U.S. Government Blocking Return Of Surplus M1 Garands Rifles From Korea

U.S. Government Blocking Return Of Surplus M-1 Garand Rifles From Korea
by Brian McCombie

Last year, South Korean military officials announced plans to sell off 86,000 surplus M1 Garand rifles and another 22,000 M1carbines. But will bureaucratic red tape from the U.S. side hamper these sales?

M-1 Garand Rifle
U.S. Blocking Return Of Surplus M1Garands Rifles From Korea

South Korea –-(AmmoLand.com)- Will the US Block Korea from shipping surplus Garands?

Those rifles had sat in South Korean warehouses for the last five decades, and could prove a treasure trove for military surplus retailers, collectors, and shooters. (see South Korea to sell 108,000 Garand Rifles to US Gun Collectors)

Recently, though, came news from South Korea that the sale of these M1 Garand’s, and another 22,000 M1 Carbines, was in a sort of bureaucratic limbo.

According to the Korea Times, “The U.S. government opposed South Korea’s bid to sell hundreds of thousands of aging U.S. combat rifles to American gun collectors…The [Ministry of National Defense] announced the plan last September as part of efforts to boost its defense budget, saying the export of the M1 Garand and carbine rifles would start by the end of 2009.”

However, “The U.S. administration put the brakes on the plan, citing ‘problems’ that could be caused by the importation of the rifles. The problems the U.S. government cited were somewhat ambiguous, said an official at the Ministry of National Defense on condition of anonymity.”

“The U.S. insisted that imports of the aging rifles could cause problems such as firearm accidents,” the official told Korea Times.

“It was also worried the weapons could be smuggled to terrorists, gangs or other people with bad intentions. We’re still looking into the reason why the U.S. administration is objecting to the sale of the rifles and seeking ways to resolve the problems raised.”

Time for some grass roots action: Contact your congressmen and senators an tell them to expedite this repatriation of American Made Rifles.

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royce f alley

Obama is out of the picture and he never really existed in my thinking. Now who else in Washington is blocking the repatriation of these fine collectibles back to America were they came from? I remember back when the other left wing communist in the White house was ordering the destroying of our M14 rifles. Someone in congress stopped Clinton in his tracks. It was explained to Slick Willey that these were future historic rifles of our past. Lennon, Stalin, Hitler, Clinton Obama and more left wing loons are all in the same boat. They all are afraid of the… Read more »

Charles Dowrick

Confiscating guns is the first step to socialism.


Scott, if it's in great condition, buy it. $750 is a good price. I've seen some today at a gun show for $1,400 just today. Their still the greatest battle implement ever devised by man. Their still being used at the military gun clubs target shoots and they are extremely accurate. I had mine glass bedded, 4 1/2l lb. trigger job, heavy duty rod, and national match sights put on it. It's a honey to shoot.


I found a M1 Garand in good shape a t a pawn shop for 750.00. seems like a good deal.

any thoughts?

Doug Collier

Condition,condition, and maker.. Winchester grade about $700. If all parts are present offer $700 and go up

Bob Blair

It seems we have a bunch of chowderheads in washington,that don't know what a good thing this is.How can I get in on this once they are approved to come in??????????Would love to have one of each.


My uncle served in the Korean Conflict, "Police Action", while in the Marines. Upon being discharged from the service, he was able to buy his M1 Garand. To this day he still has it. It has been used for elk and moose hunting. I had the opportunity to hold it once years ago. Heavy, does not do it justice. I was reading about Korea releasing the M1. I thought I was going to have one for myself, and also the M1 carbine, to teach my kids to shoot a high powered weapon that has so much history. But evidently not.… Read more »


Scumbags can't handle the notion that people might actually collect and keep obsolete weapons such as these. I wonder how he feels about the Civilian Marksmanship Program, likely recipient of these rifles. Absolute terror I bet. To think: the man controlling the most powerful army and the most dedicated police forces in the world, bedwetting and scared that someone might get hurt with half-century old equipment that might have been, in less paranoid times, sold for profit or used to train new American shooters.

Ric Bennett

So how do we get on to the list to purchase a few?

Jackie Miller

Obama afraid we might point them towards the white house- like 100,000,000 rounds


I have to just say that i truly believe that the main reason is obama,fsoesnt want these Rifles to come to the United states because they can shoot 8 rounds of 30-06 as fast as you could pull the trigger . The CMP (Civilian Markmanship Program ) sure could use these rifles for their business and as well as for the shooting sports. I shoot one of these so called ,old rifles that are dangerous now for 15 years .Mine was made in 1952 and i have fired close to 7 ,000 rounds without any problems.Once again he speakith with… Read more »