Former CIA Officer’s Enmity Toward ‘Right Wing’ Americans Shows Agency Priorities

If you want to “know the real CIA,” just take a look at what some of its leaders are advocating. (Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) /Facebook)

U.S.A. – -( “Former CIA Intelligence officer suggests using ‘counterterrorism’ strategies against ‘right-wing’ Americans,” Fox News reports. “[Marc] Polymeropoulos’ piece for NBC News Think warned that propagandists, whether Islamic terrorists or Republicans, should be subject to counterterrorism and counter-radicalization techniques.”

“Why are these propagandists so dangerous?” he asks, using that as the segue to spread a pre-election Democrat talking point that “conservatives” are responsible for the hammer attack on Paul Pelosi by a nudist Green Party member and illegal alien. “Because, while they might not supply weapons, they can effectively radicalize individuals to obtain them and put them to use — even from the comfort of their own homes via the internet.”

“The battle we engaged in with international terrorist groups like Al Qaeda wasn’t just with their legions of foot soldiers but with their highly effective propaganda arms as well,” Polymeropoulos declares. “The U.S. and our allies considered those propagandists fundamental cogs in a terror group’s machinery and just as culpable as any other terrorist. So we held them accountable when innocent civilians were killed.”

With charges we see leveled against, among others, Donald Trump for what he did and did not say leading up to the “mostly peaceful”  Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol protest, it’s hard for those who have questions and objections about that not to take it personally. Ditto for a host of other irreconcilable differences with administration positions on elections, COVID, the border, abortion, guns, and more, especially considering how opponents are then smeared as haters and traitors, all with the intent of building societal momentum for their cancellation and purging.

Some of us know firsthand what it’s like to be smeared as propagandists and insurrectionists.

But let’s take Polymeropolous at his word and forget for a moment, noting that as a CIA intelligence officer, he swore an oath to the Constitution. He is presuming to apply terror rules against U.S. citizens on U.S. soil for, in the case of gun owner advocates, exercising our First Amendment-recognized right to defend and promote our Second Amendment-recognized right.

That means he’s calling for what friend, colleague, and originator of the “Three Percent” concept, Mike Vanderboegh termed “Bill Clinton’s Rules of Engagement,” after the former president “include[d] the media, politicians, and ideological support structure of an enemy regime as legitimate targets of war.”

Vanderboegh made another observation when then-Brady Center law and policy wonk Dennis Henigan was pushing for a law on another made-up term, the “terror gap,” as a way to disarm anyone the government accused of being a “terrorist.”

“The prospect of the Federal government having the ability to designate anyone — ANYONE — a ‘terrorist threat,’ without the ability to challenge it, without even the ability of a federal judge to reverse it, is simply Star Chamber tyranny,” Vanderboegh cautioned. “It is constitutionally void. It is treasonous to the Founders’ Republic. Its enforcement would be a casus belli.”

Well, there you have it! Was he just calling for civil war? Talk about seditious conspiracy and justification for a forcible response! How did syndicated columnist Ted Rall put it in the case of protestors armed for self-protection?

“These town hall terrorists could be declared enemy combatants and bundled off to Bagram with the stroke of a pen. If ever there were a reason for suspending civil rights, this is it.”

So will Polymeropolous’ dream come to pass, where those of us wanting to “talk a little treason” who aren’t taken out by drones can be hauled off to a military tribunal and waterboarded to give up intel and set up our “co-conspirators”?

Fortunately, there are still a few inconvenient impediments to going full Stalin in this country (so far). As the Declaration of Independence reminds us:

“That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”

And then there’s legal precedent, in this case, the Supreme Court’s 1969 opinion in Brandenburg v. Ohio, concluding:

“The Court’s Per Curiam opinion held that the Ohio law violated Brandenburg’s right to free speech. The Court used a two-pronged test to evaluate speech acts: (1) speech can be prohibited if it is “directed at inciting or producing imminent lawless action” and (2) it is “likely to incite or produce such action.” The criminal syndicalism act made illegal the advocacy and teaching of doctrines while ignoring whether or not that advocacy and teaching would actually incite imminent lawless action. The failure to make this distinction rendered the law overly broad and in violation of the Constitution.”

