Anti-Gun Harry Osterman Is Desperate To Undo Pro Gun Illinois Supreme Court Ruling

Anti-Gun Harry Osterman Is Desperate To Undo Pro Gun Illinois Supreme Court Ruling

Springfield IL –-( Anti-gun owner State Rep. Harry Osterman (D-14) is desperate to undo the Illinois Supreme Court ruling that an enclosed console of a vehicle is a legal mode of transportation for an unloaded firearm.

Not having the votes in the House to ban consoles, built in storage boxes, and change what constitutes a “safe” container; he is trying to garner more votes by adding an amendment to HB 5849 which includes his convoluted feel-good, do-nothing language from HB 6123 about prohibiting sales of firearms to gang members.

State Rep. Harry Osterman (D-14)
State Rep. Harry Osterman (D-14)

We all know it is already unlawful to transfer a firearm to anyone who does not have a valid FOID card – this is just Harry O.'s tactic to make it even more difficult for law abiding citizens to lawfully transport their firearms.

And that is not all, he has also filed an amendment to HB5480 (bans private sales of firearms) which would require the Illinois State Police to develops it's own internet-based background check system for handgun transfers.

CALL YOUR State Representative today and urge him/her to oppose HB 5849 and HB5480!!

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