 31 edict from Mayor Eric Adams announces.

If this is allowed to stand, what’s to keep borders from being moved outward? (Mayor Eric Adams/Facebook)

“Signage will be posted at other ‘sensitive locations’ in the near future,” the diktat further threatens.

Take that to mean you can’t have a permitted gun with you in a private automobile, either. The entire city is being turned into a “patchwork quilt” designed to make it impossible to travel within its limits without violating the law.

What was the whole point of Bruen, again?

And while “law-abiding” New Yorkers are scrambling to exercise their rights without ending up having their government (which supposedly exists “to secure the Blessings of Liberty”) take all their freedom away over citizen disarmament “violations,” there’s one population that never concerns itself overmuch with “commonsense gun safety laws”– except to exploit them by picking defenseless victims. I’m talking, of course, of the Big Apple’s criminal population, supposedly prohibited by law from having guns.

And how successful have those laws proven to be?

For the month of July 2022, the number of overall shooting incidents increased in New York City compared with July 2021, highlighting the continuing need to eradicate gun violence and end the perception among criminals that there are no consequences for violent crimes. Citywide shooting incidents increased by 13.4% (178 v. 157), driven by upticks in Brooklyn, southern Queens, and Staten Island. Additionally, the number of murders citywide increased for the month by 34.3% (47 v. 35) compared to the same period last year.

That’s despite arrests and firearms seizures also being up. Because so is an overall crime, up over 30 percent since a comparable period in 2021. So what would scream “Public Safety!” louder than the people who can’t stop predatory violence cracking down on a victim pool that potentially could — or would at least have a fighting chance if their “public servants” didn’t forbid it?

In fairness, chances are most wouldn’t. After all, New Yorkers voted their oppressors into power and by all accounts will continue to do so overwhelmingly. And not only that, the “leaders” they enable and the ideological sentiments they perpetuate are doing their damnedest to mandate their contemptibility on the rest of the Republic and turn it all into one big designated “sensitive area.”

By all means, continue with lawsuits to force the city into whatever level of compliance will p*** Democrats off the most, but the reality is, those who are willing enablers of tyranny make it awful damn hard to care if they all end up “hoist with their own petard.”

As an aside, does anyone know if Tucker Carlson has had a chance to modify his unwarranted admiration for Eric Adams yet? If you have the stomach for it, watch the following video and endure the plans of Mayor Adams, Gov. Kathy Hochul, Commissioner Keechant L. Sewell, and others as they prove themselves incapable of doing anything other than defying the Supreme Court and further trampling on the rights of anyone dumb enough to consent to their rule. Keep in mind throughout that it’s been under their watch that things have gone even more to hell.

About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating/defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regularly featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

David Codrea

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When the next mass shooting happens there…NO ONE in the media will blame the governor or officials of NYC will be blamed…only the gun(s), gun manufactures and owners will be…mark my words


Good point, small addition. Only the (legal) gun owners.


if you remember the laws requiring any action like reregistration can not be used against prohibited persons 5th amendment so none of these bs scams apply to criminals in 1968 scotus said as much a criminal did not need to register his machine gun …that is why none of the “add on” charges are ever used

Dry gulched

Another good reason to not go to that Soddam on the Hudson.


YEP. Done. My shadow will NOT darken their doorstep again. Nor San Francisco, nor Seattle, nor Portland, nor East St Louis, nor Chicago , nor…nor….nor….. “As for me and my money..BUH-BYE !!”


I agree and implement the same action 50 years ago. I just don’t see how anyone could like living like rats in a cage stacked on top and beside one another so tight that they don’t even see the ground, trees or air and only buildings. That’s why they treat each other like animals and eat their own. No room to stretch out and relax. Around the camp fire my dad used to play guitar and sing a song called (don’t fence me in). I try and live that song to the best of my ability with limited funds and… Read more »


Listen New Yorkers! You somebitches are tuff and don’t take shit from anybody. It’s up to you and only you to reel these dictators in. Talk to your congressmen and senators, show up at their smug ass conferences and let them know how you feel, write to the paper, talk to your local TV and radio stations, talk to your local policemen (if they are decent officers) your mayor needs bitch slapped in the worst way!


They’re not going to do that.


Nice picture of HYPOCRITES with their Pinocchio noses held high into the air. It makes me wonder if they are trying to smell their own stench over attempting to defeat the LAW OF THE LAND!!! After all, they SWORE an OATH to DEFEND the People they ARE PAID TO SERVE.


I think that is because once they are in the position, they have achieved the goal of being able to dictate to others satisfying their want, need and desire to control others which is why they really wanted the postilion rather than to serve.