So it looks like, at least for now, we here at AmmoLand have more immediate concerns to occupy ourselves with than guest cages at Gitmo, but that’s not for lack of demands on the part of the “mainstream media” and top CIA sympathizers.

“At this point I LITERALLY view people who still support Donald Trump no different than the despicable, vile people who supported Bin Laden after 9/11,” CNN/MSN talking head Dean Obeidallah fumed. “Today’s GOP is no longer a political party, it’s a white nationalist, FASCIST movement that seeks to impose their EXTREME religious beliefs as the law of our land. It must be utterly defeated in order to save our Republic.”

“I agree. And I was the CIA Director,” retired Gen. Michael Hayden replied. This is the guy who endorsed sending “MAGA wearing unvaxxed to Afghanistan on board empty cargo planes,” and who once observed, “We kill people based on metadata.”

It’s instructive to note former CIA head John Brennan made a special point of citing the Constitution to justify his support for the Communist Party during the Cold War. It’s also instructive to note that its 1947 charter prohibiting it from spying on Americans didn’t stop it in the 60s through Operation Chaos, up to the present time via “an executive order to bypass privacy protections enacted by Congress.”

Should the abuses be reined in (and there’s little indication that there’s widespread political demand for that), we’ll still have the Department of Homeland Security “quietly broadening its efforts to curb speech it considers dangerous.”

It’s enough to make a man believe the prime purpose behind the Second Amendment is to ward off tyranny should the day come when all pretenses by the ruling regime of adhering to Constitutional restraints are dropped. Or will that kind of talk get my name put on some list…?

About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating/defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regularly featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

David Codrea

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Knute Knute

““Because, while they might not supply weapons, they can effectively radicalize individuals to obtain them and put them to use — even from the comfort of their own homes via the internet.””
Translated from Non-intellegenceagentspeak:”If people are allowed to speak freely, others might listen to things we don’t want them to hear. Obviously, this must not be allowed.”

Knute Knute

It’s almost like the criminals in charge have a vested interest in keeping their crimes secret behind the threat of being drug off in handcuffs, isn’t it? How SS/KGB/Stasi can they get, and yet still keep the sleeple drowsy? Not for much longer, methinks.


I think it’s very telling that Conservative voices are the targets of these a-holes, yet somehow Al-Qaeda and other terrorist orgs still have active Twitter and IG handles.

Knute Knute

Almost like big tech is pro-terror, isn’t it?
Al… Most… There… 🙂


The left (police staters or otherwise authoritarians – AKA anti-Constitutionalists) accuses the average American of what they are doing or have done. One of the big problems in America is the long term, slow radicalization since the 50s to accept a womb to the tomb government control mentality, as well as undermining good morals that make for a strong society that doesn’t feel a need to suck the government teat. Add to that the fostering of identity confusion and grooming and harming children from so many fronts. The radical left and their agenda to create compliant, defeated, gender less drones… Read more »

Arkansas Rob

David, my friend, you are already on the list. In red.

Dry gulched

They keep it up they’re going to find we won’t go to our knees as easily as the Poles, the Jews or the Czechs et al.


Yet Republicans continue to believe that if they just get their guy in the WH then these agencies will magically stop doing all the shady shit they’ve been doing since their inception. Abolishment is the only viable solution.


arm up with something heavy enough to take out a few dozen


But let’s take Polymeropolous at his word

Starting with his name — “city with many parts?”
Or perhaps simply “Plastic City?”
I suspect much about this person is not real.


and to think it is OUR tax dollars fuelling this insanity. At least, in the time of our founding forefathers, very little of what George Three the Kid King spent to “bring those restless colonists to submission” actully derived from his target population. He had tried a few things.. Stamp Act, tax on stale tea, quartering troops in homes of the colonists (which meant feeding the wretches) and random confiscation of whatever then light-fingered troops wish to “repurpose”. in the main it was England’s treasure being wasted to bring us to heel. These days it is all ours, and plenty… Read more »


