Sen. Knotts Caught Lying About South Carolina GrassRoots and H. 3585

Sen. Knotts Caught Lying About South Carolina GrassRoots and H. 3585
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GrassRoots South Carolina
GrassRoots South Carolina

South Carolina –-( On May 3, 2010, GrassRoots GunRights (hereafter GrassRoots) asked you to contact the members of a Senate subcommittee to tell them “GrassRoots GunRights speaks for me!” to help kill a bill – H. 3585 – that could have put innocent gun owners in prison for two years and fined them $10,000.

In response to your contacts, Sen. Jake Knotts sent out an offensive email on May 5 attacking GrassRoots and insulting your intelligence. Many of you contacted GrassRoots asking for an explanation.

The best explanation is simply that Sen. Jake Knotts is a liar.

This may sound harsh, but there is no better word to describe a person who says something he knows is untrue when he says it and he says it with the intent to deceive. That is the very definition of the word liar. GrassRoots can – and will – prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Sen. Knotts is a liar.

The truth is that you killed H. 3585 after GrassRoots asked you to contact the Senate subcommittee and ask them to kill H. 3585. Your actions in contacting the Senate subcommittee chaired by Sen. Knotts was the reason H. 3585 was killed, and Sen. Knotts did not like the heat you provided.

GrassRoots will provide a “Short Summary of the Truth about H. 3585” both in this Action Alert and on the GrassRoots web site, and then GrassRoots will provide a “Detailed Time Line of the Truth about H. 3585” available only on the GrassRoots web site at

Short Summary of the Truth about H. 3585:
H. 3585 was a bad bill for gun owners. On April 20, 2010, Sen. Knotts scheduled the very first Senate subcommittee meeting on H. 3585 to be held on April 22. On April 22, GrassRoots appeared at the subcommittee meeting and tried to kill H. 3585 without asking you to help. Sen. Knotts' subcommittee failed to kill H. 3585. Instead, on April 30, Sen. Knotts scheduled another subcommittee meeting on H. 3585 to be held on May 5, and H. 3585 was the ONLY bill on the agenda. GrassRoots sent an Action Alert to gun owners on May 3. Gun owners put the heat on Sen. Knotts to kill H. 3585. On May 5, Sen. Knotts sent an email claiming H. 3585 was dead “three weeks ago” (which would be April 14) and GrassRoots was just stirring up trouble. Then, later on May 5, the subcommittee voted to carry H. 3585 over, which is a procedural move to kill the bill. There were no additional subcommittee meetings for H. 3585.

Now, please go to to read the detailed proof that Sen. Jake Knotts is a liar.

The mission of GrassRoots is to educate and promote acceptance of responsible firearms ownership within the State of South Carolina and to protect the rights of law abiding citizens with regard to firearms ownership. Initially we focused all of our attention on merchants who posted against the lawful carrying of concealed weapons in their stores. Since then we have broadened our scope and are currently increasing information delivery to all firearms owners, SC concealed weapons permit holders, and firearms instructors. As GrassRoots continues to grow we will further broaden our objectives to improve all aspects of lawful ownership and carrying of firearms in South Carolina. Visit:

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