These three are praising the installation of a sign with the wrong wording on it. Correctly it would read: ” Welcome Criminals. We Surrender. You’ll Meet With No Resistance Here.” If the people accept this without reprisals, they’ll deserve what they’re going to get. Are these officials so damn dumb that they can’t see it’s an open invitation to increased criminal activity? Not only are they inviting criminality, they’re doing all they can to keep the targets unarmed. If I were affected by this, I would be a criminal for breaking the law by carrying, loaded! BE PREPARED!


You would not be the criminal. The law says SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. Their violation of the law is an INFRINGEMENT. THEY would be the criminals.


Kathy Hochul and mayor Adam’s are in violation of thier oaths to uphold the constitution . They pass laws that are unconstitutional and infringe on the people of New York’s rights and think they are doing the toght thing ? These idiots have zero comprehension skills and fail to understand that what they doing is a crime being committed by them . Violating peoples rights is a crime and villainizing guns is qualifies as deception . Misleading people while trampling on thier rights is criminal . The SCOTUS needs to hold these bitches accountable to thier oath and deception .… Read more »


OMG, 48 minuets of unconstitutional BS calling what Bruen did as wrong because their state had already broken the constitution for over 100 years and she thinks that because they did the wrong thing for so long that US Supreme Court is attacking them and forcing them to change their ways is wrong and a crime? Typical demonratt mindset. Even though they choose to break Federal laws and not follow the constitution they think because they did it for so long and got away with it that it is ok? Well !!! I can hear Hitlary now. “since it has… Read more »


or stalinists


“Nazi’s all!!!!!!” – “Nazi” is a internal cipher codex that the occult / occluded eye sees. It is an endearing nickname abbreviation for Ignatius – Ig-NAZI-o NOT the NSDP garbage we are fed & what we have been indoctrinated to think or mean. All of them are contemporaneous Jesuit political constructs & creations introduced by the rigged media/puppets/shills. Fascism/Fabian Socialism/Marxism et alia are all of the same DNA family just a variation of species. Simply a term used for Political Taxigony/Phenetics/Taxinetics etc. No different than sectarianism of religions. Planet’s twistory is a rich & varied menagery of sectarian be-LIE-f’s in… Read more »

Last edited 12 days ago by Tank

i tried to listen to the yokel hochul but could only take so much of her lies and bullsh1t. then the dim witted mayor who claimed nyc was a bastion of freedom then said people were not free to defend themselves. speaker adams, safe city, with over 900 shootings in the city this year so far? how many of those were from licensed concealed carriers? commish sewell, properly balancing rights with safety? little nicky state trooper kissing the yokels rear, little tyrant. full enforcement, no leeway given, ignorance of the law is not excuse. could be three months, could be… Read more »


Man, I admire your tolerance for pain. My boots aren’t high enough for all the BS that was being slung from the first liar.


you fail to mention gas mask cant remove that stench


“Continue voting them in..?”


they allow illegals to vote in local elections


Not useful, but if one had a longarm unloaded and locked in a case locked in the trunk — would not federal law (FOPA) protect an individual driving through such a GFZ? Just because you are stuck in traffic does not mean you are not an innocent traveler taking most direct point between two legal locations. Realize that FOPA is an affirmative defense (think that’s the term) meaning it does nothing to stop them from arresting and prosecuting you – it just prevents conviction. Being NY they certainly will claim FOPA is not applicable for some made-up and irrelevant reason… Read more »

Last edited 13 days ago by Finnky

That defense has not worked in NYC, NJ and Philthydelphia in years. They do not care about Fed laws and the Fed does nothing about it.


That’s what I thought. Another issue is that FOPA only applies to long-arms which are unloaded, in locked container, and I possibly separate from ammo (not sure about that part). If we cannot rescind NFA in part of in whole, and institute national pre-emption (as in 2A applied to all states) – then the least we should do is expand FOPA to cover all firearms and accessories (including NFA items whether or not legal in local jurisdiction) – and give FOPA teeth. Make it criminal to arrest someone who is reasonably claiming to be innocent traveler (no hard evidence to… Read more »


arrest a leo for violating someones rights….wont happen unless they are a gay black illegal


and there lies the problem. Fed does nothing about it because they support anti-gun laws especially now!!!!!!


does not even protect other leos they have decided they are all important

Sam in New Hampshire

Given that the Constitution’s supremacy clause provides for dominance of federal law over state law in case of conflict, I suggest that Ammoland readers would like to know of any cases in which “that defense [FOPA] “has not worked.” The whole purpose of FOPA was to supersede state and local law if you’re driving through an anti-gun jurisdiction. US Constitution supremacy clause, Article VI, clause 2: This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be… Read more »


The FEDERAL as well as ALL STATE laws have to be made in PURSUANCE thereof. THEY CANNOT CONFLICT with the CONSTITUTION. https://www.ammoland.com/2022/04/in-pursuance-there-of-or-not/

Idaho Bob

All they have managed to do is to create another democrat hellhole killing zone.


