Postal Service Spying Warrants Serious Response

Postal Service Spying Warrants Serious Response, iStock-1345137870
Postal Service Spying Warrants Serious Response, iStock-1345137870

United States – -( Reports that the United States Postal Service engaged in the surveillance of pro-Second Amendment activists are very serious, and they also warrant some serious thinking by Second Amendment supporters.

First of all, the surveillance of participants in peaceful protests is beyond the pale. There is no justification for it. That being said, one of the incidents referenced was the “peaceful armed protest” at the January 18, 2021 “Lobby Day” in Virginia.

Should pro-Second Amendment leadership control Congress, there needs to be some serious oversight hearings and some serious consequences for this surveillance, most likely through the power of the purse that Congress has. Second Amendment supporters should write their Senators and Representative to demand this happen.

This is crucial. The Postal Service will be hiking rates to try to address potential losses of $60 to $70 billion over the next ten years. It’s time for them to focus on the core mission as opposed to following political whims.

That being said, it may also be time for Second Amendment supporters to re-think “open carry” protests. While there are some media outlets that give us a fair shake at a minimum, the vast majority of them don’t, and will paint such protests in a bad light.

Some will say “there goes Harold the Fudd again,” but there are some objective conditions here. The media climate, while it’s not as bad as it was, is still generally hostile. If Jonathan Turley is right, then the media landscape will grow even more hostile in the coming years as calls for discarding balance in favor of propaganda increase.

They may not be explicitly going after Second Amendment activists now, but what do they do when screaming about Trump doesn’t work. And it will probably get worse. The fact is Second Amendment supporters must factor media coverage – potentially hostile coverage – into their plans and keep in mind that they have NO control over who shows up to cover a protest you announce.

There is also the fact that Merrick Garland’s Justice Department has already gone after parents who protested certain things taught in their local schools. We also know that the Biden administration is very hostile to our Second Amendment rights. Then there is the fact that banks could decide to financially deplatform Second Amendment supporters.

This is not to say we don’t advocate for our rights, but it is saying that there needs to be a lot of thought put into HOW we advocate for our rights in the present climate. Otherwise, it will be harder to defeat anti-Second Amendment extremists via the ballot box at the federal, state, and local levels.

About Harold Hutchison

Writer Harold Hutchison has more than a dozen years of experience covering military affairs, international events, U.S. politics and Second Amendment issues. Harold was consulting senior editor at Soldier of Fortune magazine and is the author of the novel Strike Group Reagan. He has also written for the Daily Caller, National Review, Patriot Post,, and other national websites.Harold Hutchison

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F-ck Merick Garland and the media , both are corrupt piles if shit that need to be ignored. They don’t exist in my world and neither does their lies or deception . I can deny thier existence just like Democrats deny the 2020 election fraud. Works for me !


Disagree. First, civil disobedience on a massive scale is an effective tool to resist an oppressive government. Dr Martin Luther King is the best example of this. Simply refuse to submit to unconstitutional laws and regulations. There is not enough room in the jails and courts to handle a well organized, motivated population standing on the firm ground of civil and natural law based liberties. Dr King was not worried about appearing ‘uppity’ to a potentially hostile press. Neither should we. Remember, media in America is a for profit, corporate business. Look at CNN as a role model for how… Read more »


More compromise? Hasn’t got us anything at all over the years.

Last edited 1 month ago by Bucketboy

The USPS can’t even deliver the mail properly. They lost a “Certified Return Receipt Requested” Demand letter that cost me $8.80 to send, but have the time and manpower to spy on law abiding citizens ! Bullshit !!!


If this goes unpunished, the 4th amendment is as dead as the founders.


Never negotiate with terrorists, you defeat them and dictate terms.

VCDL President

Virginia is a constitutional open carry state – no permit required. There is no way VCDL is going to tell gun owners how they should carry, openly or concealed. That’s up to each person as to how, or even if, they wish to legally carry.


It has been often said that discretion is the better part of valor. I think that if the pro-gun movement wishes to ensure getting support from those who remain able to be persuaded, the in your face type of protest is not the best strategy to use. It might make you feel strong and powerful, but at the end of the day, will you be stronger, or will you have lost those who might have been on your side, due to your bravdo?

Desert Guy

Government is above the law. The citizans are the servants of the law…


Only when citizens surrender.

Wild Bill

“The State, the state, nothing but the state!!!” Beneto Musselini. And we all know what happened to him.


Good article, Harold may be young,,,,at least compared to me and several of you, but this is yet another well worded insight. We must be cautious so we don’t come across as military wanna-bees or uneducated thug deplorables. What’s wrong with standing your ground and not giving an inch, while doing it in a professional (actually constitutional) way. It does no good to scare uneducated people, it just gives them fuel for their fire. They already know what the 2A community is capable of, that’s why they’re apprehensions of us. Just the opinion of an old fart.


Actually Constitutional ? Exactly where can I find that in the Constitution ? LMAO. It has been more Constitutional in the USA to OPEN CARRY. And here’s a simple fact, in my State as of now. According to our State Constitution. I don’t need a permit to open carry. I could be sent to jail for concealment without a permit. I could also care less what someone else thinks about me exercising my RIGHTS. You’re most likely one of the reasons why we can NOT exercise our rights across the USA. Man I bet the pilgrims hid their firearms under… Read more »

Last edited 1 month ago by Arny

You would do well to educate yourself on the VCDL ( and their activities. It is not a thuggish, para-military organization. It is an all-volunteer, grassroots lobbying group that lobbies our Virginia state and local governments to promote pro-firearm laws and oppose bad firearm laws. In January 2020 it had the largest ever rally at the Virginia Capital with over 50,000 attendees. The Democrats and the Governor (Northam – D) did everything they could to prevent the rally, including – for the first time ever – making the Capital buildings and grounds a GFZ. The governor also claimed there would… Read more »


It makes little sense to try and please people that hate us. Sounds like you subscribe to Harold’s plan of gaining acceptance by being polite and shining your shoes. The people advocating for causes most people oppose (Homos, Trans, Pedo ) seem to be making a lot of progress getting in peoples faces. There is a far greater threat to your grandchildren than school shootings – being groomed and brainwashed into perversion looks like it’s becoming the main purpose of schooling. The people that oppose 2A rights have no idea what the 2A community is capable of. The 2A community… Read more »


Now THAT is typical backasswards and illogical thinking that works lockstep to Harold’s line of thinking. WE, The People do not and will will not bow down to the ignorant. It is THEIR (The dumb asses) duty to know what the hell they are talking about before they open their mouths in a public forum. If they wish debate, then it is up to them to prepare for whatever debate(s) they wish to engage in. If they are scared, then they can stay home, hiding under their beds until they grow a pair and come out like the rest of… Read more »