Biden Promises Lame-Duck Session Gun Ban Campaign

Joe Biden told reporters he will use the lame-duck Congressional session to push for a ban on so-called “assault weapons,” since such a move will be DOA after Republicans take control of the U.S. House in January. (Screen snip, YouTube, CNN)

U.S.A.-( President Joe Biden is not backing away from his crusade to ban so-called “assault weapons” and told reporters during a Thanksgiving Day presser he will push the issue during Congress’ “lame duck” session between now and January, when Republicans take control of the U.S. House, according to Fox News.

Biden and his family were in Nantucket for Turkey Day. As reported by CBS News, Biden brought up both the Virginia Walmart shooting and the Club Q attack in Colorado as reasons to ban semi-auto rifles, although the Virginia killer—identified as a store employee—committed his attack with a pistol, according to Fox News.

A perennial anti-gunner since first coming to Washington, D.C. a half-century ago, Biden was quoted stating, “The idea we still allow semi-automatic weapons to be purchased is sick. It’s just sick. It has no, no social redeeming value. Zero. None. Not a single, solitary rationale for it except profit for the gun manufacturers.”

Biden famously was quoted during a July 2021 Townhall telecast stating he wants to ban not only semi-auto rifles, but 9mm pistols. The video snip of his remark has become the cornerstone of advertising by the Second Amendment Foundation.

A report in The Hill acknowledged it will be tough for Biden to pass any gun control package after Republicans take over in the House in January.

Apparently lost on Democrats is the fact that more talk about gun control and gun bans has invariably been followed by increased gun sales. Add to that the growing number of private citizens who are carrying defensive sidearms for their personal safety and it may translate to any gun control legislation being dead on arrival on Capitol Hill, even during the current “lame duck” session.

The Guardian on Friday reminded readers of a recent report that an estimated 6 million Americans were carrying guns daily back in 2019. Now, three years later, as reported recently by Ammoland, the number is much higher. This year, more than 22 million Americans are licensed to carry across the states, and thanks to “Constitutional Carry” laws adopted in 25 states, it is likely more citizens are carrying without permits.

Still, Biden and Democrats want to ban guns, perhaps as “trophy legislation,” according to many critics in the Second Amendment community.

Biden’s vow to “try to get rid of assault weapons” seems like a political bridge too far, however. It depends upon how far the House and Senate are willing to go while Democrats still run the show. Fox News reported, “At the moment, the odds appear long.”

That assessment might also apply to the Virginia Legislature, where Democrats in the House of Delegates are talking about more gun control legislation in January, according to WRIC News. Democrats announced Wednesday they will introduce bills to ban so-called ghost guns and add restrictions on magazine capacity. Their session begins Jan. 11, 2023.

At the same time, the restrictive gun control measure passed earlier this month in Oregon is already facing one federal lawsuit on constitutional grounds, and others are on the way. The measure will reportedly take effect early in December, and law enforcement agencies have indicated they will not be able to provide a training program required in the initiative in order for would-be gun buyers to get a permit just to allow them to purchase a firearm.

According to the Portland Oregonian and OregonLive, the number of people waiting for background checks in the Beaver State has doubled since passage of Measure 114. There is a backlog of applications, which will likely not be handled before the measure kicks in Dec. 8. Many in the firearms community—led by the Oregon Firearms Federation—are concerned small gun shops could face financial hardship due to the measure.

In the unlikely event Biden and Capitol Hill Democrats might push through gun ban legislation, it will almost certainly be met with multiple federal lawsuits from several groups. Such a ban could force federal courts to fast-track those legal actions.

At the state level, watch for anti-gunners to use the next few weeks to announced bills aimed at accomplishing what Democrats in Congress may be unable to. Gun rights activists in Washington state, for example, are bracing for a fight over semi-autos.

And there will be efforts to overturn state preemption laws, which prevent anti-gun municipal governments from enacting their own gun control ordinances.

This is a particularly prickly subject in Washington, where earlier this year, that state’s preemption statute was upheld unanimously by the liberal state Supreme Court to strike down a gun storage requirement in the City of Edmonds. A similar ordinance, adopted in Seattle, also is the subject of a lawsuit by SAF and the National Rifle Association, but the Edmonds ruling appears to have nullified that law as well. Seattle Mayor Bruce Harrell has been on a crusade to repeal the state’s 35-year-old preemption statute since he took office in January.


About Dave Workman

Dave Workman is a senior editor at and Liberty Park Press, author of multiple books on the Right to Keep & Bear Arms, and formerly an NRA-certified firearms instructor.