Might work, but only if the “gangsta’s” on the streets could read!


Reductio ad absurdum.

Appears NY & Commiefornia are neck & neck followed closely by Chicago/Oregon/Washington.

Positions will flux of course as the shakedown/meltdown of synthesized Malthusian arc of crisis continues.

Last edited 12 days ago by Tank

You read the situation well and have a clear conception of the truth of what is being done. Clearly you have refused the kool aid. Congratulations.


Cheers, to those who have it coming.

Karma is satisfaction without the justice.

Last edited 12 days ago by Tank
Jay Hanig

Not a problem. I don’t visit sanctuary cities. After all, I’m not a criminal.


The NYC 3 stooges have introduced a large target rich environment. The muzi sleeper cells are open business.

Comment to Roverray – if new yorkers are so tuff, why do they vote stupid all the time and act like a bunch sheep.


ALL PRIVATE PROPERTY IN THE STATE IS A GUN FREE ZONE! Every store, every private residence, you visit, is a gun free zone (E FELONY), UNLESS, a sign is posted stating that “guns are allowed”! (Which no store would post for liability reasons) The difference in TIMES SQUARE- is that store and private property owners DO NOT HAVE THE OPTION OF ALLOWING GUNS! Same with houses of worship, schools, homeless shelters, public transit, parks, etc, etc, etc, it goes on and on. It’s a good thing that off duty and retired law enforcement officials ARE EXEMPT FROM ALL THESE RESTRICTIONS!!!… Read more »

Last edited 11 days ago by KK

Of course, as she both approaches and leaves the podium, she is protected by individuals hired to protect her with firearms. Such hypocrisy!


Diahhrea of the mouth.


Sigh! I also don’t go looking for trouble from anyone, Police, protestors, on-lookers. I carry. But I’m hip to the laws, OK? I try to be invisible. I don’t try to invite idiots into my life, OK? I don’t need lawyers in my life to “save” me. Bottomline self-defense. If you’re seriously “coming to harm me”, if I have the means…I’ll protect myself.


I understand the anger and frustration in the comments above/below, and in reaction to other articles current and past.

All that energy might better be employed taking the weeks and months needed to understand the “game”: “law” and “history” which brought the country to this moment, and (you don’t need expose yourself, rather) “suggest” in your anonymous comments such that leaders (who are actually willing to risk their “fortunes .. sacred Honor.”) might benefit from your intellect, observations and analyses.


a couple of hundred New York residents need to grab their AR’s and a pistol and meet to for a get together at time Square.
And be WILLING AND READY to treat ANYONE who tries to disarm them the same way that the colonists treated King George’s enforcers on Concord Green. Then get that bitch out of office somehow. And the mayor? Have those couple of hundred use a citizen arrest on him and bring him up on charges from Title 18.


It is orwellian the way they use the word safety where they really mean control. If you look at the video and make note of it is truly telling . I really believe we all need to call this out and point it out every chance we get. They are truly afraid of the right to self defense. They want victims and their policies will ensure they get them. The responsibility they want, make them own it.


She is taking the playbook directly from NJ, where you have zero right to self defense, armed or bare handed.
She can save big money on the fancy signs and just post GUN FREE ZONE signs below the street sighs on the light posts.

Problem in NY is NYC is so big they control the votes and the upstate is outnumbered.


Just another ignorant Cant Understand Normal Thinker!


I grew up in the Bronx in New York City I left there to go into the US Air Force in 1967. Growing up I can remember one shooting, an accidental shooting involving a ZIP gun (a homemade gun) that had dropped.

Patriot Solutions

Gun Free Zones extend anywhere the masonic cops are at and those who are awake have well known the consequences of calling 911 for help when in fact it is the fastest way to get radicalized trash to come to your location nearly instantaneously. We wouldn’t call 911 here if the house was on fire.


Last edited 13 days ago by Patriot Solutions

That is sickening. We are heading for some days of vigilate justice where animals like that cop will be treated as wild killers. Mark my words. SOMEONE just may pay back that murdering piece of shit.


Who does her makeup? the circus? does her shoes have red toes?