Armed American Radio – Coming Up On April 18th 2010

Armed American Radio – Coming Up On April 18th 2010
The Official Voice of the USCCA
by Mark Walters

Armed American Radio
Armed American Radio

Jackson, WI –-( Folks, AAR on the road in Tucson was a wild success and THIS weekend promises to be even bigger!

Thanks to all of the fans that stopped by Marksmen Pistol Institute for the book signing and meet and greet. It was a real pleasure mixing it up with fans of AAR!

Starting at 8pm THIS Sunday 4-18-2010 Armed American Radio will be LIVE in the Salem Radio Network Studios Washington DC to officially kick off the Second Amendment March on Washington. A complete “who's who” of guest speakers will make there way into the temporary AAR studio with me to help me kick off the event. You'll hear from some of the speakers at the next days march and I can promise you it will be a show of epic proportions!

Make sure you tune in THIS Sunday, 4-18-2010 at 8 PM ET, 5 pm PT for a full fledged assault on the nations airwaves as we take to the streets and begin the gathering in DC!

Be there, this Sunday on Armed American Radio “On the Road”! For more information please visit and don't forget to head over to FACEBOOK and click “Become a Fan” of Armed American Radio to keep up with all of the happenings in real time!

I'll see you on the radio!


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