Dave Workman

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Biden is nothing, and has no authority.


He always resented Americans having “so many” rights. All 5 of them.


Politicians arrogantly claim they have power to allow or deny the People their rights. Hahahahaha! Politicians and the government itself have ZERO power besides that which the People ALLOW government to have!


So, Duck season, followed by Feral season?


we should go duck hunting , with ropes and nets


When the facts don’t fit the narrative Joe just puts his head up his ass deeper as to not hear the contradictions to his tyranny. FJB and all liberals . The modern sporting rifle is America’s gun and Joe needs to ban anyone including himself that Infringed on law biding citizens rights to own Americas gun the modern sporting rifle. FJB


He’s taking his lead from Canada’s own asshat, Trudeau, who unilaterally banned handguns, something he doesn’t have the authority to do either.


That statement was a telling slip of the tongue as it indicates the true aim of the Socialist Democrat Party!


Did not at all reveal their true aim. Banning semiautos is their idea of “a good first step”. Don’t for a moment think they’d stop there if they were able to do it and survive.

We all understand that there are lines that no-one should ever cross. Banning safety tools is definitely one of those lines.


Ban useless career politicians that have been stealing from the American taxpayers their entire career would be a better idea LET’S GO BRANDON


Might as well huh? I bet you agree with the Lincoln murder huh? Yep, he deserved it didn’t he? Same with the Kennedys right?


So he has always wanted a major gun ban since he was a fetus. I really think he is going to push this to new territory for a sitting president. The law abiding sit around and wonder if their rights will be infringed again. Maybe for good. The supreme court is being marginalized and ridiculed. I think this may be the sunset on the 2A. Few republicans will stand for it these days. None promise to roll back the infringements. China has it’s hooks deep into DC and they want us disarmed. My senators are Kaine and Warner, I know… Read more »

Desert Guy

Virginia makes California look conservative by comparision.


The sunset of 2A only if we allow it, not scotus, not congress, we. As in we the people…


Seeing that our election system seems too corrupt to “vote” our way back to the Constitutional Republic we let slip through our fingers. Show me this patriotic force that will stand and fight “forces that are working to disarm us” in time. It would be much more successful if they acted before we lose access to ammunition. Don’t look now… “We the people” are allowing it.


For every “article” published about some new restriction of gun ownership or possession in a blue state, there are 2 other articles about the lifting of restrictions and the re-establishment of 2nd Amendment rights in Red states. You folks are going to have to come to the realization that this nation is irrevocably divided – 7 or so coastal states, two in the upper midwest (Minnesota and Illinois) and the outliers like Hawaii and the territories. Now, either you believe in Federalism or you don’t. If you cannot live in those blue states of socialism, move to where your 2nd… Read more »

Last edited 2 months ago by Steve

I for one would like to see a true count of those with balls, ready to step up in defense of The Constitution and for America so that we have REAL numbers to toss around so that mainstream America KNOWS where we stand in reality.


Well we all know what happened to the Oathkeepers. Infiltrated by the FBI, ruined in the media. Normies all think oathkeepers are failed seditionists. After that went so well for the state, what group would be stupid enough or big enough to stand openly with a threat of rebellion.


I agree 100% Ope. Stewart Rhodes is and was a booger chewing fool. He ran his mouth and expressed “intentions” long before Jan 6th that were and are considered seditious – in fact, he did so quite frequently during the Obama farce of an administration. Much like the Bundys, he brought unnecessary attention to that organization whose majority of members had joined for very honorable reasons in the early days. He lost quite a few members throughout 2019 and 2020. I know, I was one of them and was thoroughly disgusted with his BS.


Exactly. I’ve never understood why liberals bother to even seek political power in this country. They usually get what they want even without it.

Last edited 2 months ago by Ledesma

Is that right? How many states have converted over to Constitutional carry now – versus 10 or 15 years ago? How many positive rulings by the Supreme Court of the US have we had in the past 10 years? Have you even been paying attention or has the sky been falling in your world every single day? There isn’t a Shangri La anywhere in this country – however, I can still walk down to my local gun store, and, with no delay I can buy an AR-10, AR-15, Semi-Auto 12 ga, a couple of Hi-Cap .45s and a nice .44… Read more »

Last edited 2 months ago by Steve



The only people we have to blame for all this gun control an BS rules and laws is our selves, for not having the courage it takes to rise up and stand for our rights. Voting has failed these useless pro gun and 2A organization might get it took care of in several years. If american gun owners would just grow a set and rise and stand up for our constitutional rights. we would not be going through any of these infringement against us and our constitutional rights. What ever happened to “WE THE PEOPLE SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED”.


