Damascus Ladder Deluxe – Cabot Guns Continual Refinement In Damascus 1911’s

Cabot Guns artisan Damascus 1911's, frames and slides.
Cabot Guns artisan Damascus 1911’s, frames and slides.

USA – -(Ammoland.com)- Looking for something unique? Back in 2013, Cabot introduced a gun we simply called “The Damascus” and it turned heads. Well, we’ve continued to push the envelope and if you appreciate quality 1911’s we have something special again.

Cabot Gun’s Damascus Ladder Deluxe 1911 Pistol

Cabot Gun’s Damascus Ladder Deluxe 1911 Pistol
Cabot Gun’s Damascus Ladder Deluxe 1911 Pistol
Cabot Gun’s Damascus Ladder Deluxe 1911 Pistol and Accessories
Cabot Gun’s Damascus Ladder Deluxe 1911 Pistol and Accessories

The Cabot Gun’s Damascus Ladder Deluxe is the perfect intertwining of grit and sensuality – inspiring widened eyes, a quickened heart and immediate carnal reaction of raw desire. It’s confidence embodied in art, a culmination of collaborative effort between tradition and the cutting-edge.

Unique to the supremely elegant Damascus steel slide is a sculptural texture which is as much an aesthetic addition as it is a deliberate consideration of combining form and function. Cabot has developed a super-etching technique, which when applied to the Damascus Ladder Deluxe’s slide turns the entire top-half of the pistol into a tactile surface.

Cabot Gun’s Damascus Ladder Deluxe 1911 Pistol Welded Damascus Grips
Cabot Gun’s Damascus Ladder Deluxe 1911 Pistol Welded Damascus Grips

A sign of wealth since biblical times, Damascus steel was used to create the weapons of Kings and Chieftains. Valued for it’s beauty and strength, Damascus steel was not only an indication of power by it’s holder but was also considered to contain mythical properties. It is with this inspiration we have crafted this 1911.

The grips for the special edition Cabot 1911 offering of this model are also a work of art. Pattern welded Damascus, commissioned from Master Blacksmith Jason Morrissey and crafted in-house each set of grips contains unique Damascus Art.

About Cabot Guns:

Situated in western Pennsylvania, Cabot Guns produces aerospace quality 1911 style pistols that are 100 percent American-made by craftsmen and nano-technologists obsessed with feel, precision and purity. Cabot Guns is located at 300 N. Pike Road, Sarver, PA.

Learn more about Cabot Guns at www.cabotguns.com.

See you at SHOT! – Cabot Guns – Booth 508

Cabot Guns’ 1911 pistols represent a new standard in the firearms industry. They are the implementation of prideful engineering and precision manufacturing in all that we create; 100% American product; from the American born solid blocks billet steel which forms the backbone of all Cabot Guns.

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I clicked on their website and all I can say is that the price will blow you away.


@tomcat: with hurricane force brother!!!!!!
I’ll do honest for work those whom can purchase such guns…… out in the mid-west. Lucky basterds!
Oh! A better title for this story is “Gun You’ll Never Shoot”. The Damascus Ladder Deluxe 1911 @10k and The Damascus 1911 @50k [SOLD]


I’ll take the knucks.


Are the pics all reversed, or is this a left hand 1911?


How much is one of these fine looking pistols?


In ancient times, Damascus steel earned a reputation for strength, largely because in ancient times they didn’t have the capability of controlling steel alloy composition the way we do now. Today, “Damascus” steel is made by forge welding dissimilar alloys together, primarily for aesthetic reasons. I would MUCH rather have a gun made out of a single good high strength alloy with precisely controlled composition and modern fabrication and heat treatment rather than something pieced together out of many layers of different steel. This applies to Damascus pistols as much as it applies to the Damascus shotgun barrels of a… Read more »


It’s not Damascus steel. They apply an etching process to the the steel to create an Damascus-steel appearance.


More then likely they are using damas steel, that’s a modern day version that is used in many high end custom made firearms and can handle whatever the firearm is designed for.
And it’s the slide, not the barrel.


Those are drop-dead beautiful.


What a beautiful gun.


Looks like I got a bargain with my Glock’s paying from $450.00 to $650.00, kinda gives me
that warm fuzzy feelin and I don’t need chrome polish.


$9,995 MSRP. I’ll take two.


…thank you for your order but the item is B/O!