PNC Bank Says No To Legal Gun Owners

PNC Bank Says No To Legal Gun Owners
Ohio Gun Owners Must Complain To PNC Bank Immediately.

PNC Bank Says No To Legal Gun Owners
PNC Bank Says No To Legal Gun Owners
Ohioans For Concealed Carry
Ohioans For Concealed Carry

Campbell Ohio –-( Ohioans For Concealed Carry has banked with National City Bank for years — and we have encouraged Ohio’s gun owners to bank with National City Bank for just as long.

This past weekend PNC Financial Services unveiled their signs across the State of Ohio as NCB formally became PNC, and they unveiled “NO GUNS” signs with the PNC logo on the vast majority of their branches.

This is uncalled for — and we need your help calling and complaining to PNC Bank this week so that they realize we saw what they did this weekend, and we won’t stand for it. If you are a customer of PNC you need to visit your branch and complain. If you’re a customer or not, you need to take all of your financial records, photo copy the balances, and start faxing it to National City Bank.

Lets show them how buying a bank full of gun owner finances and posting No Guns signs is poor for stock holder value and just creates one more Gun Free Zone where only the criminals are armed.

Ohioans for Concealed Carry, founded in 1999, is a grassroots political activist organization. When founded, the primary goal of OFCC was getting concealed carry passed into law in Ohio. With that accomplished, our mission became to refine the concealed carry law and to expand and preserve the rights of all gun owners in Ohio. Visit:

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I object to anyone (us or them) using the phrase BOYCOTT by gun owners. If a business chooses to refuse our business by posting signs, they are boycotting law abiding CCW permit holders. We are victims of their fears (and we comply with their wishes and comply with the law by spending our money elsewhere). We are NOT boycotting them, even if we list their names. We are simply obeying rules. If I decide to 'punish' someone economically, and refuse to enter their store or spend money there, that could be "boycott." However, if the store decides that I am… Read more »


July, 2010, had a run in with non-posted PNC bank employee (asked him about PNC's policy)who incorrectly thought his bank's door was posted and he thought that banks were off-limits because of federal law (even though he claimed to have a CCW permit) He also said that part-time security guards were trained to remove CCW customers and their fate would be up to the sheriff's department.(He implied that if I were carrying he would not get me in trouble, and asked me if I were carrying.) I left his office and took him to the front door, showed him that… Read more »


Simple. Go to the head of the bank. Tell him/her you are going to withdraw any and all business with them and tell them why. I mean, why keep patronizing someone or thing that you do not share the same ideals with. Don't cause a big stink over it. Remain calm and civil. The anti bunch hate that type of disposition.


gunsgalore, the taggant idea is a stupid one. Taggants themselves are dangerous additions to gun powder. Ammunition has a shelf life of more than half a century. Ammunition is fungible, easily stolen and can't be tracked after the initial sale.

When one had to sign a register log when buying ammunition in the US, not a single crime was ever solved. You'd create a giant expensive and utterly useless database.

Which is typical of the ridiculous schemes hoplophobes come up with.


Oh wait, then we'd know where the munition was manufactured, who sold it, maybe they wre required to record the identity of the buyer when they did? Maybe we can ask them when it was stolen and if they left any evidence behind or if there were any suspects. Maybe they just aren't that smart. No legal gun owner would care if their munition was tagged on the residue that is injected into the skin… only criminals. Maybe with enough safeguards ..including this one… the legal right to bear would be easier for everyone.


"How about we put tiny little micro tags in the powder of the rounds that are sold in the US. That way if you fire one.. your gun lisc. is everywhere. I suppose that would be unconstitutional too… the right to form secret militias.. I missed that part. Ooops."

And then all a killer would have to do in order to establish reasonable doubt is sprinkle some of those tags around the scene of his killing that do not match anything he owns… Oh wait, criminals dont typically use legally owned guns anyways…


How about we put tiny little micro tags in the powder of the rounds that are sold in the US. That way if you fire one.. your gun lisc. is everywhere. I suppose that would be unconstitutional too… the right to form secret militias.. I missed that part. Ooops.



Ohio has a high unemployment rate because manufacturing is moving overseas. I dont know where your from that you have lots of jobs but you must be a government employee. I am sure shane would love too see you follow the jobs to Mexico and china.

Joseph Nada

TO: shane on April 15th, 2010 at 9:40 pm ……Not to worry Shane I have no plans to move to Ohio. Gee and you wonder why you have a 15% unemployment rate. Keep your Guns…..we'll keep our jobs.

pete burdette

Crotalus – That is not what PNC's sign says. That's what the Ammo people created.

Hey gun nuts. Right to carry everywhere – sure bring your guns on my next airline flight wackos.


Pete, you hater…FYI We all ready are: Flying with Firearms


Is this for real? I mean, no matter how truthful the part about "helpless victims" is, no one in his right mind would put that on a "no guns" sign.

The Duck

I brought this up a couple of weeks ago, and have already moved 2 of my accounts from PNC, and will be moving the retirement acct shortly, as well as the loan I have there.


i highly doubt the guy who shows up to rob the place is going to go, "dam no guns allowed, well onto the next bank." i mean seriously thats just stupid to penalize law-abiding citizens for a policy targeted at criminals. if i had an account with them i would move it.


This makes criminals excited to target PNC branches because they know THEY will be the only ones with firearms thus giving them a significant advantage over others and reducing the risk of an armed law abiding citizen blowing their brains out from behind in the middle of a robbery. Its calculated risk planned out in advance by cowards. Why would criminals do business at a place where the risk is higher for being wiped out?


the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. simple unless you are a simple minded sissy. if you dont like our founding laws move to a lesser country.


and unhappy customers may do business somewhere else……..

Pnc Stockholder

The bank is private property and as property owners has this right. All private property owners may establish free zones of any kind.