You’re right. The only bright spot I see are there are more conservatives actually engaging rather than sitting back allowing them to run roughshod over us. I have never understood why our side won’t do any work to help change the direction.


Most people are sheep. They are not willing to sacrifice.

Some of us never followed. We led.
“United we stand, divided we fall.”


Here’s a test for everybody. Take a close look around YOUR life and start to add up ALL of the distractions that take YOUR FOCUS and YOUR TIME away from actually DOING anything to defend YOUR rights and the rights of others.

Last edited 2 months ago by USMC0351Grunt

During campaign season I watch as idiot after idiot shovel HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS even BILLIONS of dollars to politicians…

While they do THEIR destruction to our country, I donate where MY meager amounts of money will do the most good!

Because the rest of my money goes toward Plan B.


a howitzer?


Biden said an F-15, so…


I would only add-give, if you can, directly to the candidate or initiative organizers rather than a fundraising organization.


But as MOST citizens do not know is that BY LAW, depending on state, that each dollar you give to ANY 501C3 for a “tax deductable donation” is that THEY only have to spend between 3% to 11% ON WHATEVER CAUSE they are collecting for, the rest of the 97% on down to 89% of those funds can be squandered on WHATEVER THE HELL THEY WANT TO SQUANDER IT ON! THAT is why many of us live in cargo trailers while they are living in mansions. Take a look at the BLM and how many mansions they purchased in the… Read more »


I donate to SAF, GOA, and a lifetime member of NRA who will never see one red cent from me as long as LaPierre remains. I get emails from FPC frequently, but haven’t checked them out. Like you, I’m also always looking for the next addition to Plan B.


A wise man would invest in precious metals: Lead and brass!


Evidently nobody ever told you what “Plan B” is? (Sarcasm intended)

Last edited 2 months ago by USMC0351Grunt



The only “assault weapon” plaguing this country is Joebama and his band of munnions!

Desert Guy

Imagine howe much less crime there would be if we had “Constitutional Carry” nationwide? The thugs would have no idea who might be packing.

uncle dudley

This old crook wants to take away our rights to own a modern sporting weapon because a few nuts used them the wrong way, yet he says nothing about the massive number of deaths from Fentanyl use which is supplied from his buddies in China to the drug cartels in Mexico.
Then he thinks it’s okay to have abortions which takes many more lives away than those nasty assault weapons and 9mm pistols he wants to eliminate you from owning.
How can this guy think he is a good Catholic.


Ever do a deep study into Catholicism?


I believe much of this has been placed in the ‘Marriage Defense Act’ or whatever that abomination is called.


But where people fail to understand is that any, “ACT” doesn’t override the Bill of Rights, The Declaration of Independence or The Constitution of The United States and is therefore moot or as per The Constitution rendered repugnant. ANY person can be charged with ANY crime and as long as they remain ignorant of their charges, waiving their rights without KNOWING what they are waiving and OPENLY ADMIT that they are GUILTY as charged, they as well as the rest of America will always lose. MANY always fall for the weak and spineless defense attorneys that convince them to “take… Read more »

Last edited 2 months ago by USMC0351Grunt
Mystic Wolf

The byden has always hated that Americans have guns that we use to protect ourselves and our country, if he hates us having guns then maybe he should move to his most favored place (china) that way ther are no guns in the hands of people. If the byden wants to get rid of them then he needs to start with his service detail first to show the people that he is not a whining sniveling alzheimers riddled coward.


Mystic – has anyone figured out yet exactly why he hates guns (except for shotguns of course) with such deep down contempt? He makes the garden variety hoplophobe look ‘almost’ reasonable.


Probably because his son, “Beau died in Iraq” and there were guns everywhere?


Biden (MORON n’ Chief) is living proof that STUPID IS AS STUPID SAYS!


Isn’t it uncanny the way these liberals view the age of gunpowder? Like some bothersome condition that was always temporary. A condition that sticks around only by special permission. Or that the US2A is predicated on low crime rates? Like the day Bill and Hillary Rodent Clinton took “sweeping action” against “assault weapons” a smiling Bill was asked: “Are you against America’s right to bear arms”? He replied: “That’s just not true! I’ve always been a big admirer of hunters”.

