At What Point Do New York Voters Say “NO” To Crime & Corrupt Government?


New York – -( The adage “people get the leaders and government they deserve” has increasing relevance today in America. Cities, States, and the Nation are imploding. This is no accident. It is by design.

Consider New York and its largest city…

The five Boroughs of New York City are a cesspool of violence. Crime is rampant. It is out of control. And it is affecting the entire State. No one is safe. This is no illusion. It is very real. Politicians and newspapers that deny this are not merely lying to the public, they are insulting the public’s intelligence. This situation is unacceptable, and it need not be. But it happens to be because most of the electorate votes the worst people into Office.

Kathy Hochul, the present Governor of New York

Take Kathy Hochul, the present Governor of New York. Hochul, the Lieutenant Governor, took over the Governorship after Andrew Cuomo resigned from Office in disgrace. But Hochul is no better than Cuomo. Both embody two of the worst traits of a human being: Arrogance and Piousness.

It is bad enough to see these character traits in any person. But society itself is endangered when such people hold public office. For them, these character flaws have free reign. The result is corruption on a vast scale.

The impact of corruption is felt on many levels.

Corruption in Government is felt on a societal level, as institutions fall apart and society falls into decay.

Corruption in Government is felt on an economic level as businesses, unable to operate in a lawless environment, are forced to leave. Tax revenues then dry up. With Government services attenuated, cities and states fall into a death spiral.

And corruption in Government is felt on a basic and raw physical level, as criminals and lunatics prey at will on millions of innocent men, women, and children. No place is safe: public areas, stores, and shops, schools, houses of worship, even one’s home is susceptible to violence from roving predators. People grow anxious, fearful, and afraid to venture out, day or night. The consequences for victims of violent crime are life-altering. And what do we get from our government leaders: plenty of talks, but no effective action.

Kathy Hochul was sworn in as New York’s Governor on August 24, 2022. That occurred two weeks after Cuomo’s resignation went into effect. Cuomo resigned from Office on August 8, 2022.

Governor of New York Kathy Hochul

Now, Kathy Hochul faces the New York electorate for the first time. The midterm elections take place on November 8, 2022. Two months in Office has provided the New York electorate an inkling of what to expect from Hochul if she gains the Governorship.

Does the public want this person? A New York Governor’s term in Office is four years. There are no term limits. Two months in Office and Kathy Hochul’s Administration is already embroiled in scandal.

Last month, September 23, 2022, the New York Post cast light on Hochul’s corruption in a story titled,

“‘They did what they did’: Hochul sees $637M ‘pay-to-play’ as no big deal.” See Article in the New York Post.

Hochul is corrupt to the core of her being. And she has made her corruption known to the public and those of like kind who are well-heeled. She is duplicitous, unapologetic, and slippery as an eel.

The New York Post revelation isn’t a one-off. Hochul is power-hungry and without scruples, and the big donors know this. They want her in Office and filled her coffers before she even took the Oath of Office. They lavish favors on Hochul, and they expect lavish favors in return. As reported by

“New York has never seen a campaign finance filing quite like Gov. Kathy Hochul’s. She started fundraising in August, days after former Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced he would resign, and she never stopped, bringing in more than $21.6 million in a five month period. ”

And Crain’s New York writes,

​“Governor Kathy Hochul relied almost exclusively on wealthy donors in the latest campaign fundraising period, which ended in mid-July. The governor received a little more than $2 million, with 46% of her individual contributions exceeding $25,000, according to state campaign finance records.”

Does anyone think these big donors give a damn about rampant crime in New York if it doesn’t affect them? Does anyone think they give a damn about anything but their own selfish wants and desires?

But more to the point, does Hochul care about the well-being of the State and its cities and of the needs and well-being of the people? The answer is a resounding, “no.” The New York Post explains:

“When it comes to safer mass transit, we’ll take what we can get (as will Mayor Eric Adams). But it’s impossible to see Gov. Kathy Hochul’s offer of some taxpayer cash to support more subway-cop patrols as anything but a panicked gesture.