You do realize we take an oath to protect and defend against all enemies, both foreign and domestic. This sure sounds like a domestic enemy of the state who served as a sleeper inside the agency supposed to defend us against foreign enemies. Maybe he was turned while overseas? Or maybe he was turned while being immersed in Democrat Party policies and intrigue?


that does sound about right


billybob , unfortunately that oath of office has become little more than a minor nuisance for many politicians in order for them to take office. The socialists violate that oath on a daily basis ,but not a damn thing is said or done about it ! WHY? What is the point of the oath if there’s no repercussions for violating it?


the police too
and yes violating the oath should come with immediate ouster from job/office

Last edited 2 months ago by swmft

I suppose that John Carpenter’s 1988 film They Live wasn’t entirely fictional after all!

2A Gun Guy

Bravo David, Spot On!

Deplorable Bill

It looks like “they” are pushing America into a civil war. The question is why. Who is going to profit from a split America? It’s ALWAYS about money and power so who stands to gain? No doubt there are corrupt politicians, public officials, enforcement and civilians who are pushing this and stand to gain by it. A lot of their names are already known. The rest won’t be terribly hard to find, follow the money. We have seen several “elections” subverted. We have seen mass government and “evening news” tyranny and propaganda — for decades. We have seen unconstitutional laws… Read more »


Brennen once confided and laughed about being an Irish Catholic
who had converted to Islam, and a Communist elevated to department head.
Just a little light into the deepstate.


I knew from the text that this was one of your pieces, David. …Mr. Codrea. ….I just knew.


I’m sure it is pretty Naïve of you to think ‘will it’ get you on the “list”, in future tense.


The only one I hear talking about fighting the entrenched anti-constitutional powers in government agencies is TRUMP. For that reason, the democrat WAR MACHINE wages relentless war against TRUMP. After the midterms we now have the big push for DeSantis. If he was a threat to the communist takeover of our Nation, as TRUMP is, the WAR MACHINE would be waging war on HIM! There are very rich, powerful, ruthless, people forcing a global agenda, the democrat party works for them to undermine our Constitutional Republic. If “the system” is happy to promote the idea of DeSantis replacing TRUMP, everyone… Read more »

Last edited 2 months ago by KK

KK, if DeSantis does run in ‘24 , the socialists will be waging war on him just as they do Trump now. The only one waging war on DeSantis right now seems to be Trump.

Last edited 2 months ago by Ope

Not true DeSantis brought it on himself when he denied CCW people the right to carry at his fund raiser. I am very disappointed in him and bump stock Trump . Neither seam to recognize our second rights and what infringement is . A Republucan who supports the second amendment and our rights would be nice in the oval office .


Montana, I sure agree with that. That was incredibly stupid of DeSantis to ban law-abiding citizens to carry at his own event. Then, he has done nothing to get CC passed in Florida other than to say he would sign it if it ever makes it to his desk. It won’t.

2A Gun Guy

Communism comes to America


It’s a “former CIA officer” (maybe).
A former employee does not always represent current leadership.


So do we think that Polymeropoulos thinks that if Syria attacks Turkeyu from behind that Greece will help?
And look up Population and Resources Control as a counterinsurgency tool and decide whether you, all of you, have been subjected to same lately.


I guess I just took it for granted that under Clinton, NeoCon Bush, and Obummer, all the Federal Alphabet agencies became infiltrated by committed Commie Leftists at the upper and mid levels of management. That’s when their agency mission statements changed.


quote: CNN/MSN talking head Dean Obeidallah fumed

the last five letters of this operative’s surname gives ME a hint that he may well be approaching this subject with at least a smidgeon of bias…… or have I been smoking something strange?


Let’s recap the main villins in this article: (ALL CIA) Polymeropolous, Hayden, and Brennan-commie hack. All against us, the vast majority PATRIOTS! The same clowns in America that brought you the assination of JFK and 9-11, and hundreds of illegal Ops in CONUS. Like JFK said and got him killed; CIA should be broken into a thousand pieces and scattered to the wind. That still holds true today…but we can now add ALL of DoJ, Treasury, EPA, and any federal agency not delineated in the CONSTITUTION.