THOR Global Defense Group Teams Up With EDM Arms

THOR Global Defense Group Teams Up With EDM Arms
Looking to the Future for Extreme Long Range Shooting Systems

THOR's XM-Series Rifle
THOR’s XM-Series Rifle
THOR Global Defense Group
THOR Global Defense Group

Fort Smith, AR –-( In today’s ever intensifying political climate, demands for higher performance weapon systems are more present than ever. Soldiers require platforms that are easy to maintain and produce accurate and reliable results. THOR Global Defense Group has proudly announced a partnership with EDM Arms for their XM Series .408 rifles.

”We have a lot of faith in this system…the numbers and proof are there,” says Larry Knesek, President & CEO of THOR “It’s capable of delivering results for today’s troops in an excellent package”

Little information is currently being released regarding upcoming modifications to the current rifle system aside from the statement that .408 Rifles shipped from EDM’s Hurricane, Utah based facility will feature the new “THOR Global Defense Group” markings after August 1, 2009. “We have some big plans” says Knesek.

THOR intends to expand the current dealer base considerably; as well as focus additional energy to military and law enforcement communities, both at home and abroad.

THOR’s XM-Series rifle is a CNC and EDM machined receiver and bolt with a fully adjustable stock, mil-spec picatinny rail, adjustable mono-pod, adjustable bi-pod, a 30” 1/13 twist barrel and many additional features. Also available is a simple conversion kit for those wishing to chamber their rifle in .50 BMG for dual purpose applications. To further ensure quality products for the end user, all EDM products are backed with a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.

Bill Ritchie, owner of EDM has been creating quality rifles since 1990. Ritchie’s recent move to Utah from his Redlands, California office has allowed for a much larger facility and increased EDM’s overall production dramatically. The relations with THOR will allow for more one on one time with customers desiring technical information, allowing EDM to focus on the manufacturing process. THOR also offers a full Armorer’s Certification Course for individuals wishing to learn more about the platform.

THOR Global Defense Group was created to meet the increasing demand for advanced weapon platforms, security services, and training. THOR aids clients with high standards and special needs both domestic and abroad. THOR is able to handle all aspects of security effectively and professionally.

If you’d like more information about this topic, please visit the THOR website at

THOR Global Defense Group offers security services, weapons & equipment, training and on-site ranges. Our security services vary from Risk Management to Executive Protection services, as well as consulting. We offer worldwide training for civilians, Law Enforcement and Military.

With THOR, you can purchase a weapon and become fully trained on it at our expansive facility.

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INjured Vet
INjured Vet
4 years ago

I just found out today this @hole ripped me off for almost 20K. This guy signed a settlement for a serious safety design flaw in this design in which I was seriously injured when his rifle blew up. He had NO intentions of making things right. In addition my rifle that was sent back to be repaired and returned is now de facto stolen by this bandit. Oh, poor Bill, well I have something different to say. If this guy was so nice and so great, he would have made right any personal debts before he offed himself instead of… Read more »