Eliminate Cross-over Sighting with FieldandClays Magic Eye Dot System for Shooting Glasses

Eliminate cross-over sighting and double target vision with FieldandClays Magic Eye Dot System for shooting glasses.

FieldandClays Magic Eye Dots

Cleveland, OH – It is estimated that 40% of right handed shooters are left eyed dominant while 80% of left handed shooters are right eyed dominant.

A problem for many shooters is wrong eye dominance and cross-over sighting. This often occurs when right handed shooters have a dominant left eye and a left handed shooter has a dominant right eye. Many prefer to shoot giving their preferred eye an advantage and find this system to be the answer.

Made of special new age materials these dots allow precise placement and can be removed easily and repositioned, no sticky adhesive is used. In the shooting position, place a dot on the outside or inside of your lens in a spot that causes slight fuzziness to the appropriate eye. Proper placement will force a switched focus to your other eye. They can color match your lens and will stay in place. Comes in one full sheet of 24 dots and 2 rectangles, either of which can be trimmed to desire. Excellent when shooting Shotgun, Rifle, Pistol, Archery.


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