New Cabot Guns Damascus Ultimate Carry 1911

Cabot Guns Damascus Ultimate Carry 1911
Cabot Guns Damascus Ultimate Carry 1911

U.S.A.-( Here’s another first from Cabot Guns, a true folded steel Damascus 1911 on display at SHOT 2023, Booth 41918. Introducing The Ultimate Carry by Cabot Guns.

To our knowledge the Ultimate Carry is the world’s first Commander size 1911 style pistol with a frame, slide AND one-piece extended magwell all made from hand crafted artisan Damascus steel.

A sign of wealth since biblical times, Damascus steel was used to create the weapons of Kings and Chieftains. Valued for it’s beauty and strength, Damascus steel was not only an indication of power by it’s holder but was also considered to contain mythical properties. It is with this inspiration we have crafted this new 1911 model.

Cabot Guns Damascus Ultimate Carry 1911
Cabot Guns Damascus Ultimate Carry 1911

Born from blocks of 120 layer artisan made stainless steel, the Cabot Ultimate Carry 1911 represents a new standard for EDC. Our small boutique production is 2023, however, 2024 delivery is available for the second production run. Price, $34,900.

Cabot’s legendary mission is to blend the rarest materials with skilled craftsmanship and create the most beautiful pistols on earth. Ultimate Carry achieves our goal twofold: a stunning 1911 forged from fabled Damascus steel that is also eminently suited for everyday carry. Those fortunate enough to own an Ultimate Carry will possess a pistol aligned in spirit with the mythical Damascus swords of old.

Cabot Guns Damascus Ultimate Carry 1911
Cabot Guns Damascus Ultimate Carry 1911
Cabot Guns Damascus Ultimate Carry 1911
Cabot Guns Damascus Ultimate Carry 1911

The Cabot Ultimate Carry 1911 pistols are offered for the discerning shootist who desires the highest possible ideal for their Commander-sized 1911. Carry on!

About Cabot Guns

Cabot Guns’ 1911 pistols represent a new standard in the firearms industry. They are the implementation of prideful engineering and precision manufacturing in all that we create – a series of promises on the part of Cabot Guns.

The knowledge that the pistol you now hold is the culmination of years of dedication to the pursuit of perfection, that it is the embodiment of precision, and that it represents an uncompromising commitment to furthering American excellence in design and manufacturing.Cabot Guns

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Is that a Diamond in the front sight? The stars on the trigger cheapens the whole design, IMHO.


Front sight is a night sight insert, I agree on the stars, gives it the “highschool Harry” look.


Then again, for that price it may very well BE a diamond ! That’d make it FULL BLOWN HIGHSCHOOL HARRY !


I agree. Also, black G10 grips would look much better, in my opinion.


Mine too.


That’s a nice handgun but it’s just too uppity for my tastes.


Surely an impressive piece of work. But even if I could afford it, I’d be concerned for it being confiscated (as most firearms are by law enforcement), should the need occur to use the gun in a justified shooting. In many venues recovering guns for civilians is problematic. There is no special insurance available protecting gun owners against this contingency.

Last edited 22 days ago by Wass

Second call defense has that exact protection. Check it out


Thank you. I’ll have to check it out. In NJ, as in some other states, you cannot fathom the anti-gun and anti-gun owner animus. Thankfully, there are mostly shall issue and some “constitutional carry” states. But there are a small number of states where the ignoramuses dug in their heels. I’ll settle for cheaper (I mean, as far as cost is concerned) firearms.


Beautiful Piece of Work!!! But for Almost $35,000, It Should Get You a Pair of Night Sight’s!!!


Hmmmm…gives me an idea for a cerakote pattern. Maybe on a Glock 21. That way I can have 58 Glocks for the same price. Nice pistol but really? I’m sure we’ll see Tom Cruise or someone in a movie with one soon. Maybe John Wick V or VII?


Wick rocks !