Coming Up On Armed American Radio – February 21 2010

Coming Up On Armed American Radio – February 21 2010
The Official Voice of the USCCA
by Mark Walters

Armed American Radio
Armed American Radio

Jackson, WI –-(  ***THIS JUST IN!*** Coming THIS SUNDAY to AAR listeners in northern California. KMPH 840 AM THE PATRIOT, Modesto CA covering a HUGE chunk of the San Francisco area, Oakland, Stockton, Merced, San Jose, Sacramento, Fairfield, Concord and ALL POINTS IN BETWEEN.

YOU are on the ARMED AMERICAN RADIO NETWORK beginning THIS Sunday, 2-21-2010! PLUS, we’ll be focusing on the East Palo Alto Ca detective who made the incendiary Open Carry comments on a Facebook page last week! WELCOME TO AAR!

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Programming now resuming as normal…
Before we get started with this week’s AAR adventure, I would be remiss if I didn’t talk a bit about last weekends show.  My in -studio guest “David” was a victim of an attempted armed robbery and because he himself was armed, the robber didn’t get very far.  His story was followed up with analysis by Massad Ayoob and attorney John Monroe.  The show was incredibly compelling and if you have already made the decision to carry a gun or are even thinking about it, please visit last weeks program at, it truly is “must listen” to radio.

California is heating up and I mean like a wildfire.  Seems a detective in East Palo Alto made some pretty incendiary comments on a Facebook page about law-abding residents who choose to lawfully open carry and his descriptive’s of what would happen to them by police was nothing short of….well, YOU decide.

I’ll be talking to Mr. John Taylor, who immediately started his own Facebook page calling for the detective to be fired.  Also, joining me will be representatives of  These guys make no bones about where they fall in the open carry debate and they’ll weigh in on the E. Palo Alto situation.

Also, I’ll be continuing the Grassroots discussions with guests from Nevada Gun Owners and Ohioans for Concealed Carry.  Folks, it’s the local grassroots groups in your neck of the woods that are responsible for so many of the freedoms you have.  I’ve talked to groups from Iowa, Oregon, Ohio, Virginia, Georgia, and now Nevada and we’ll get to every state that airs AAR in the near future.! During the Roundtable in hour 3 I’ll be joined by Morgan Boatman, George Hill-The Mad Ogre, and Ms. Kathy Jackson!

Speaking of states that air Armed American Radio, I’ll be welcoming a new one this Sunday, California joins the ever growing list! Modesto will be listening this weekend for the first time LIVE so welcome!

Please visit me at for all of the latest info on one of America’s fastest growing radio shows! You can also pick up a signed copy of my book, Lessons from Armed America co-written with Kathy Jackson and foreword by Massad Ayoob by clicking on “Lessons from Armed America” over in the links section.  Tom Gresham has it listed as one of the TOP 5 all time MUST READ books for personal defense!

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I’ll see you on the radio THIS weekend! Be there!

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