Last edited 2 months ago by Ledesma

“It all depends on what IS, IS.”


Outlawing semi-automatic AR15 type rifles and standard full capacity magazines is NOT a “reasonable compromise” – IT IS THE ENDGAME!

It is the difference between an effectively armed citizenry that possesses the capability to defend it’s freedoms – and a citizenry restricted by law to low capacity sporting arms that NO LONGER possesses the capability to defend it’s freedoms!


If things get bad enough, that you need to use your AR-15, openly, in the streets, to defend your basic rights and freedoms from the gumment – no law, no politician will matter a hill of beans. That declaration, that law – whatever, will be the same as a restraining order against an armed, violent felon. Worthless. So, stop worrying so much. Unless you are really living in a fog, there are not nearly enough police and military to go door to door trying to seize your legally owned firearms. If you are so wimpish as to hand them over… Read more »


Bite Me Brandon is just mouthing his orders from above.


I’m not so sure that the orders don’t originate from down below.


So Joe Biden’s granddaughter got married at the White House.

I had a couple of questions raised in my mind that were not answered by the press coverage.

Not much mention of the bride’s parents: Hunter Biden and Kathleen Buhle. Well, I can kinda see why they left that part out.

The press also didn’t mention if Creepy Sleepy Joe got to sniff the bride’s hair.


They need to report crime twarted for guns more, you would think no crime is commiyed.


Living as I do in Commierado, I’m far more concerned with what that Arse Spelunker Polis and our Marxist Legislature will do than I am by threats from McSniffy Schitz-His-Pants.

After all, Biden’s latest False Flag occurred in Commierado. Like most of the Shooters, this Incel was groomed to do the deed.


Ask your County Sheriff?


The senate has already passed a gun law making ANY semi-automatic fire arm “legal now” BUT does not allow for your guns to be passed on to your children. IT HAS ALREADY PASSED THE SENATE.
Living in Texas, I have been a member and worked actively to become our own nation once again. I truly believe its timed to peacefully divorce the Marxist left in this country, unless they choose NOT to allow us a peaceful exit


All the new CalTexans will fight you till the end.


PM – true enough but remember that most of them leftists are skeered of them evil guns especially the ones with the shoulder thingy that goes up and have hundred round clipazines.

Rob J

Dave, do you have more information on the fight in WA over semi-autos that you mentioned?


To bad old Cornpop didn’t knock some sense into Joey the life guard.


What a Frigging Meat Head!


This stupid SOB is so out of touch with reality, he thinks he is president of Canada! Never underestimate the need of an aspiring totalitarian government to DISARM THE PEOPLE! The point of the Second Amendment, is that if they come to load “WE THE PEOPLE” into box cars – WE WIN! “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED” is to insure Americans are EFFECTIVELY ARMED, to insure that outcome. Believe it or not, it is a FACT, for those that are not knowledgeable about firearms, an “assault weapon ban” EFFECTIVELY disarms the American citizenry. They no longer have the POWER intended by… Read more »




Another “wrong side of history” Biden face plant that ignores history (the assault weapons ban that did nothing) as a sop to his liberal funders. Best thing to do for a lame duck is put it out of its misery . . . There are no “assault weapons” being sold OTC to citizens – the moniker is made up by the lying Democrats. Banning 9mm? Whew! Glad I have .40 S&W, 32ACP, .380 ACP, .45ACP, .357,Magnum and .44 Magnum to fall back on. As does the extra-legal privileged Emperor Joematose, courtesy of his full-time armed guard Secret Service Agents. Let… Read more »


The dimwits stole another election.
So you tell me, did they steal it, You betcha they did.


Just READ the following article and THIS will show you WHERE in America we lack BACKBONE for true checks and balances of power.


Could it really be “coincidence” that right before the NYSRPA v Bruin decision was due – A MASS SHOOTING EVERY WEEK! Now – With 2 weeks before HR1808 dies in the new congress, and only 2 weeks to force through an “ASSAULT WEAPONS BAN” – MASS SHOOTING EVERY WEEK! Coincidence? Strange how that always seems to happen. . . . and how often, some MK ULTRA type misfit, programmed to kill himself before cops arrive? Remember with expansion of gun rights imminent in 2017 . . . Vegas terrorist shooting! (Deep State Black Op?) Never underestimate the need of an… Read more »


Hey, Slo Joe. Here’s a rationale for semi-autos….and full autos…..Your administration is THE government our Founders warned about….and, for which they penned the Second amendment.