And panic in the face not of the rising violence underground, but of Lee Zeldin’s surging poll numbers. . . .”

Meanwhile, finally getting off her ‘abortion abortion abortion’ obsession, the panicked gov just dropped a new ad on crime, with her vowing, ‘You deserve to feel safe, and as your governor, I won’t stop working until you do.’”

“You deserve to feel safe”? This can be a useful campaign slogan, but, from the mouth of Kathy Hochul, it is vacuous as hell.

This is what Hochul really thinks about public safety:

She pretends to care about the life of average, honest, hard-working people but gives them nothing but empty promises.

Hochul refuses to accept if she ever bothered to consider that——

The right to self-defense is axiomatic, self-evident, and true. It is a natural law right: an immediate need, at once indisputable, eternal, pre-existent in each human being, immutable, and illimitable, but this natural law right isn’t in Kathy Hochul’s lexicon. And don’t expect that Kathy Hochul will proffer New Yorkers police protection.

The police don’t operate as personal bodyguards to anyone except political bigshots like the Governor or a major city mayor. Under the doctrine of sovereign immunity, the police do not legally have a duty to protect anyone. The public isn’t aware of this, and Government has done nothing to explain this to anyone. The Arbalest Quarrel has written extensively about this.

The police force of a community is only under a duty to protect the community as a whole. Unfortunately, in New York, the police do little of that, and the fault rests with the Governor, Kathy Hochul, and NYC Mayor Eric Adams.

Moreover, with massive cuts in police funding, cashless bail, and the presence of “non-prosecutors” like the George Soros flunky Alvin Bragg, the need for and right to armed self-defense in New York—especially in New York City—is acute.

But Kathy Hochul perfunctorily dismisses any notion of a natural law right to armed self-defense, even when the U.S. Supreme Court makes abundantly clear to her the right to armed self-defense extends outside the home as well as inside it. Her response to the Bruen rulings makes her antipathy toward the right to armed self-defense crystal clear.

People like Kathy Hochul care not for the well-being of the individual but only for her well-being. That is the thinking of a sociopath. That is not the sort of person fit to be a leader.

New Yorkers do have an alternative.

If New Yorkers like to live and work in a perpetual condition of abject fear, unable to defend their own lives with adequate means of protection that only a firearm can provide and unable to rely on the police even to provide a modicum of protection for the community, and if they wish to accept corruption as a normal condition, then, by all means, vote for Kathy Hochul for Governor.

Hochul has demonstrated she doesn’t give a damn for the physical safety and well-being, and welfare of law-abiding American citizens who reside and work in New York; nor for the financial and economic well-being of the State; nor for preserving the tenets and principles of a Free Constitutional Republic, upon which our Country was created and upon which it thrived.

For all other New Yorkers—those who do wish to live and work in a State that promotes the safety, well-being, and welfare of American citizens and who do wish to reside in a thriving, vibrant New York—you have an opportunity to do so: Vote for the ticket of Lee Zeldin/Alison Esposito.

It’s time for a change in States like New York and time for a change in our Country, don’t you think?

About The Arbalest Quarrel:

Arbalest Group created `The Arbalest Quarrel’ website for a special purpose. That purpose is to educate the American public about recent Federal and State firearms control legislation. No other website, to our knowledge, provides as deep an analysis or as thorough an analysis.

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uncle dudley

When the police officers were allowed to have water dumped on them and water bottles thrown at them, and the cops just walked away instead of arresting the culprits who just assaulted them I knew the city was a toilet.
The officers in times past would have knocked the perps in the head and hauled them off to jail, but the no cash bail system put the officer’s pride in the toilet. Why waste their time with the paperwork.
The politicians in state government and the people who elected them are responsible for the decline, what did they expect.


I want to know why the guy who murdered the republican in North Dakota got out the next day but the guy who didn’t murder Paul Pelosi is still in jail?


Kathy Hochul is a turd that needs flushed, but then again so is the whole state of New York . We could dump both coasts into the ocean and it would not hurt my feelings one bit !


