Get Out, Vote, And Practice Democracy

GunVote Mini-14 223 Nikon P223
I Voted sticker on a Ruger Mini-14 223 carbine with Nikon P223 scope. IMG Jim Grant

United States – -( By the time you’re reading this, there should really only be one thing left to do for a Second Amendment supporter: Vote. Loyal Ammoland readers have had months – arguably two years – to prepare for November 8th.

Second Amendment supporters have been the foremost practitioners of democracy for over a half-century, and we have won major battles – and suffered setbacks along the way. After the victories and setbacks, we have always responded via the democratic process.

It’s really quite simple for elected officials: If you respect our Second Amendment rights, we have your backs. If you don’t respect our rights, we work to vote you out. We do that by not only voting ourselves after we learn everything we possibly can about Second Amendment issues but by using our First Amendment rights to educate our fellow Americans.

Hopefully, the lessons of 2018, 2020, and 2021 have been applied effectively enough by Second Amendment supporters in the run-up to these midterm elections. A lot is at stake – anti-Second Amendment extremists have set their sights on eliminating the filibuster and packing the Supreme Court with an eye towards overturning Heller and Bruen.

They claim democracy is on the ballot. In a way, they are right. If they have their way, we will find ourselves unable to use the First Amendment to protect our Second Amendment rights. We literally owe Senators Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin a debt of gratitude on that front alone – and you can bet the former will be targeted in a primary.

Contrary to what someone like Letitia James might claim, such efforts do not make us a terrorist organization. Our activism does not make us complicit in horrific crimes or acts of madness. Our resistance to being punished for said horrific crimes and acts of madness does not make us child killers.

We’re fighting for people to be able to decide for themselves whether or not they will exercise their Second Amendment and how they will do so and to make those choices for themselves. Whether we wish to exercise those rights for personal protection, hunting, various shooting sports, or just to collect firearms doesn’t matter. We have the right to own the firearms of our choice, be it an affordable pistol from Jimenez Arms or Hi-Point, a high-end 1911 from Kimber, a Ruger 10/22, an AR-15, or a high-end double-barreled shotgun.

After November 8, Second Amendment supporters should celebrate their victories, learn from the races we didn’t win, and prepare for the 2023 and 2024 elections. Because in those elections, like the ones on November 8, Second Amendment supporters will have to continue their efforts to defeat anti-Second Amendment extremists via the ballot box at the federal, state, and local levels.

About Harold Hutchison

Writer Harold Hutchison has more than a dozen years of experience covering military affairs, international events, U.S. politics and Second Amendment issues. Harold was consulting senior editor at Soldier of Fortune magazine and is the author of the novel Strike Group Reagan. He has also written for the Daily Caller, National Review, Patriot Post,, and other national websites.Harold Hutchison

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WARNING to OREGONE. Measure 114 does allot more than create a training and registration requirement to buy a gun. It makes anything that holds over 10 rounds illegal including your 10-22 or that old Marlin tube feed 22lr that you could have trained your grandson or granddaughter on.


Let’s change Oregon for the better and leave Oregoneistan in the dust.


What he said. We need more States back in the fold. Good luck.