Coming Up On Armed American Radio – December 26th 2009 – Merry Christmas

Coming Up On Armed American Radio – December 26th 2009 – Merry Christmas!
The Official Voice of the USCCA
by Mark Walters

Armed American Radio
Armed American Radio

Jackson, WI –-( The end of the year is now upon us and what a year it has been. Started on April 26, 2009 on one station, AAR is now nationally syndicated and heard LIVE in all time zones in America every Sunday evening. Growing like a weed, Armed American Radio is continuing to add cities across this great nation. Ask the fine folks up in the Motor City as Detroit was just added to the lineup on WDTK News Talk 1400 am! Corpus Christi Texas is gearing up for AAR beginning the first week of the new year! Salt Lake City and Provo, Utah come to the Armed American Radio lineup Jan. 3rd on KACP Freedom 570 am! Florida, we have tremendous interest in the Gunshine State and hope to be making an announcement there real soon. Thanks to Bill Wink Chevrolet and The Firing Line Indoor Range and Gun Shop for their sponsorship of AAR in Detroit!

The bottom line is, Armed American Radio has rapidly become the only radio program of its kind where law abiding citizens who choose to exercise their constitutional RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS can come for the talk they demand. I’m not talking about hunting here on AAR. Armed American Radio laser focuses on the things we care about as law abiding gun owners and CCW holders and I zoom right in on the anti-gunners and the freedom-haters who want to strip YOU of your constitutional rights. In fact, I put a lucky, lefty, whacko right smack in the crosshairs every week, sometimes more than one, and give the orator of the stupidest comments of the previous seven days the Bonehead of the Week Award. Believe me, the kooks who want your guns seem to outdo themselves every single day and sometimes I have to go right up to show time before the Bonehead of the Week is selected, or added to the list for the night!

If you want to hear the “other side” talk about what they refer to as the “gun debate”, you’ll have to go elsewhere…Like any major newspaper, any network “news” program, or any cable “news” station where these liars and freedom haters get all of the airtime they want See, on Armed American Radio THERE IS NO DEBATE. As far as I’m concerned, the nut cases on the other side simply need to get it through their heads that free Americans have a constitutional RIGHT to KEEP AND BEAR ARMS. The constitution means what it says, it says what it means and I will NOT allow revisionist history on AAR. Nope, they will never get ONE minute of airtime on Armed American Radio. Never. The “mainstream media” has allowed these people to lie for far too long and Armed American Radio IS the fairness doctrine!

Whew…That felt good!

Over the past several months, I’ve had the privilege of interviewing the nations foremost experts in self-defense, training, gun fighting skills, avoidance and awareness techniques as well as politicians, gun rights activists, champion marksmen and women, authors and on and on. Trust me, I’ll be adding some HUGE names to the list this coming year too!

So, before I get to the “who’s coming up” part, I would like to extend a very humble and heartfelt THANK YOU to all of you who have helped make Armed American Radio one of the fastest growing radio broadcasts in America and the tremendous success that it is!

OK, here we go! AAR is LIVE this weekend. Freedom never takes a break on Armed American Radio! Coming up this week I will be putting together a little bit of a “wrap up” of some of the best guests such as Massad Ayoob and champion shooter Gail Pepin, who will either be LIVE in the studio with me or on the phone, either way they’ll both be here. In addition we’ll talk to Rob Pincus who will be back for the entire show, George Hill, the Mad Ogre, phone calls, emails and MORE as we discuss some of the best things we covered in 2009. I’ll also be rebroadcasting my interview with talk radio giant and Fox News contributor Mike Gallagher for some of our newest cities tuned into AAR. Kathy Jackson will come back for a few minutes and maybe even Tim Schmidt! I’ll give away the Bonehead of the YEAR award this week too and I haven’t yet decided who gets it so if you have a suggestion, please send it to [email protected] !

Thanks again to YOU for making this year such a success here at AAR! For more information on where to listen and previous shows, visit Also, for copies of my book Lessons from Armed America, co-written with Kathy Jackson and foreword written by Massad Ayoob, visit any major online book retailer or

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Operation Velvet Hammer is designed to help us grow AAR even bigger than it is even faster than it is! So many of you have sent emails and made comments on the radio website asking where you can get the station on YOUR hometown dial. Now we’re growing fast but we KNOW we can do it even faster with YOUR help. If you are interested in assisting us in growing this program, please visit and sign up to help out.

I’ll explain in more detail in the coming days but first I need you to join the select group that will dedicate some of their time to assisting me. Don’t worry, by doing so you’ll get not only the satisfaction of helping me counter the anti-gunners and freedom haters voices but I’ll also make sure you get some pretty cool stuff for helping out. The anti’s and freedom haters have a voice in every major newspaper, television network and Washington itself. Now it’s OUR TURN. Help me turn Armed American Radio into the voice heard in all 50 states faster than we already are! Visit for more details and to sign up!

To those of you who have already added your names to the list THANK YOU! We’ll be getting with you all very soon with even more details!

I’ll see YOU on the radio THIS Sunday LIVE from 8-11pm EST, 5-8pm PST

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