Concealed Handgun Licenses And Government Transparency

Concealed Handgun Licenses And Government Transparency

Oregon Firearms Federation
Oregon Firearms Federation

Oregon –-( Oregon’s Attorney General, John Kroger, has announced a series of public meetings to discuss “Government Transparency.”

We agree this is an important issue. In Oregon, legislation is often the subject of “amendments” that are not available to anyone, even legislators, until someone walks into a hearing and puts them on the table. This in spite of the definition of “public record” given by Kroger himself:

“With a few exceptions, all government records of any kind are considered public records. Specifically, a “public record” is any writing that contains information relating to the conduct of public business that is prepared, owned, used or retained by a public body.”

So while we are very supportive of making Oregon government as “transparent” as possible, we are concerned about whom the AG chose as a “partner” for these meetings. The Oregon Newspaper Publisher’s Association.

These are the folks who were the major force behind disclosure of the private information of those with concealed handgun licenses.

Although most sheriffs now refuse to reveal this information, the ONPA has made repeated efforts to force disclosure of this private and sensitive data. There is at least one lawsuit in process to force a sheriff to turn over this information to a newspaper.

Our position has always been that the records of persons with CHL’s should not be considered “government documents” or treated like information about government functions. They are, in fact, records created because of the demands of the state on those who simply choose to exercise their rights.

The AG is planning several meetings to take public testimony on the issue of public records and “transparency.” If you want to make your voice heard you can get more information here:

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