POMA’s Money Line

POMA’s Money Line
Connecting Professionals and Growing Businesses

Johnstown, PA – -(OutDoorWire.com)- The Professional Outdoor Media Association’s (POMA) Money Line service connects entities that need writers, photographers, editors, public relations professionals or staffers with qualified professionals; and the service is free. During the past month, Money Line has connected: a writer with a magazine that needed a monthly columnist; several publications with photographers who were able to fulfill unusual photographic needs; an up-and-coming journalist with a market otherwise inaccessible; and a public relations firm with an outdoor industry professional who can service the agency’s outdoor clients.

“I have been impressed with POMA’s Money Line service each time I’ve used it,” said Cheryl Snider, general manager of JB Scott Publishing.

Here’s an overview of Cheryl’s most recent experience using POMA’s free Money Line Service:

Q: How many responses did you receive?

A: 12

Q: Were the applicants qualified and professional?

A: All of the applicants were qualified and very professional. Each submitted sample writings and resumes very quickly! I completed the online form and within 15 minutes, my phone began to ring! I was very impressed.

Q: How did you find out about POMA’s Money Line?

A: I have used the system before and had success sourcing a writer. Joe Byers has been writing an outdoor hunting and fishing article for us for two years and he will be writing two articles in our new publication. Joe will be writing our Celebrity Outdoor Stories and Gear Box. Celebrity Outdoors speaks for itself and Gear Box will include product reviews on the latest and greatest technology, equipment and clothing to fill every sportsman’s gear box.

Q: Who did you select for the job and why?

A: Most of the sample articles submitted would have been satisfactory, but Frank Sargeant submitted a well-rounded article that covered the pleasures, physical requirements and proper techniques for a particular sport. It was an enjoyable read and also covered the physical condition required to be successful. That is what we were looking for. The section that we selected Frank to write for is entitled The Sportsman Rx. From bowhunting to mountain climbing, Frank will be supplying health advice and tips on getting physically ready for the various upcoming seasons.

Q: Tell us about the publication that will carry the column.

A: Target Media Partners – Trucking Division; JB Scott Publishing, Inc., publishes recruiting magazines for the trucking industry. This new complimentary magazine, The Over The Road Sportsman is designed for the professional truck driver that is also a sportsman to enjoy and plan their outdoor sports adventures while on the road. This magazine, along with our other eight driver recruiting magazines and trucking industry newspaper, is distributed by more than 3,600 truck stops and welcome centers nationwide.

Find professionals to fulfill your communications, public relations and marketing needs. Post a POMA Money Line listing today at www.professionaloutdoormedia.org/MoneyLine.htm

For more information, contact: Laurie Lee Dovey, POMA executive director, [email protected].

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