Charter Arms .327 Fed. Mag. Snub Nose Revolver Is A Real Hot Rod!

Charter Arms .327 Fed. Mag. snub nose revolver is a real hot rod!

Charter Arms Patriot Revolvers

Charter Arms Revolvers

Charter Arms, Dayton, OH, 2008 – Charter Arms new .327 Federal Magnum. Like its revolutionary 327 cubic-inch Chevrolet hot motor model namesake introduced in 1962 the .327 Federal Magnum round is a real hotrod too. Charter Arms new Patriot is the industry’s first snub nose revolver chambered for this potent round.

Designed for legal conceal-carry Charter Arms Patriot features 6-shot capacity and a 2.2-inch barrel, slick target front ramp and groove channel fixed sights. The second variation comes with a 4-inch barrel, target ramp sight and adjustable rear sights, and it too is chambered for 6-rounds. The good news is they are both at a great price point too and by the time you get this release Charter Arms is shipping the new revolvers to dealers in other words both are available. “We feel the .327 Federal Magnum is an excellent self defense round and the light weight and low price point coupled with our first 2,000 production promotion program (see below) makes a very attractive purchase.”— Charles Brown, MKS Supply, marketer of Charter Firearms.

Charter Arms Patriot 2.2-inch barrel conceal carry model is ideal for self defense with Federal’s 85-grain low recoil Hydra-Shok round which, based on Factory ammo. specs. for a 31/2 inch bbl. should yield about 1250-1280 fps from the 2.2 Patriot.

The Patriot is a good looking all stainless steel revolver with full size rubber grips. For a fun hard-shooter for plinking, hunting (where legal), target shooting and self defense the Patriot’s power, reduced recoil impulse (20-25 percent less than the .357 Magnum) and recoil reducing rubber grips makes this an powerfully friendly and very affordable revolver to shoot. The Charter Arms Patriot will safely chamber and fire the .32 H & R Magnum round as well as others in the .32 center fire family.

Built on Charter Arm’s robust and popular .44 Special Bulldog frame the Patriot’s 8-groove barrel (unique to Charter Arms) makes for accurate target shooting and improved pressure holding lower resistance bullet deforming velocities over conventional 4- and 6-groove barrels. The all steel 2.2-inch Patriot weighs in at just 22.5-ounces while the 4-inch model comes in at 25-ounces. Light weight, powerful, lower recoil, affordable price; the Charter Arms 2.2 Patriot fills the bill.

Price 2.2-inch model (P/N 73270) $425.00 MSRP; 4-inch model (P/N 73274) with adjustable sights is also only $425.00 MSRP.

But Wait! It gets better! While the supply lasts, the first 2000 Charter Arms Patriots are also sold (no extra cost) with a matching, clip mount Kershaw Scallion 21/4 inch 420 HC stainless-steel blade, grey anodized aluminum handle folding knife with Charter .327 engraved into the handle. Price of a like Kershaw knife is $49.95.

Both revolvers, like all other Charter Arms manufactured revolvers carry lifetime warrantees. Visit Charter Arms at

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Jackie Berry

I have been the owner of a Charters Arms 38 Revolver for over 35 years.

When my husband bought it in 1973, he paid 250.00 which was a bargain back then.

It has only been used for target practice and new years' celebrations. I would like to sell it but do not know how to go about doing it or how to get a fair market price for it.

If you can help and/or refer me to someone who can, please respond to this at my email address above.

Thank you


Hello Jackie:

You should take it to your local gun shop where you should be able to sell it on consignment?

That way you can be sure you are following your local laws.