MASP Industries Continues with Expanded “Heroes Salute” Military Branch Glock

MASP Industries Continues with Expanded “Heroes Salute” Military Branch Glock
MASP Industries Continues with Expanded “Heroes Salute” Military Branch Glock

USA – -( Coming off the success of their first line of custom “Fallen Series” Thin Blue Line Glock pistols, MASP Industries is continuing to stand out in the custom Glock scene by releasing their newest line of “Heroes Salute” military branch Glocks.

These Heroes Salute line follows the same trend of the thin blue line Glock with custom slide cuts, paint jobs, enhanced billet trigger, and a bad ass pelican case to store your Glock in.

Not only is their attention to detail and design apparent with their newest Military Glocks, so is MASP’s dedication to continue being a company that gives back to its community. With each and every custom Glock package sold, MASP is continuing to give 100% of the proceeds to families of fallen heroes.

When we spoke to their president Tigh Mumgaard he put it pretty clearly “We are able to give protection to the buyers of the gun, and in turn, peace of mind to the families that have lost so much. Thats the goal of our ‘Fallen Series’…. allow people to give back to those who gave everything for our safety”

To understand MASP as a company is to understand the reason and goal of the “Fallen Series” Glocks. MASP has long since been a company based on being able to provide protection to its community all while maintaining an honest, fair, and charitable business model. MASP has been around since 2013 producing custom rifles, charging handles, and an open door gun shop serving the needs of their customers.

A peak into their building shows the dedication and success they have been able to achieve by filling their Nebraska based machine shop with almost one million dollars in CNCs, Lathes, and laser cutters. Their shop is constantly filled with the sounds of progress, creativity, and cutting edge designs, all the while working non stop to continue to be Nebraskas leading custom gun manufacturer.

MASP Industries

Their “Fallen Series” Thin Blue Line and Military “Heroes Salute” packages on available now on their website. If supporting a company with core values rooted in honesty, integrity, and quality is something you’re interested in, look no further than MASP Industries. They continue to lead the way in improving the gun industry as we know it, and making a real difference while doing it.

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or business inquiries at [email protected] or

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It’s good to now there are still, folks out in this wonderful UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, that do care about our fallen soldiers. Thanks to people and companies like CLOCK that actually should their pride and care.


Thanks for the recognition Glock . It is appreciated.
However, the way I see the coloring – Light Blue for Air Force, Olive Green for Army, Dark Earth for Marine Corp, Dark Blue for Navy, and Silver for Coast Guard.
Just say’n Glock.

Larry Brickey



Maybe they will do a department of transportation version for the Coast Guard.


Since you are behind the times, I’ll ‘pick’ on your comment (not trying to be mean to you) . The USCG has not been part of DOT since it became the lead agency in the Department of Homeland Security. But yeah, in answer to all of the others that noted the absence, Where Is The Coast Guard version>?

Brian Durham

No Coast Guard.

Bradley Pick

Exactly. Where is the Coast Guard?
Brad Pick
USCG 74-78


Hey, give them a call and ask to speak to the guy. It may be a simple oversight and the phone call is free. Let us know what you hear.