Time Is Running Out To Stop Gun Rights Hating Kagan

Time Is Running Out To Stop Gun Rights Hating Kagan

National Association for Gun Rights
National Association for Gun Rights

Colorado –-(Ammoland.com)-Hearings on President Obama’s nomination of Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court began yesterday, June 28th — a mere 49 days after Obama announced her nomination.

Arch-liberal, anti-gun Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT) is trying to ram through the nomination of Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court before your voice can be heard.

That’s why I need you to act right now — Today!

Leahy, Obama, and their anti-gun allies want to have these nomination hearings over and done with even before all of the relevant documents concerning Kagan’s legal work in the anti-gun Clinton administration are available for review.

What are the gun grabbers afraid of?

They are afraid of you. They are afraid of the truth.

The truth is: Elena Kagan will be another solid vote against your Second Amendment rights if confirmed to the Supreme Court, but they don’t want the public to see that for themselves.

What we know already is that Kagan is not “sympathetic” to your Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

We also know that:

  • Kagan supports gun licensing and registration.
  • Kagan dismisses the notion that the Second Amendment deserves “unlimited protection against governmental regulation.”
  • Kagan worked as an associate White House counsel from 1995-1996 and as a deputy assistant for domestic policy from 1997 to 1999 in the anti-gun Clinton administration.
  • Kagan personally drafted an executive order for Bill Clinton that banned the importation of semi-automatic firearms.

We know that she drafted that executive order for Bill Clinton, but what else did she do for the anti-gun Clinton administration?

The answer to that question is contained in tens of thousands of documents still held by the Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock, Arkansas.

The Clinton Library originally refused to produce all of the relevant documents.

Now, after massive public outrage, the Clinton Library finally agreed to produce the documents; but it is producing them in dribs and drabs so that Senators have not had time to properly review the more than 160,000 pages before the hearings on Kagan’s nomination begin today.

Texas Senator John Cornyn (R-Tx) has said that Kagan herself told him that those documents would give “invaluable insight into how she would approach her job as a member of the Supreme Court.”

My friend, the fact is the anti-gunners and their allies in the Senate do not want you to see the information contained in those documents.

Neither does the Obama administration which is planning to assert executive privilege over documents that deal with Kagan’s work on “controversial” issues like “gun control.”

They want to hide her positions from you.

Leahy, with Obama’s blessing and support, specifically scheduled Kagan’s nomination hearings knowing that those documents were not going to be made available to the Senate, or to the public, i.e. you, in time to be adequately reviewed for the hearings.

What are Senator Leahy and his anti-gun friends afraid of? What are they hiding?

They are afraid of the truth. They are hiding Kagan’s real record.

They are afraid of you my friend and they are afraid of what will happen in November.

Leahy and his anti-gun friends know that once Kagan’s radical anti-Second Amendment views are confirmed through her work for the anti-gun Clinton administration, her confirmation will be less likely.

But Leahy and his anti-gun cabal in the Senate are also afraid of what will happen in the upcoming November elections — where the control of the Senate hangs in the balance.

The anti-gunners want the Kagan hearings over and done with long before the election cycle heats up so they can “spin” the public. They don’t want the public to remember their vote for an anti-Second Amendment nominee.

They think the more time between the hearings and the November elections means the public will forget their anti-gun votes.

They know that if the hearings were held during the Fall, the votes of the liberal anti-gunners in the Senate would be fresh in the minds of voters.

That’s why I need you to join the National Association for Gun Rights Filibuster for Firearms.

Demand that the Senate delay these hearings so voters can be fully informed about Kagan’s anti-Second Amendment bias this November when they go to the polls.

Let your Senators know you are watching them. Now is the time for your Senators to stand up for your Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

The liberal anti-gunners are already gearing up, spending millions of dollars to ram this nomination through.

“Organizing for America”, Obama’s political arm at the Democratic National Committee just launched a “Kagan for Justice Action Center.” They are pulling out all the stops and spending Millions of dollars to ram this nomination through.

Let your Senator know that you:

  • want Kagan’s full record available before she can be confirmed;
  • want these hearings delayed until those documents are produced;
  • demand they vote against this anti-gun nominee and join a filibuster against her confirmation.

Please join us. Together, you and me and the National Association of Gun Rights can hold your Senators accountable—let them know we will remember come election time.

Please let me know that I can count on your support in this vital endeavor.
For Freedom,
David Warrington, Esquire
National Association for Gun Rights

P.S. We are out in front on this fight and we will do everything we can to stop Obama’s anti-gun agenda, but we must have the resources to continue.

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Grasley's, R, IA., conversation with Kagan brought out her true colors on the issue. She stated that individual rights to keep and bear are still open to decision