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Guns are Bad

The Christian Science Monitor’s Gun Controlapalooza

In one fell swoop, a Christian Science Monitor column was used to criticize the NRA, the “notion that the Second Amendment guarantees the right to own a gun”, & the existence of “stand your ground” laws…

Florida Carry Legislative Update

There are legislators who are now actively seeking to pass legislation that would punish law abiding citizens who act in necessary defense of themselves…


What Divides Us – What Unites Us?

Perhaps if the citizenry was aware of the true motives of those whom we entrust with our governance, the issues that divide us might actually serve to bring us together…

The New Face of Racism

Caruba: Too Much Trayvon and George

I don’t want to write about how weary I am of the media orgy that continues to feed off the way a minor incident in Sanford, Florida, metastasized into a trial and a national display of the new racism…

Don Kates on Stand Your Ground

Sheer legal ignorance underlies the hysterical attacks now being mounted against what is falsely described as “Florida’s Stand Your Ground” Law….