Austin TX Gun Buy Back Criminals Welcome No Questions Asked

Austin TX Gun Buy Back Criminals Welcome No Questions Asked

Peaceable Texans for Firearms Rights
Peaceable Texans for Firearms Rights

Austin TX –-( Get ready to have your blood pressure rise.

News article is here:

These buyback programs stink because they are the perfect way to dispose of stolen guns without returning them to their rightful owners, and crime guns, because of the ‘no questions asked’ policy.

This is a wasteful use of police and public resources.

The public should demand answers to the following questions of Police Chief Acevedo:

  1. What will be done with the guns turned in? (Destroyed at considerable coast is the most likely answer-another incredible waste of dollars and perfectly good firearms).
  2. Will they all be checked to see if they are stolen, and their owners notifed? (If so, will you release the figures on how many guns were so identified as stolen and returned? We want verification).
  3. What is the source of funding for the Greater Austin Crime Commission and who at that organization decided this was a good expenditure of its funds?

If there are any local activists who want to organize gun rights owners against this event and/or pressure APD to return stolen guns, notify me.

Paul Velte
[email protected]

Peaceable Texans for Firearms Rights is a grassroots politically active group that began as a rally at the Texas State Capitol on President’s Day, 1994, and we have been active ever since. We are citizens who are tired of the continual, piecemeal destruction of the right to own–and use–firearms and are doing something about it. Visit:

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I wish had more time to react to this… I would buy every rusting non-functioning junk rifle and $5 parts bin pistol in town and show up and make a KILLING off of this idiotic program. I already have a broken .22 pistol that I originally paid $40 for that I'll gladly let them give me $100 for, and I have a single shot 20Ga with a broken firing pin that hasn't killed a bird since around 1987. Between the 2 $200 will make a nice payment on a shiny new pistol. 🙂


Uh, …… to ItalianSnob: First of all, Austin TX doesn't really have a substantial problem with gun crimes, as cities like Chicago, DC, Los Angeles, and Houston, as well as other cities that engage in non-sensical gun buyback programs. Second, criminals keep their guns, or junk them, especially if their stolen, at least smart criminals would. Lastly, in these times of economic depression, and higher crime rates, people need to keep their firearms in order to protect themselves from criminal attack. The folks need their firearms more now than ever. Who exactly would be dumb enough to trade in an… Read more »


No Mr Velte, I personally don't think it's wasted money. Something has to be done about those guns helping rob in our communities, killing our wives, daughters, brothers. I know my gun is not there cause it's safe at home, locked. I don't see many gun owners with their guns stolen, raising hell about this. Nobody is preventing you from doing whatever you want with your gun. If you want me to march with you, and help collect some more guns, or help id them, I would. But this initiative, while not perfect because of the stolen possibility, is better… Read more »