New york is 2 states in one ,you have the city( 5 boroughs )and the state witch is rural and farms, witch most do not know we also have. The area where i live&and run my business and farm is beautiful and a great place to live ,work and raise kids.The nasty politics and politicians have eroded our state and it needs to change if we ever want our state to be what it once was and can be again .I an asking all new yorkers to pleas vote hochul and her ilk out of office lets try another party… Read more »


A societal problem going all the way back to the Roman era. CityStates politicians ruining the total environment. We currently experience the same thing as your state on the leftard coast…Washington State. It is a well known problem. One of Washington’s past dimocRAT congressman or senator, I cannot remember which one, (Magnuson or Jackson), said …”every vote needed to win a statewide office can be seen from the top of the Space Needle!” In your case, the Empire State Building, or the Sears Tower, or the St. Louis Arch and so on…. I don’t know how to fix that. Urban… Read more »


I’ve long been an advocate of electoral college system for senators. It’s the only way eastern WA will ever get representation.As always, leftwing high population urban centers control the majority vote.


Up until the 17th
amendment to the US Constitution, the Senators we’re appointed by the State Legislatures and held those positions at the whim of those same Legislators!
Some people feel that fateful decision was the ruination of our Republic!


Please read my response to Bigfootbob.
Have a great day.


Agreed! across the board


That and Term Limits. Ah? But THAT’S Utopian thinking and I don’t believe in Unicorns.


I have the answer but it is impossible to put it in place because it would require votes. We all, every state, need to start electing governors by the number of counties that vote for the person, not the amount of people. Here in Oregoneistan as with many states including yours, the city population outnumbers the remainder of the state. If it went by what the majority of the counties vote, I believe it would change the outcome, forever for everyone and it would be for the better. I like Washington, it is a beautiful state and so is kommiefornia.… Read more »


“Try another party”? Do you think that maybe doing your research on the representatives BEFORE you vote for them might be the answer, rather than randomly selecting one and THEN find out that you f’d up?

Last edited 2 months ago by USMC0351Grunt

For sure. WA is not to be outdone, west of the cascades.


I live on the coast in Oregoneistan. I would gladly take the plunge and call it done if it would turn the country around and put it back on the right track. The loss of my family wouldn’t hurt America because they voted Obama and obiden and don’t believe that the government will ever take our guns.

The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.


I will never understand how anyone can voluntarily live in a shit*hole like NYC. There’s no logic or reason behind it. Then to compound this insanity they continue to elect the same scum into political office. Maybe its something in the air they breath, or the water they drink.


Having worked with a lot of people from NYC I came to the conclusion that they belonged there.


It used to be years ago, that the insanity was mostly centered in the NYC area. The city has been going downhill since after Giuliani, and the state since Pataki left. I certainly have no desire to go anywhere near that state.


I have no desire to go to ANY demonrat state now that I have lived in two of them. I thought just Kommiefornia and Washinton was nuts. Now Oregoneistan is getting worse than both of them put together. Four more days to find out if we have gone full kommie here or not. Please God, stomp measure 114 into the ground so bad that they realize that even democrats want guns and give us a republican governor so we can start turning this state around and follow Federal Law. No more sanctuary state, no more illegal drugs being legal no… Read more »


I just can understand the democrap mind that someone would vote for a person that lets crime, drugs murder and corrupiton rue the day while making laws or rules for thee and not for me like Gavin gruesome, Whitmer and others.

It’s kinda like roaches voting for raid? Too bad the end result extends the travesty rather than neutralizes it.


Get ready, screwsom newsom will be the next commie demoncrat presidential wannabe in ’24. I think he lies more quid pro, treasonous, hair sniffing joe. Lots of money behind the POS newsom. And a lot of californication is brain dead..

You said it. speaking of cockroaches, you reading this sunny hostin. Me thinks she is the oversized cockroach

Last edited 2 months ago by macdog

Looking at that woman makes me think that David Icke may be right about the shape shifting lizard concept. She LOOKS like she hardly shape shifted at all. Lizard to the core.


By the way, it’s “free rein.”


What if the stabbing victim was carrying?