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Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin

Putin Paranoia

If we could negotiate with neo-Stalinists issues as grave as the the Berlin Wall, and ballistic missiles in Cuba, why cannot we sit down with Vladimir Putin and discuss less earthshaking matters…

Map of China

Worrying about China

If there is one thing various experts and pundits like to do most it is to worry about all manner of speculative threats.

Russia’s Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles

The Fall of Rome? Oh Well Party on Garth

Tanks, artillery, rifles & hard infantry may have gone out of fashion in the USA & in Western Europe, but the Chinese, North Koreans, Iranians, & Russians apparently didn’t get that memo…

Ukraine Suffering At The Hands Of The Russians

Ukrainian Swamp Sausage

Ukraine has suffered at the hands of the Russians and the Germans and it is going to happen again…

Russian Bear

We Get To Hate The Russian Bear,,, Again

The US was never one of the traditional enemies of the Old Russian world, but we rose to the top of their list, right after they moved in and took over most of Eastern Europe…

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin

Leave The Oil Turned On Mr. Putin

Putin has got this oil as a weapons-thing figured out. He is proceeding very effectively to turn the Russian oil and gas industry into the 21st century’s, new Non-Destructive, Weapon of Mass Destruction…

Russians had seized the Greenpeace ship, Arctic Sunrise

Russia Busts Greenpeace

Russia has provided an object lesson in how to deal with these Green “warriors” on oil, coal, and nuclear energy, and other issues that harm people…