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Coonan Custom 1911 Chambered In .357 Magnum

Get Your Coonan Custom 1911 Pistol Faster:::

We are proud to say that Coonan has aggressively sought to build our manufacturing efficiency so that our customers can get their hands on a Coonan of their own more quickly…

Matt Burkett 3GN-S Model Shotgun

Update on the Matt Burkett 3GN-S Model Shotgun

Matt Burkett went to see what he could do about solving a particular Three Gun problem. The result is the new Burkett 3GN-S a custom built shotgun exclusively for Predator Tactical…

Farnam Signature M4 Rifle

The ‘Farnam Signature M4′ Rifle

The FSM4 is tough, durable, reliable, reasonably accurate, but not so tight as to be “super-accurate”, and built for action rifle. For serious duty, it has everything you need, and nothing you don’t…