Dick’s Sporting Good’s Draconian ID Requirements for Ammunition

Falls Township Rifle & Pistol Association Protests Dick's Sporting Good's Draconian ID Requirements for Ammunition

Falls Township Rifle & Pistol Association
Falls Township Rifle & Pistol Association

Bucks County, PA –-(AmmoLand.com)- Pennsylvania's Falls Township Rifle & Pistol Association has begun a letter writing campaign to Dick's Sporting Good's stores protesting what it describes as their enforcement of draconian New Jersey anti-gun laws in Pennsylvania.

According to Andy Barniskis, Legislative Committee Chairman for Falls Township Rifle and Pistol Association in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, a number of club members reported Dick's Sporting Goods stores in Pennsylvania demanding proof of state residency from customers purchasing handgun ammunition, and refusing ammunition sales to New Jersey residents.

Bucks County is located right across the Delaware River from New Jersey, and a number of club members are New Jersey residents who legally purchase handgun ammunition in Pennsylvania for use at the club's Pennsylvania ranges.

In New Jersey, purchasers of handgun ammunition must show their state Firearms Owners Identification cards. In Pennsylvania, handgun ammunition buyers must only prove they are adults.

According to Barniskis, “We consider it an insult to gun owners for a retailer to enforce a foreign state's anti-freedom legislation, when neither our state's nor federal law requires any such thing.”

The following sample letter has been provided to club members and other regional gun owners, and club hopes the initiative to protest what appears to be Dick's Sporting Goods corporate policy will spread.


Edward W. Stack
Chairman & CEO
Dick's Sporting Goods
300 Industry Drive RIDC
Park West Pittsburgh, PA 15275

Dear Mr. Stack:

It has come to my attention that Dick's Sporting Goods stores in Eastern Pennsylvania have been enforcing New Jersey's anti-gun laws on customers seeking to purchase handgun ammunition. Purchasers of handgun ammunition have been asked to prove their state of residence, and sales of handgun ammunition have reportedly been refused to New Jersey residents.

I regard such practices as an insult to both Pennsylvania and New Jersey residents.

Pennsylvania gun owners have fought too hard resisting draconian anti-gun laws like New Jersey's to accept having them imposed by a retailer in Pennsylvania.

What's more, New Jersey residents purchasing handgun ammunition in Pennsylvania, for use at gun clubs or other venues in Pennsylvania, are violating no law, and refusing to sell ammunition to them because of New Jersey's anti-freedom laws implies suspicion of criminal intent on their part. It is insulting, and it is not the appropriate role for a retailer.

It has further been alleged that local management of Dick's Sporting Goods stores in Pennsylvania have told ammunition customers inquiring about the policy that “It's the law.” Dick's management or staff members who make such statements are either deliberately lying, to shift the blame for a shameful corporate policy, or are unacceptably ignorant of Pennsylvania and federal law. It also has been alleged that enforcement of the policy has been tinged by allegations of racial profiling, which would imply civil rights violations.

Please advise me as to the corporate policy of Dick's Sporting Goods regarding the enforcement of extra-legal anti- gun policies in its stores, and whether such practices will cease in the immediate future; or whether I, my family, and friends should seek other, more respectful retailers in Pennsylvania for our shooting and outdoor needs.


Your Name & Address


Falls Township Rifle and Pistols Association. Founded in 1958, Falls Township Rifle and Pistol Association has been welcoming shooting enthusiasts in Lower Bucks County for more than 50 years. Originally located on the Falls Water Works, we now reside at 354 Newbold Road in Fairless Hills, PA just south of Morrisville. Visit: www.ftrpa.org

  • 3 thoughts on “Dick’s Sporting Good’s Draconian ID Requirements for Ammunition

    1. Nice to know. They have recently moved into Burlington WA. Even though they sell firearms and ammunition, their ads make them seem more of a “Jock Shop”. If they try to continue their “Eastern” attitude in this area, they wont last long.

    2. I started boycotting Dick’s right after they cancelled all those AR sales after newtown. No pro gun citizen should be shopping there anymore.

    3. My husband and I were confronted with Dick’s new ammunition policy yesterday at the Bloomington, Indiana location. We brought a couple of boxes of #4, 12 gauge Turkey Shot to the cash register for purchase. The cashier (a young girl), asked to see my husband’s ID and then asked that he press either “YES” or “NO” on the credit card reader in response to the question, “Are you a U.S. citizen?”. My husband complied and as the transaction continued, he asked her why he had to show his identification. She responded it was to verify his age (he’s 45, clearly over the age of 18), she then proceeded to enter into a long speech regarding Wal-Mart. She said Wal-Mart is the largest seller of ammunition in the U.S. and they don’t check I.D.’s or inquire about citizenship. I honestly thought she was praising Wal-Mart for not imposing the same arbitrary store policy that Dick’s enforces, so I said, “Good for Wal-mart, that’s exactly the way it should be”. To my utter shock this girl blew-up in a rage! She was NOT praising Wal-Mart (as I believed), but rebuking Wal-Mart for its lack of self-imposed draconian control on our right to purchase a product! Her screaming rant was specifically an attack on the fact that Wal-Mart doesn’t verify citizenship. Now it’s my understanding that Federal law prohibits sales to ILLEGAL/NONLAWFUL residents of the United States, so what about folks from other countries who are here legally? As far as I understand, they can purchase ammunition. For example, what about the non citizen who comes to the United States on a legal hunting trip? Or a family here on vacation who would like to go target shooting with their lawfully-gun-owning American friend or family member? If Dick’s refuses ammunition sales to legal yet technically non-citizens, it would appear that Dick’s ammunition sales policy is discriminatory. Regardless, the question that Dick’s asks is pointless. Anyone can answer “YES” when asked if they are a U.S. citizen, it doesn’t prove anything. Additionally, a private business can neither impose their senseless store policy on another business (as this girl was doing with Wal-Mart) nor can they affect Federal Law with their own personal political stance. As my husband and I stood at the cash register in dumbfounded silence, I finally interrupted the girl’s tirade and asked why she was so angry. “I’M NOT ANGRY, YOU’RE THE ONES WHO ARE ANGRY!!!” she screamed! It was a taste of things to come. I’m afraid more and more businesses will impose their own twisted political beliefs on their customers regardless of law. A little off subject but as a further example of the socialistic direction Dick’s is heading, just prior to the sales transaction we had to wait as this girl literally searched the coat pockets of a fellow employee before he was allowed to leave for the day. I’m serious!! When my husband and I were finally able to leave Dick’s, we drove straight to Wal-Mart and bought TWO more boxes of shotgun shells. We had a great experience at Wal-Mart! We’ve spent hundreds of dollars at Dick’s over the years with gun purchases, but we will never again give Dick’s our business!

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