FAB Defense Launches GL-CORE IMPACT Stock

Fab Defense GL-core impact
The new FAB Defense GL-core impact recoil-reducing stock. IMG FAB Defense

U.S.A. -(AmmoLand.com)- F.A.B. Defense is pleased to announce the release of adjustable GL-CORE IMPACT as a replacement for the fixed setting GL-Shock. The GL-CORE IMPACT is the latest addition to the F.A.B. Defense’s newly developed CORE line of a premium carbine, AK, and shotgun stocks.

The F.A.B. Defense GL-CORE IMPACT is a shock-absorbing stock with three settings suitable for light to heavy recoil firearms. The Original GL-Shock was one fixed setting, and the GL-CORE IMPACT improves on this while modernizing the overall look and feel. Through the use of
included adapters, the GL-CORE IMPACT will mount to any mil-spec or commercial AR15 buffer tube. It can be easily adapted to mitigate the recoil to levels comfortable for each individual user. Available in Black, OD Green, and FDE colors.

F.A.B Defense GL-CORE IMPACT Features

  • Three recoil management settings
  • Optional cheek riser for weapons with elevated optics.
  • Multi-textured rubber butt-pad for secure shouldering during rapid fire
  • Interchangeable Mil-Spec and Commercial buffer tube adapters
  • Includes ambidextrous quick detach rear sling swivel connectors

The GL-CORE IMPACT is available immediately through the nationwide dealer network or online at www.fab-defenseus.com

GL-Core IMPACT MSRP: $123.99
GL-Core IMPACT with Core CP MSRP: $150.99

About FAB Defense:

F.A.B Defense is the International leader in the development and manufacture of high quality, cutting-edge tactical equipment, and weapon accessories. All F.A.B. Defense products are designed in collaboration with Special Forces and SWAT teams worldwide to provide superior ergonomics, functionality, and durability, reflecting decades of design experience. F.A.B. Defense is a registered trademark of F.A.B. Manufacturing & Import of Industrial Equipment Ltd.  F.A.B. Defense is exclusively distributed in the USA by USIQ / The Third Bull & Co.

FAB Defense

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Great piece for that HEAVY RECOILING 5.56/.223 ! The media will transform this to an “POWERFUL assault weapon with so much power it needs a recoil reducing stock added”. The Feds will say it adds to the “bumpfire” configuration cause it can BOUNCE….
Just sayin…..


PTSD for 24 hours per round!


From the picture I’d say it “could be” a means for the shooter to enhance trigger cycle time. Ok with me. After seeing Jerry Miculek run an AK dry with mag dump time very close to full auto time I’d say such a device may be redundant.


If you say so snowflake.


Might work OK for AR-style shotguns.


I’d like to see one in person, FAB’s website isn’t any better with details.

With a bad right shoulder and a burning desire for a .458 SOCOM upper, this might be a good thing for me anyway.

I have one of their stocks with the extra mag storage.
I like it, always an extra 10 or 20 rd mag onboard.

MN Hunter

If the spring mount is the only connection to the buffer, it would be GREAT for AR10 large caliber rounds


Unless there is some type of interior recoil mitigation directly behind the buffer tube (which is not shown in this pic nor described in the article) or the entire buttstock has ‘play’ so it can slide back & forth over the interior buffer tube & is not fixed, allowing the depicted spring to absorb the movement of the entire unit, this appears to be another gimmick. If it is the case that is does move back & forth ala a bump-stock does, then the article is poorly written as it does not specify this, leaving the reader to only observe… Read more »

Last edited 27 days ago by 3manfan

looks nice but i would like to be able try it on my AR, before I buy it. I like the design and innovation and the SOPMOD style cheek rest, looks kinda like it has storage tubes, like the B5 systems SOPMOD does. The only complaint I truly have at this time is the price it outrageous not for a poor that is for sure.

Matt in Oklahoma

I’d have to see this. The stick would need to flex which isn’t a good thing to me